Warmest Decade on Record Brings Record Temperatures and Weather Extremes (via sustainablog)

By Janet Larsen In recent years weather events have whiplashed between the extremes of heat and cold, flooding and drought. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases—largely from the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas—have loaded up in the atmosphere, heating the planet and pushing humanity…

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  1. petew February 14, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    Thanks Janet,

    I took part in the first E–day as we called it (E for ecology)in 1970. One of the first things we learned from the new science called Ecology, was that the entire balance of nature is very delicate, and, even changes like the 1.4 degree raise in average world temperatures we recently experienced, can have very profound effects which seriously influence the global climate.

    We have also heard the predictions that foretold the types of extreme weather patterns which we are now experiencing–we heard them then, and have continued to hear them for several decades now, from the scientific community. And for almost as long we have heard misinformation, and lies spread by large oil special interests, which would have us believe that, even though we go to a Doctor to cure physical illnesses, a plumber to get our kitchen sink fixed, a carpenter to build our new houses, etc….etc…etc—when it comes to Knowledge of Climate change, we should only trust scientists employed by Exxon-Mobile or pseudo scientists who work for conservative organizations dedicated to preventing the necessary transition to alternate and renewable sources. We believed ridiculous assumptions, like the fact that, if we had a local snowstorm last week, this proved that the climate couldn’t REALLY be warming. Even though a vast majority of scientists pointed to human CO2 emissions, as the culprit behind climate change, each time we looked out the window and saw a beautiful spring day, with a clear blue sky—we decided to selectively NOT listen to the voices of those who MUST be mistaken, because…because it was just so Al Gore and inconvenient to accept the truth.

    The plotting scheming scientists who were accused of spreading falsehoods because someday they would control a different world economy, only for their own benefit, were ignored. We were also persuaded not to listened to them—even though much factual knowledge was amassed by Nobel Laureates who had spent decades devoted towards gaining important knowledge of climate change–the vast body of scientific knowledge accumulated by reputable scientists who dedicated their lives to learn the truth about Global Warming!

    As it turns out, just about everything those scheming scientist said—even thirty years ago—is actually, really, truly actually happening now! What a bunch of lucky schemers they have been. Fate must now be unfairly backing their twisted plot!

    But as this article points out, the negative effects of runaway CO2 emissions are not only exacting a physical toll, but also are also creating enormous economic costs resulting from extreme weather events. And, it should be clear by now, that, most of the Scientists dedicated to Climate Science are NOT in it for money or power—like most scientists they only care to gather accurate knowledge that will hopefully provide some answers for preventing this potential catastrophe.

    Even though it may cause anxiety to acknowledge the reality of Global Warming, and our President has finally made some halting gesture towards committing political capitol towards safeguarding the environment, time is rapidly moving us towards a tipping point from which there is no return. The truth is we need to do MUCH MORE than is currently being done domestically, and, worldwide. Let’s not cover our ears again, or bury our heads in the sand—we all have important work to do! Even Exxon-Mobile with its enormous capital, could easily be a major force behind the research, development and applications of new green energy forms. So, if there is any plot, or if one never even existed (true) they also could join in this vital endeavor and continue to be kings in the energy industry!

  2. epiphyte February 15, 2013 at 3:03 am

    Someone needs to explain the problem to Charles and David and the other congressional patrons in terms they can understand; something like:

    “You know how when all the ice melts in a martini, suddenly it doesn’t taste so good? – well that’s what you’re doing to the planet. Not even you are going to like having to drink it, so wise-up.”

  3. paul_merrifield February 15, 2013 at 9:15 am

    If climate change isn’t real it aughta be?
    Deep down we all want a climate crisis to be real because it confirms the neocons as being truly evil and confirms the world of “science” as being “the good” and something we can trust and believe in. What could be more satisfying than celebrating the unity of science in their total agreement that climate change is real and happening and could cause a climate crisis of unstoppable warming? Yes “could” cause a crisis and we are so determined to believe in climate change that we vehemently choose to repel the very idea that the IPCC has never said a crisis will happen, only might happen and could happen and…… . We are liberals who doubt question and challenge authority but we bow like goose stepping greenzies grunting; “We must be doing something to our planet?” as a good enough reason to issue CO2 death threats to our very own children. Finally we rationalize the crisis to be a crisis of just more bad weather, yes a little climate crisis. And we have the nerve to point fingers at neocon deniers and bible thumpers who are not the ones condemning billions of helpless children to the greenhouse gas ovens of a Liberal based and exaggerated climate crisis. Who’s the neocon again here?
    Climate change has done to science what naughty priests did for religion and this Reefer Madness has served be Liberalism’s Iraq War of climate WMD’s and fear mongering.
    Climate change was real alright. Really not a crisis and real planet lovers and former climate change believers are happy a crisis was thankfully a tragic exaggeration. The rest of you just wanted this misery to be real and it wasn’t the planet you loved, it was humanity you hated.
    27 years of needless CO2 panic will be judged in history as a war crime.

  4. SteveK February 15, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Climate change has done to science what naughty priests did for religion and this Reefer Madness has served be Liberalism’s Iraq War of climate WMD’s and fear mongering.

    Looks like somebody thinks the – 5% of the scientific community (those working for CO2 emitting industries) will in the long run be proven right… Along with the neo-cons and their Iraq really did have WMD’s we just couldn’t find them tripe.

    Another Creative Writing project?

  5. roro80 February 15, 2013 at 11:35 am

    “Deep down we all want a climate crisis to be real because it confirms the neocons as being truly evil and confirms the world of “science” as being “the good” and something we can trust and believe in.”

    Liberals are so evil in your mind that we would rather have the world-level crisis of climate change be true just to show up the neocons, than to find out we are wrong and everything’s ok? We’d rather have all the death and destruction and famine and storms than be wrong? I can scarcely think of anything more evil than wanting millions to die and billions to suffer just to be right. And you say liberals think that *neocons* are evil? That’s some Sandy-sized projection you’ve got going on there buddy.

  6. petew February 15, 2013 at 11:54 am

    “Climate change was real alright. Really not a crisis and real planet lovers and former climate change believers are happy a crisis was thankfully a tragic exaggeration. The rest of you just wanted this misery to be real and it wasn’t the planet you loved, it was humanity you hated.”

    Paul merrifield,

    No one with any sanity wants climate change to be real just to be right. But we do want the knowledge accumulated by Climate Scientists to be given the respect and credence which it deserves, and we definitely do not want this very important reality to be denied simply because people who refuse to acknowledge it, are now attempting to deflect genuine understanding of its importance by pointing a finger of childish accusation at those who are only dedicated to speak the truth.

    If the IPCC (ever) did refuse to say that climate change IS happening and chose instead, to suggest that it only (May) happen it is because, like many other Scientific evaluation organizations, they are concerned about making any absolute predictions about anything. It would be great if Global Warming deniers did the same and admitted to their own human fallibility by acknowledged that scientists who made predictions about the type of weather we are now having—almost four Decades ago—may actually have a good point! This whole thing is not intended as a game of deciding who is the bad child and who is the one deserving praise. It’s about the enormous consensus in the Scientific community about what is really happening! The only thing that makes me angry is the way you are falsely and deliberately reducing the whole issue down to such a petty level. If the environment passes its tipping point, it is not only going to be climate deniers who will suffer—but every last one of us! Still you keep trying to cause a petty fight that will deflect the pubic’s eye away from the urgency of the problem.

    I guess you must also be someone who approves the logic of diagnosing and treating your illnesses by consulting your plumber—rather than someone really possessing medical knowledge. You must also believe (as I said) that these delusional Nobel Laureates and other prestigious scientists are all so damn lucky to have exactly what they predicted decades ago, begin happening right on schedule! Next you will be trying to claim that they all went to 2013 from 1970 via a time machine, so they could discover what today’s climate would look like!

    Since scientists are concerned with accurate knowledge, they freely admit that they may sometimes be wrong. But concerning Global Warming, there is very little doubt that the data they are seeing honestly reflects the danger we are in. On the other hand, people like you never seem to admit to any mistakes in thinking or knowledge. So, how do you get away with doing a number on the public that amounts to, finding one misspelled word in a two thousand page text, and then using that insignificant mistake to cast doubt on the authenticity of the entire book itself—the way you do it, is by appealing to the public’s desire not to want to be troubled by this issue because emotionally and economically it is just too challenging! The only reason those of us who are willing to see the forest for the trees might possibly want any climate changes to worsen, is because such changes may provide additional motivation for the public’s more rapid acceptance of what is happening. The suggestion that we would WANT to be right only to massage our own egos, is not only disgusting, but would mean our fulfillment would come at the peril of mankind in general, and also ourselves. But I have to give you credit at arousing further polarization that only detours our eventually unavoidable recognition of this problem!

  7. SteveK February 15, 2013 at 12:05 pm

  8. petew February 15, 2013 at 12:09 pm


    Very well put and true. In this, like so many other issues, the strategy involves turning tables by projecting one’s own deficiencies, or those of one’s party, on the other side. This is obviously intended to stir up the fires of polarization and therefor elicit angry responses that further cloud the issue. Karl Rove would be proud—and maybe he already is, concerning this issue and the tactics used to obscure it?

  9. SteveK February 15, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Since the years covered in the video above things have gotten measurably worse…

  10. zephyr February 15, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Every now and then a comment comes streaking in from the nether regions that reminds us just how persistant denial of reality can be for some folks. They rarely stay long enough to see themselves get debunked, but it likely wouldn’t change anything in their minds anyway. Ya might as well laugh..