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Posted by on Jan 23, 2008 in At TMV | 5 comments

Vote, Drink, and be Merry

I almost sent the email from the party planner to my spam folder, but then (against my better judgement) I decided to open it. As a result, I learned that the Proof Bar and Lounge in New York City will be hosting:

… Debate Viewing Parties on January 30th (Republican Debates) and 31st (Democrat Debates). There will be a complimentary hour of all-American food beginning at 6pm and a free Bud or Bud Light draft if you show your political colors by wearing red or blue. There will also be $4 Sam Adams specials to help get into the patriotic spirit. Watch the debates with sound on one of the 12 HDTV’s or the 8-foot projection screen. There will also be a special drink menu including concoctions such as ‘The Democratic Donkey,’ ‘Republican Grand Ole Party’ and ‘Compassionate Conservative.’

Next, on Feb. 5th, Proof will be offering an incentive for everyone to go out and vote in the Primary on Super Tuesday. After you leave the voting booth, come over to Proof and have a drink with fellow voters. Proof is throwing the best Super Tuesday Bash in town, so come represent your party and watch updates delivered live.

Now, I’ve obviously heard of old-timer pubs where drinking and politics are frequently mingled, but honestly, this was the first time I’d heard of a bar using that odd-bedfellows mix to appeal to a younger clientele. Then again, I don’t get out much. Perhaps I should move to Manhattan.

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  • DLS

    When I was in Upstate New York, an informal community of a few of us “regular” patrons, of the only restaurant other than Denny’s that was open 24 hours, people ranging from more moderate non-liberals like me to people well to the right of center (complete with US flag lapel pin), would turn on the bar’s television and watch and listen to debates and Bush’s speeches and Democratic responses to them.

    Oh, and for the libs like Shaun Mullen, there was a club elsewhere in town patronized by a lot of ex-hippies, and other lefties (“Your shoes have more intelligence than Bush has!”) that was run by a flaming lefty who introduced all the frequent live entertainment with gratuitous Bush-bashing.

  • DLS

    Pete, just wait for the Election Night and the Inauguration Day parties.

  • Guest

    Thanks, DLS. Slices of life. Good stuff. By the way, you might appreciate my last comment on yesterday’s Krugman-related post, here, the end of a rather long debate with two anti-Reaganites.

  • DLS

    I read that comment, and yes, I appreciate it. It’s really odd for people to deny that the public tired of the wheezing-dinosaur liberalism that had long been Standard Operating Procedure and wanted a change in 1980, and that people felt better about their lives and their country as the 1980s progressed. Interestingly, the true loathing of Reagan was often of the same vicious nature that we have seen directed at Bush (probably the worst behavior we have witnessed in decades) since Bush was first elected in 2000.

  • DLS

    Parting note re. STL: Riddle’s (U. City Loop) is a true-blue place — I remember seeing a poster of Bush (wanted for terrorism and war crimes) there and their Web site includes one of their earlier ideas for making a political statement:

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