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Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Politics | 6 comments

What is in the Water Some Republicans are Drinking?

Can someone explain to me what’s in the water so many Republicans seem to be drinking? It’s not just that “compassionate conservativism” now seems to have been a phrase popular two centuries ago: basic civility, decency and manners also seem to be out the window, trumped (excuse the expression) by an overpowering urge to show partisanship in almost all reactions. For instance READ THIS.

The political obsession here wasn’t Giffords. It is LOGICAL that given what happened to her Giffords would feel she wanted to spend some private time with the families. And, it turns out, it was private time. Hovey’s reaction sounded like an audition for a regular gig on Fox & Friends.

This is part of a larger problem in American politics: knee-jerk partisan reactions.

With the emphasis on the word separated by the hyphen from “knee.”

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  • epiphyte

    I’m afraid that it’s not what they are drinking; it is what they are thinking, which is eliminationism. “People who aren’t like me aren’t people” is the the most toxic meme in human society. Demagogues use it to gain power, at the cost of wholesale misery. Divide and conquer – That’s what it’s all about.

    So once in while a particularly egregious divisive comment gets called out for what it is and has to be walked-back… No big deal – it’s like trying to shield a sandcastle against the tide – the waves are relentless and wash away all decency in the end.

    At the risk of arousing the wrath of Godwin, sometimes one really needs to ask –

    Is this how it starts?

  • zephyr

    Unbelievable reaction by Hovey. There is something seriously wrong with people who think and act like this. To the extent it is representative of a type of political behavior, it is one utterly devoid of class.

  • The_Ohioan

    You would think by this time that no one would use the old “if I offended anyone, I truly apologize” non-apology. It’s so passe. Of course you offended someone, otherwise you would not be expected to apologize. Either don’t apoogize or do it with style and dignity.

    This abject subservience to the NRA is doing no one any good, including the NRA.

  • sheknows

    Hovey is just another one of the “pod People” this monster of paranoia and stupidity has taken over. Hovey herself, was not thought of highly for other reasons even before this regurgitation, so no one should be surprised.

  • slamfu

    I’m guessing there is lead in their water. The GOP really does seem to have cornered the market on tone deaf jackasses with all compassion and decency of a bear trap. I feel like every week I am treated to a different influential conservative showing me how low people can go in terms of crassness and idiocy. It’s like they elected a bunch of 3rd graders to office. Do these people simply have no ability whatsoever to step out of their own shoes and into someone else’s?

  • sheknows

    No, because anyone who doen’t think exactly like they do is their enemy.
    We are at war in this country. ( or rather, they are at war with us) Politically,idealogically, and fundamentally.

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