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Posted by on Sep 4, 2015 in 2016 Presidential Election, Immigration, Politics, Race | 2 comments

Trump’s Love for Hispanics


While presidential wannabe Donald Trump — a very rich man, you know — was professing his love for Latinos and Hispanics inside his swanky Trump Tower yesterday, it was a different story outside where Latino protesters had gathered to speak out against Trump’s offensive comments and proposed policies of mass deportations and the elimination of birthright citizenship.

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  • JSpencer

    “I love the people of Mexico. I love the Hispanics.”

    Sure he does. 😉 You could hear it in his tone while he was ejecting Jorge Ramos (Univision) for asking relevant questions. While actual news of Trump’s xenophobic views (as well as his appeal to White Nationalist groups) may be relatively new, the attitudes that inspired them are not; Trump has carried them around for decades. His message is bleak and twisted, designed to appeal to low information voters who are impressed by ranting and raving.

    • archangel

      I’d rather read an in depth article about the rise of Neo Nazis etc behind Trump.

      Not even counting that ‘hispanic’ is a made up term from the usa census.

      it is telling that Neo Nazis extremist groups in the USA absolutely support Trump, scream ‘white power’ at his rallies, love his idea to deport all and everyone he deems here without papers. I;m afraid he has raised a whirlwind amongst people, some of whom are willing to be unrestrained with Trump’s talk in their sails.

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