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Posted by on Jun 24, 2009 in International, Media, Politics, Religion | 3 comments

Why Medvedev Can Meet Ahmadinejad – But Obama Cannot: Novosti of Russia

Commenting on the criticism President Obama has been receiving for not more roundly condemning the Iranian regime after the June 12 election, this article from Russia raises the question: Is it an advantage for Russia that it’s President can meet with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, because it ‘doesn’t try to preach to others or impose morality’?

According to this article for Russia’s Novosti News Agencyby analyst Dmitriy Babich, America has cornered itself diplomatically with its hypocritical, holier-than-thou pronouncements, which is not only dangerous to the United States, but the world at large.

For Novosti, Dmitriy Babich writes in part:

“The ‘moral clarity’ of any given moment could prove a dangerous thing, not only for Obama and the United States, but for the entire world.

“It turns out that the United States supports the choice of the people – if and only if the candidate they favor is one of America’s allies. Opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi is not, evidently, one of these people.

“For many years, we Russians have tried not try to preach to others or impose morality, so we have no problem with our image when choosing partners for negotiations.”

By Dmitriy Babich

Translated By Yekaterina Blinova

June 19, 2009

Russia – Novosti – Original Article (Russian)

American President Barack Obama has a new problem: Congressmen and journalists have criticized him for an overly “soft” response to the suppression of opposition protests in Iran. Indeed, Obama’s statement that he “respects the decision of the Iranian people,” made at the very moment that the “guardians of the Islamic revolution” were dispersing student demonstrations, sounded like a sign of weakness to the ears of many Americans.

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