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  • Rcoutme

    “But c’mon. We re talking about the country’s future. And if conservatives really do care about getting rid of Obamacare, disarming the Iranian nuclear threat, restoring funding for defense, avoiding a debt crisis and picking the next couple of Supreme Court justices, isn’t it time to cast aside the foolish gamesmanship?”

    WTF? Getting rid of Obamacare? How, by wish and fiat? By eliminating the Constitution?

    Disarming the Iranian nuclear threat? By…I suppose invading the place? I mean, what else other than that has Obama not done?

    Restoring funding for defense? The budget for DoD has gone up each year. The author needs to at least acknowledge reality.

    Avoiding a debt crisis? CBO estimates show that all the Republican candidates would increase the debt more than Obama’s current plan. Ron Paul only by a few billion, the others by considerably more.

    Picking SCOTUS justices. Okay, he gets a pass on this one. Obama is almost certain to pick liberal rather than conservative judges. His description of their qualifications is questionable, but that can be another debate.

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