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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Media, Politics | 1 comment

(Videos) Romney and Obama Campaign Ads Going Strong

The Romney Obama dueling campaign ads are going strong — and you can particularly see it in this state where this post is being written, in Colorado. What’s most notable are two current trends (which may change).

A good chunk of the Romney ad emphasis remains on the charge that Barack Obama cut medicare, a charge that has been widely proven to be incorrect. But the ads communicate the charge and could have impact on those who don’t fact check or dismiss any fact check:

Some of the Obama ads seem to be a bit more playful, in a partisan way — like this new DNC ad called called The Romney Bunch:

But expect to see an increasingly — perhaps almost unbearable — number of ads of many different styles to clobber you when you turn on the tube after Labor Day, heading all the way up to the election. There may be a waiting list for non-political ads on TV…

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  • petew

    I know that Obama and his team are capable of exaggerating or misrepresenting the truth in some situations, but the Republican distortion team is incomparable when it comes to the downright lies they disseminate.

    The controversy over work and welfare requirements is completely absurd. Obama has never advocated free welfare or unlimited unemployment checks. All he intended was to provide states the leeway to customize the ways they chose to administer and operate their welfare programs. The kicker is that this flexibility was requested by Republican Governors in the first place. Ruthlessness, thy name is Republican!

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