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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Politics | 6 comments

Two Reasons Why House Republicans Don’t Like the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Peter King be damned, there are two reasons why House Republicans don’t like the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Marc Ambinder explains why HERE.

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  • slamfu

    They don’t like the bill because it is getting something done. The GOP has been holding things up in procedure for so long just to make Obama look bad they now do it out of reflex. If a bill was put forth to acknowledge the sky as blue, they would hold it up. That party is now run by children who haven’t gotten what they wanted, and the people of this nation will pay the price because this is all they have left to show their displeasure. Let me state it plainly. They are punishing the American people because its all they can do to show they still have power. Not enough to get what they want, so no one will get anything until they do.

  • sheknows

    For God’s Sake…Isreal sent people, fuel,food,clothing and assistance before our own government passed a bill to help these victims! Russians got on a plane and came over to help also. Many other countries have shown more concern and support than our own elected officials in the congress of the United States.

    If these were Republican states, the money would have been there in 2 weeks like Katrina. There would be no delay and no haggling over the cost by the Tea Party.

    This should top it off for Christy and possibly King regarding the Republicans. They have seen first hand just how politics come before compassion in their party. The entire country has witnessed it, and so has the rest of the world. 70 days!!! Haiti and Japan received help from us faster!!

  • The reason is 14-word simple: Many Republicans view their party brethren from Sandy-impacted states as communist, liberal homos.

  • The_Ohioan


    🙂 That’s THREE reasons.

  • Jim Satterfield

    The really stupid part of the GOP opposition is when they complain about spending more money now to rebuild with an eye towards potential future disasters. This seems to mean they would rather rebuild it the wrong way now so that it would have to be rebuilt properly later and they probably wouldn’t do that until after another storm.

  • sheknows

    Jim , Kinda like, ” don’t bother to rebuild too much…they’re only gonna get another storm later” thinking?

    Heck, and here I was thinking that hey just forgot about 20 million people, what with the election and all.

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