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Posted by on Nov 13, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

The Roller In The White House

Some presidents rock. Some presidents roll. Our present chief executive is a world class roller.

He’s in the process of rolling today when it comes to extending lower tax rates for America’s top 2 percent earners. It’s just the latest of his seemingly endless rollovers. He’s rolled for Natanyahu, for Karzai, for Patraeus and the gang at the Pentagon, for every senator with a health care itch or twitch, and for pretty much any Republican school yard media bully who calls him a socialist.

This behavior has flummoxed his supporters (and former supporters). But its explanation is quite simple, and was stated succinctly by his chief adviser, David Axelrod: “We need to deal with the world as we find it,” said Axelrod in a recent interview.

No, Mr. Obama. You weren’t elected to deal with the world as you found it. You were elected to change the world you found. To rock it, not roll with it. Didn’t you understand that, sir, when you took the job?

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