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Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Politics, Women | 45 comments

Trump: “Grab ’em by the Pu-sy” Cause He’s ‘a ‘star’


The problem with any apology by a person who is not sorry for what they did, only sorry they got caught….

The problem with any mocked up apology by a person not sorry for sexual intrusions on others, but sorry such has affected their ‘progress’ in whatever ‘deal’ they are chasing, in this case the highest office in the United States.

…is that apology does not indicate authentic change of ethics, genuine change into compassionate stances.

If our American nation accepts a rote apology from Trump, ONLY because his betters demand it,

if those who have been supporting Trump, including Guiliani and Newtie who have their own histories of ugly sexual pustular disasters with women that make them look like pikers compared to Trump’s predatory boasts…

if Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, deeply misguided Pence, sidecars Priebus and Lewandowsky [who tonight defended Trump saying America is not seeking to elect a Sunday School teacher to the presidency… wink wink], continue to remain asleep… and hope against hope, not realizing though some of their crowd may condemn Trump’s remarks, they are way shy of condemning what ought be condemned, the lack of conscience, the lack of humanity behind the words.

If our compatriots who have daughters of their own, believe that over the years of Trump’s predatory business practices, Trump making completely debased leering remarks about the sexual beauty of his own daughter Ivanka, and his attraction to her… If our nation does not wake up…

well… the hypocrisy of certain big evangelicals, the hypocrisy of certain Republicans, the hypocrisy will be writ in great red dripping blood writing in the sky. And our nation will see it all. Most sane people know there is an enormous difference between admiration and predation. And hold to the boundaries of regard and respect.

The part of our nation that was sleepwalking through all this, may never go back to being asleep, nor over-forgiving assault and abject unfitness to hold office… by someone who considers that ‘no one loves women more then me,’ that is, a lying, cheating, mockery of a presidential candidate.

WaPo: kicked out of and banned from Trump’s rallies by Trump, broke this story about Trump signifying himself ‘a star’ and thereby believing he is entitled to predate on women. His vulgarity is notable. But the self-entitlement to be a predator is a breathtaking horror.

I wondered as I wrote this, what if he said the same things about young boys he might find attractive, or african american women only, or gay guys, or his own grandchildren, or… can Trump’s longing to vulgarize those who have no idea he is hunting them, ever, under any circumstances, be alright under the sights of persons with hearts and souls, let alone bodies and minds?

As a small footnote, I brushed shoulders w Trump some years back on book tour and he could not allow any very young attractive women pass by him without attempting to engage her, as though his need to be noticed, to be spoken to, to gain the attention of the young woman, was central to all things. The young women were polite, disengaged as soon as possible, did not recognize his name though he repeated his name several times. Rather, they rolled their eyes after they passed him by. He apparently does not see himself as they did: as one young woman put it, ‘needy old man talks alot.’

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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  • dduck

    “PU-SY: da-n 🙂
    “If I don’t have sex every day, I get a headache,” John F. Kennedy would remark to anyone who would listen, from British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to a lowly senatorial aide.

  • jdledell

    What I don’t understand is Donald said this only 8 months after his marriage to Melania. If this is as long as his love and respect for his wife lasts, no wonder he’s been married 3 times. I suspect he exchanged the normal wedding vows with his wives then, his abandonment of his sacred vows and promises speaks volumes about his campaign promises too.

    • KP

      JFK was entertaining, albeit a bit of a whore.

      He had that (D) thing going on and lots of uppity east coast money supporting him. It is probably fortuitist that he couldn’t text his girlfriends and his brothers, especially the one who killed a woman.

      JFK was one of the worst Presidents we have _ever_ had. As much as I like Obama and Michelle as people, in one hundred years Obama will be judged harshly for what he has allowed to happen on a humanitarian level in the middle east.

      500,000 thousand dead, millions and millions of displaced, circa three million refuges and a Nobel Peace Prize Award that should be mocked.

      I would stack JFK, LBJ, and RMN right up there with GWB and BHO as horrible modern day decision makers.

      Can we go any lower?(!)

      Yes, we can go lower together.

      • Bob Munck

        History as told by the New York Post.

        • dduck

          ..“Mimi, why don’t you take care of my baby brother,” she recalls him asking when she met the men in a Boston hotel suite in October 1963. “He could stand a little relaxation.”

        • KP

          I wouldn’t know about the New York Post. I have never read it. For the last fifty years I have read The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the sixties and the San Diego Tribune. The west coast pays little attention to the east coast. We don’t follow your football, baseball or basketball, either. We follow Stanford and the UC system of universities (Berkley, UCLA, UC San Diego, Davis, Santa Barbara, etc). You can keep your Brown and your weather. The best thing about the east coasters is when you move out here to Cali and see how progressives get things done 🙂

          • Bob Munck

            The best thing about the east coasters is when you move out here to Cali

            I’ve lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I prefer London and Paris.

          • dduck


          • KP

            There you go. The truth leaks out like an anatomy chart.


          • KP

            For context: The quote was:

            The best thing about the east coasters is when you move out here to Cali and see how progressives get things done 🙂

            It sounds like you think you have more in common with Trump and JFK than Middle America or the West coast.

            Recalling the message from the best known surviving morality play “Everyman” (circa 1485)

            “Man can take with him from this world …
            nothing that he has received, only what he has given”.

            Everyman — 15th Century

            “Everyman is stripped, one by one, of those apparent goods on which he has relied. First, he is deserted by his patently false friends: his casual companions, his kinsmen, and his wealth. Receiving some comfort from his enfeebled good deeds, he falls back on them and on his other resources — his strength, his beauty, his intelligence, and his knowledge — qualities which, when properly used help to make an integrated man. These assist him through the crisis in which he must make up his book of accounts, but in the end, when he must go to the grave, all desert him save his good deeds alone. The play makes it’s effectively grim point that man can take with him from this world nothing that he has received, only what he has given.”

      • dduck
        • KP

          For those of us who generally admire President Obama as a man of principle, it is wrenching to watch his paralysis. As I see it, Syria has been his worst mistake, a huge blot on his legacy.

          • JSpencer

            A legitimate concern, however, we don’t know how much worse it could have been in the hands of a leader whose instincts were more bellicose. Just a little food for thought..

          • Bob Munck

            Syria has been his worst mistake

            Yeah, there’s really no upside to NOT sending American troops off to kill and be killed.

          • dduck

            “A no fly zone in Syria would not solve the problem,” Rhodes told David Axelrod on “The Axe Files,” a podcast produced by CNN and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.”

          • JSpencer

            Speculation at this point.

          • SteveK

            Yeah, there’s really no upside to NOT sending American troops off to kill and be killed.

            [smile]… A very BIG smile. Thanks for trying to put this in context.

  • Robin K Mullins

    The postings at are VERY interesting today.

  • Brownies girl

    Good lord — Dr. E made what seems to me to be a really insightful post; jdledell followed up with a great comment …. and the rest of the comments that follow here have an odour of very weak testosterone, all attempting to sound witty and/or intelligent — and failing. Big time. (sigh)

    • dduck


    • KP

      Go Blue Jays and Dodgers!

      What a fun World Series that would be.

      • Brownies girl

        I’m rooting for the Jays and the Cubbies.

    • JSpencer

      BG, you really need to lower your expectations when you read comments from certain “contributors”. Of course your point is valid, but nothing is taken away from Dr. E.’s insights by the reactions of non-serious people.

      • dduck

        lower & lower

      • Brownies girl

        JS — you’re right, and thanks for saying that. For sure, nothing was taken away from Dr. E’s wonderful post. I’m the eldest of what were once 6 younger bros — and reading the responses, it just threw me back to times when I wanted to scream out loud to all of them, when they were acting up — “are any of you brats paying attention!!!!” I’m over it now. Kids will be kids, I guess. You’re a good person, JS — thanks. Go Jays! BG

        • JSpencer

          Thanks BG. 🙂 Btw, I’m a Michigan boy, but have had close friends in Toronto most my life, so I’m a Jays fan too!

  • Chris Chris Wolfe

    Donald Trump and his followers are a little like the evils in Pandora’s box (only ten times scarier). What I want to know is, now that “they” are “out,” what do we do to get them put back IN? 🙁

    • JSpencer

      Jumbo rat traps? Bug spray? There must be something…

      • Bob Munck

        Bug spray?

        I flashed on James Earl Jones squirting Kevin Costner with anti-60s spray in Field of Dreams. A great scene, a great movie.

        Of course I’m from the 60s too.

        • JSpencer

          😉 😉

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    Is it because only three people are willing to discuss the topic? Is the topic that challenging, or? I’m listening. Help me understand…


    • JSpencer

      Dr. E. I hesitate to reduce this to simplistic elements, but I’ve come to believe that even among intelligent people, there are some who care and some who don’t. When I say “care” I mean care about the whole, not just egos, false loyalties, fears, and doubts. When people support division and scoff at the importance of unity, then they have chosen to become part of the problem. Judgmental yes, but the evidence has been mounting steadily for half my lifetime at least. Humans are enormously clever, but except for individuals, pockets of enlightenment and brushes with our better instincts, we seem locked in the old ways that have filled our history with tragedy. The reason I remain an optimist is because we have never truly exploited our human potential for what is good about life. It won’t happen without unity, and we know it’s possible on smaller scales. Maybe there is still time….

      • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

        I so appreciate what you wrote here JSpencer… esp this “The reason I remain an optimist is because we have never truly exploited our human potential for what is good about life. It won’t happen without unity, and we know it’s possible on smaller scales. Maybe there is still time….”

        I stand with you utterly on this. Forward we go Joseph. Together. There are literally a billion+ of us throughout the world… striving toward a far better consciousness and unity.

        I only wish we could know one another by name, but even without names, I can feel as I know you and many others can feel, the movement of decent people across the world.

        I hear daily because my works are in 37 languages, from people across the world. Aleppo being bombed to smithereens purposely murdering children, mothers, fathers, babies, the brave digging through the rubble to save whomever can be saved whilst being directly in overhead bombing path, the alleged rapist president of South Africa acquitted and his accuser suddenly dying this week, my Philippino readers reeling under the ex-lawful murders of whomever the dictator feels is not worthy of life, and without due process. My readers from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and so many more, tell me daily about their huge struggles in crumbling democracies, rich peeling the skin off the poor, mostly by men at the top thin crust who have an ARMY under their command. The used to be democracies, the profound poverty of the elderly in Serbia, Russia… the defection of Cameron singing like a daft man, the silence of Blair, the president of Hungary, the hatred spreading across Eu as some rich Germans immigrate to the beautiful lake regions of E. Eu, because they hate and want to not be near those of a certain faith.

        I am filled with what is at peril and also thepeople crying out in Congo, in Ethiopia. Yes Joseph, and yet and still… WITH others in unity, better can come. It most certainly can. As long as people join in usefully and with love and good will. Esp with good will that holds.

        I send all to you. Continuan, to you and to all here who are trying to bring daily a more decent world.

        The issue of men speaking of women in such what I’d call ‘television taught’ demeanings, still needs to be discussed. I strongly assert that our brothers ought open the conversation with one another, and not just stand and shake their heads and go on without comment and action.

        That is my hope.

      • SteveK

        Thank you JSpencer and dr. e. (you too Brownies girl, jdledell, and Bob) you guys and your positive, we can do it if we do it together, attitudes make my day and why I continue coming back for more.
        It may no be ‘all good’ but most of it is… To quote the great philosopher Jimmy Buffett, “Some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic but I’ve had a good life all the way.”

        • JSpencer

          A great quote Steve. I concur. And Dr. E., given the people you hear from around the world, if you can remain an optimist, then I can too. Besides, my family would disapprove of me doing otherwise, and my debt to them requires me to honor the higher goal. So as you say, forward we go, together..

  • JSpencer

    The word, “hypocrisy”… to me it means professing to believe and behave in one way, and then acting in the opposite way. We should all find that abhorrent enough to examine degrees of hypocrisy in the same way we examine degrees of disease. A cold isn’t the same as cancer, although it seems much of the electorate believes it is.

    • Bob Munck

      “hypocrisy”… to me it means professing to believe and behave in one way, and then acting in the opposite way.

      Neal Stephenson has a nice little essay on hypocrisy in his novel Diamond Age. He makes two points:

      1. “Hypocrisy” is often the only accusation available to someone with no moral center. He cannot judge an opponent’s actions by his own morality, because he has none. He can, however, judge them against the opponent’s own words.

      2. That we sometimes fall short of our own beliefs does not make those beliefs any less valid or diminish the value of our attempt to reach them. Hypocrisy is not necessarily an act of dishonesty, but may be simple human weakness.

      (This was an attempt to paraphrase Stephenson from several-year-old memory; his language was undoubtedly less awkward than mine.)

      EDIT: Ha, that essay is quoted all over the net; I even found myself quoting it on another blog. Read it in full here: )

      • SteveK

        Funny Bob but JSpencer’s comment on hypocrisy took me to the Diamond too… One of the best discussions I’ve read regarding hypocrisy / hypocrites came from a science fiction novel… Ending

        “Because they were hypocrites,” Finkle-McGraw said, after igniting his calabash and shooting a few tremendous fountains of smoke into the air, “the Victorians were despised in the late twentieth century. Many of the persons who held such opinions were, of course, guilty of the most nefandous conduct themselves, and yet saw no paradox in holding such views because they were not hypocrites themselves—they took no moral stances and lived by none.”

        “So they were morally superior to the Victorians—” Major Napier said, still a bit snowed under. “—even though—in fact, because—they had no morals at all.”

        ETA: Shortened my quote after following Bob’s link and seeing he quoted it in full already… And his ‘quote’ was easier to read. :o)

  • rudi

    Civil War will continue through out the world. The civil war in Sri Lanka lasted over 25 years with over 100,000 killed during this civil war. We did nothing while people were slaughtered in Rwanda, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. We ignored the slaughter in Guatemala in our own hemisphere.

    While Syrian deaths are heart breaking, what can the US really do there? Factions are aligned with Iran, Turkey, Russia and other countries. Most civil wars last for decades. Picking sides will not stop the ethnic hatreds.

    The hatred and wars in the Balkans spanned almost a century. The Croatians used WWII to take power as allies with Hitler. Yet, in the 1990’s Balkan War they wore the white hats. Even though they killed Serbs to gain a advantage 50 years after WW!!. But Western press painted the Serbs as the bad guys.

  • KP

    Amen, to dr. e’s spot on post and to the most important point in Trump’s admission(s). The sexual assaults. Period.

    On the horrible language issue: this goes further than men on women. It’s applies to women on women, discussions about or within all of the LGBT communities and any other human beings on earth. It also includes men on men; in private e-mail form or face to face. If you or me have been unable to be consistent in this regard, realize it when it is brought to your attention, learn from it and apologize for it. Mean it or it is meaningless.

    Lastly, my apologies to dr. e. and readers for going off topic earlier. I have experienced how frustrating that can be to a writer and an entire blog. I will do better.

    • dduck


  • dduck

    Oh, my: “Qatar has given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia has donated upwards of $25 million dollars to the Foundation.
    The Clinton campaign has not replied to a Daily Caller inquiry about whether the Clinton Foundation will return donations from these two nations that, according to Hillary Clinton, fund ISIS.
    “Read more:

    • dduck

      My, my, $$: “While this military/para-military operation is moving >> forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence >> assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, >> which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and >> other radical Sunni groups in the region.

      • Bob Munck

        @dduck: My, my,

        Wikileaks documents are often edited or forged altogether, you know.

        • dduck


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