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Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Politics, Women | 45 comments

Trump: “Grab ’em by the Pu-sy” Cause He’s ‘a ‘star’


The problem with any apology by a person who is not sorry for what they did, only sorry they got caught….

The problem with any mocked up apology by a person not sorry for sexual intrusions on others, but sorry such has affected their ‘progress’ in whatever ‘deal’ they are chasing, in this case the highest office in the United States.

…is that apology does not indicate authentic change of ethics, genuine change into compassionate stances.

If our American nation accepts a rote apology from Trump, ONLY because his betters demand it,

if those who have been supporting Trump, including Guiliani and Newtie who have their own histories of ugly sexual pustular disasters with women that make them look like pikers compared to Trump’s predatory boasts…

if Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, deeply misguided Pence, sidecars Priebus and Lewandowsky [who tonight defended Trump saying America is not seeking to elect a Sunday School teacher to the presidency… wink wink], continue to remain asleep… and hope against hope, not realizing though some of their crowd may condemn Trump’s remarks, they are way shy of condemning what ought be condemned, the lack of conscience, the lack of humanity behind the words.

If our compatriots who have daughters of their own, believe that over the years of Trump’s predatory business practices, Trump making completely debased leering remarks about the sexual beauty of his own daughter Ivanka, and his attraction to her… If our nation does not wake up…

well… the hypocrisy of certain big evangelicals, the hypocrisy of certain Republicans, the hypocrisy will be writ in great red dripping blood writing in the sky. And our nation will see it all. Most sane people know there is an enormous difference between admiration and predation. And hold to the boundaries of regard and respect.

The part of our nation that was sleepwalking through all this, may never go back to being asleep, nor over-forgiving assault and abject unfitness to hold office… by someone who considers that ‘no one loves women more then me,’ that is, a lying, cheating, mockery of a presidential candidate.

WaPo: kicked out of and banned from Trump’s rallies by Trump, broke this story about Trump signifying himself ‘a star’ and thereby believing he is entitled to predate on women. His vulgarity is notable. But the self-entitlement to be a predator is a breathtaking horror.

I wondered as I wrote this, what if he said the same things about young boys he might find attractive, or african american women only, or gay guys, or his own grandchildren, or… can Trump’s longing to vulgarize those who have no idea he is hunting them, ever, under any circumstances, be alright under the sights of persons with hearts and souls, let alone bodies and minds?

As a small footnote, I brushed shoulders w Trump some years back on book tour and he could not allow any very young attractive women pass by him without attempting to engage her, as though his need to be noticed, to be spoken to, to gain the attention of the young woman, was central to all things. The young women were polite, disengaged as soon as possible, did not recognize his name though he repeated his name several times. Rather, they rolled their eyes after they passed him by. He apparently does not see himself as they did: as one young woman put it, ‘needy old man talks alot.’

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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