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Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Featured, Law, Politics | 13 comments

‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides


WASHINGTON — As pressure builds on Hillary Clinton to explain her official use of personal email while serving as secretary of state, she faced new complications Tuesday. It was disclosed her top aides are being drawn into a burgeoning federal inquiry and that two emails on her private account have been classified as “Top Secret.” The…

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  • dduck12

    Gosh darn it.

  • The_Ohioan

    What’s more ominous is that Sen. Chuck (Death Panels will kill Granny) Grassley actually sounds serious about this. If he isn’t over the top this time, he must be sure enough of a big problem existing and has decided to be more circumspect.

    “Thank God for our form of government. The media won’t let there be any cover-up.” – John McCain

  • From an ethical standpoint, this is far from the worst thing Clinton did–I don’t think she intended to leave top secret email in an insecure location. From a legal perspective this could be the most damaging. The Obama administration has been very hard on people who have done much less than Clinton with regards to classified information. If she is treated like the others (which may or may not be the case if Clinton rules apply) she has done enough to be indicted. Either way it is very risky for the Democrats to nominate her.

  • KP

    There are three levels of security classification.

    Top Secret: is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause
    exceptionally grave damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized

    Secret: is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security if disclosed…..

    Confidential: is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security if disclosed ….

    Petraeus had a couple files that were classified. As a result he was charged, indicted, tried and convicted.

    The thumb drives may be the biggest problem for Hillary.

    For the United States it may be far more grave.

    • dduck12

      When I was writing parts of a tech manual, on say, the A-10 Warthog plane, I had a Secret clearance. If I disclosed, and been found out, for instance, where a foot hole or panel light was located, I would have been in deep poop (gotta keep it clean). Same thing, for other civilian work I did.
      Gotta love those Clinton rules.
      Kevin: Are you sure there weren’t some higher classified files in Petreaus’s case?

      • KP

        I heard from a judge today he had classified information. If it had been Top Secret it seems that would have been said.

        A Google search of Wiki says classified.

        “In January 2015, the New York Times reported that that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department have recommended bringing felony charges against Petraeus for providing classified information to Broadwell.

        Petraeus had denied the allegations and was reported to have had no interest in a plea deal. However, on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, the U.S. Justice Department announced that General Petraeus agreed to plead guilty in federal court in Charlotte, North Carolina to a charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified information.

        On April 23, 2015, a federal judge sentenced Petraeus to two years’ probation plus a fine of $100,000. The fine was more than double the amount the Justice Department had requested.”

      • KP

        So in answer to your question — no I am not sure.

        • dduck12

          Classified with a small c can mean any of the above, so I can imagine some of his stuff was probably classified “Secret”, or above (there is classification above TS, BTW).

          • KP

            I believe you are correct because he is said to have shared:

            “classified information regarding the identities of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities and mechanisms, diplomatic discussions, quotes and deliberative discussions from high-level National Security Council meetings.”

            I would think it doesn’t get much worse than that.

          • dduck12

            We want to be fair to our liberal friends,and not promulgate erroneous information on this blog. I know they would never knowingly, or unknowingly, mislead, and if they did, they would correct the record and each other.

          • KP

            Ah, I see what you are referring to. Apologies to readers. I said: “Petraeus had a couple files that were classified confidential.”

            I should not have written confidential; rather just classified, because I do not know if they were Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, a mix or all of the above.

            Thanks, I have corrected that.

    • The Obama administration has been very hard on even minor violations. Many lesser known people than Petraeus have been charged. If the news reports are correct, either Clinton will be indicted if treated like everyone else, or the Clinton Rules will be called into play and she will get off.

      I wonder if Obama will pardon her before he leaves office. 🙂

      • KP


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