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Posted by on Oct 7, 2010 in Economy, International, Media, Places, Politics | 0 comments

The U.S. Republican Agenda: Pathway Toward Inequality – La Jornada, Mexico

As we continue to discover, almost everywhere, whether it be Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia, the Republican Party and Tea Party movement are anything but popular at the moment. The only stand outs seem to be some of the British and Israeli press.

This article by columnist Arturo Balderas Rodriguez of Mexico’s La Jornada warns that a Republican victory would be a great defeat for social equality in American society. Why? Because a midterm defeat for Democrats would resurrect the image of America the world saw during Hurricane Katrina and pave the way to the kind of gap between rich and poor that exists in Mexico.

For La Jornada, Arturo Balderas Rodriguez writes in part:

U.S. Republican Congressional leaders last week unveiled their agenda for the November election campaign. In general, it’s a reiteration of their neoliberal credo: lower taxes, freezing government spending, deficit and cuts in social spending. And added to the – they propose to repeal health reform, which was approved earlier this year.

Freezing government spending would mean cutting off resources that Washington directs to the economy as a vehicle for providing employment to millions of people. An across-the-board tax in which taxpayers pay proportionally the same amount independently of income would be inequitable and unfair. It would also increase the deficit about which Republicans have being complaining – and without the benefit of borrowing for the purpose of backing social or investment programs.

Finally, to repeal reform of the health care system would mean, in plain terms, depriving 30 million people of care who just became eligible for medical services as a result of reform.

Soon we’ll know if the Democrats are capable of acting in time to prevent history from repeating itself. If that doesn’t happen and the conservative project wins, the social differences that already exist in the American Union, without the ignominy they have reached in Mexico, could deepen even further. Let us not forget the face of the United States that the world discovered with surprise after Hurricane Katrina.

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