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Posted by on Nov 11, 2007 in At TMV | 1 comment

Why Do Bush & Musharraf Act So Strangely? Please Understand Them!

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With all the strange revelations surfacing about Pakistan president General Musharraf’s wheeling-dealing with Taliban leadership, I am getting apprehensive that the US administration may act, if it does at all, in a ham-handed manner in Pakistan, creating further confusion and mayhem.

I wonder what the trained/experienced veterans in the US State Department doing…sleeping…demoralised? My advice: Wake up and assert yourself. You are paid to advise the President of the USA!!! The situation in Pakistan is highly complex and calls for intelligent handling of the situation after due deliberation.

Let me state at the outset that Bush and Musharraf are not evil…you would understand better if you read on…Ironically you may begin to sympathise with them. But that’s not the reason to allow them to play havoc in the world!!! They must be put on the leash…sooner the better…

While “pundits” in the US, Pakistan and elsewhere would try to find a strategy, let me get back to my favourite Suzanne White’s Chinese astrology to understand Bush and Musharraf relationship, and why they are acting in a strange way.

President Bush in Chinese astrology is a “Dog”. White says: “Dogs are: Attentive, Well meaning, Helpful, Altruistic, Modest, Devoted, Philosophical, Dutiful, Discreet, Loyal, Intelligent and Enthusiastic….but Dogs can also be: Mean-spirited, Disagreeable, Bad-tempered, Self-righteous, Judgmental, Quarrelsome, Accusing, Nervous, Anxious and generally Impossible to live with.”

President Musharraf is a “Goat”: White says: “Goats are: Appealing, Altruistic, Creative, Empathic, Intuitive, Generous, Artless, Romantic, Sensitive, Compliant, Candid and Self-effacing…but can also be: Self-pitying, Pessimistic, Fugitive, Parasitic, Vengeful, Lazy, Indecisive, Contentious, Violent, Capricious, Tardy, Careless and Bigoted.”

Now as to what sort of relationship Bush ‘the Dog’ and Musharraf ‘the Goat’ enjoy: “The Dog is all moral standard and high-mindedness. Very often, Goat’s ideals begin and end with where the next meal is coming.. Goats are often on the side of the person carrying the wallet…Dogs likes things to be clear, just and fair. The Goat does not know what those terms mean…

“To a Dog devotion and loyalty come first. To a Goat, blind devotion and loyalty are for fools who don’t know which side their bread is buttered.”

How true!!! If you find this analysis interesting and wish to read further you may read/buy Suzanne White’s New Chinese Astrology.

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