This just in from investivative journalist Andy Borowitz. He has unearthed a confidential letter from Ann Romney to members of the Republican Party. Here’s part of it:

Dear Fellow-Republican,

I’m not a happy camper.

Over the past few days, some so-called Republicans have taken it upon themselves to lob some pretty harsh words in the direction of my husband. Now, it’s one thing when Mitt gets criticized by the forty-seven per cent of Americans who are parasites sucking at capitalism’s teat. But when former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan calls his campaign “a rolling calamity,” it’s time for Ann Romney to kick some ass.

Which brings me to you. This is not a fundraising appeal. Lord knows this campaign has all the money it needs, especially since Mitt went to Vegas and promised Sheldon Adelson he’d bomb Tehran on Day One. As Mitt’s wife, I’m asking you to pledge something far more valuable:

Your silence.

By signing the pledge form below, you become an official member of Ann Romney’s Circle of Silence, an élite tier of the Romney for President Campaign.

Read the whole thing.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • slamfu

    “If you think that sounds difficult, welcome to my world.”

    Lol, awesome.

  • Rambie

    LOL, I love Andy’s wit.

  • ProWife

    Can you visualize Mitt Romney standing at the debate podium remaining totally silent upon fielding his first inquiry?
    Certainly, he is a member of his wife’s “Circle of Silence Club”!

  • ProWife

    Re: Ann Romney, “I’m not a happy camper.”
    The infamous dog of Romney family camping trips past is probably rolling over in his grave.