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Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Journalism, Media, Politics | 11 comments

‘The Slime Factor Is Overwhelming’: Charles Blow Obliterates President-Elect Trump (Guest Voice)


New York Times columnist Charles Blow is very glad he did not have to sit in on the recent interview the paper of record conducted with Donald Trump. It might have actually sickened him. The fact that during the interview, as the Times reported, Trump seemed to backtrack on many of his hard line positions during…

  • Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist

    Thanks, Joe!

  • dduck

    Blow is a blowhard.

    • GrantS

      And apparently you are a duck.

      • dduck


    • roseyrey

      Any particular reason? Or just fun to insult people..?

      • dduck

        Fun to insult blowhards, thanks again.

        • dduck

          Like Limbaugh, Matthews, O’Reilly, etc.

        • roseyrey

          I mean, do you disagree with any of his points here, or do you just generally dislike him or his work for separate reasons?

          • dduck

            I agree, or disagree, with points made by them all.

  • JSpencer

    Blow is right on the money. It’s a shame that so many are trying to normalize this train wreck. It makes you wonder what they wouldn’t try to normalize. God forbid we should hold people accountable for who they claim to be.

    • KP

      ernest and fidel …

      Not to be confused with Ernest and Julio wine from Cali.

      ernest & fidel are a low bar but Canada’s Trudeau and his poppy did the limbo :- )

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