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  • C Stanley

    Putting Byrd in charge of the appropriations committee is a sick joke,

    In case anyone misses why this ‘joke’ is so sick:

    The Citizens Against Government Waste (a taxpayer watchdog organization) has a permanent webpage devoted to Byrd, entitled “Byrd Droppings”

    Some notable quotes from Byrd:
    “you might as well slap my wife as take away my highway money.”

    In an interview with George magazine, December/January 2001, about loan guarantees for steel companies, Sen. Byrd claimed that “he has no apologies to make” to the American people for the more than $1 billion in taxpayer money he has wasted. And said, “Run me over, that’s all right, but tell the good speaker that I’m not dropping anything.”

    Ha, ha.

  • GreenDreams

    pretty rich coming from the ‘bridge to nowhere’ folks.

    That (snark) said, I expect the Dems to make MUCH better use of their chance than did the GOP. And I’ll be a relentless thorn in their side about it.

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