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Posted by on Apr 13, 2008 in Politics | 30 comments

The Long Walk

I was on a radio show earlier this year with Ed Morrissey of Hot Air during the period when it had begun to look obvious that Barack Obama would be the Democratic nominee. We were pondering the question of who in the Democratic party had the “guns” to go hang the bell on the cat of the Hillary Clinton Campaign. “But who,” Ed asked, “is going to make that long walk down the hall to tell Hillary it’s over?” We both admitted that it didn’t look like any candidates came to mind who could pull it off.

Well, at least according to The Scotsman, some candidates have been found to take on that daunting task.

Falling poll numbers and a string of high-profile blunders have convinced party elders that [Clinton] must now bow out of the primary race.

Former president Carter and former vice-president Gore have already held high-level discussions about delivering the message that she must stand down for the good of the Democrats.

“They’re in discussions,” a source close to Carter told Scotland on Sunday. “Carter has been talking to Gore. They will act, possibly together, or in sequence.”

There is certainly room to debate whether or not those two have the aforementioned guns to actually push Hillary out of the race, but the Scotsman makes a compelling case. Should Senator Clinton not listen to their counsel in private, they may not have to force her. They would only need to convey the message that they could convincingly push enough of the uncommitted super delegates into Obama’s column to seal the deal. (He currently needs only 33% of the remaining “open” super delegates to reach the magic number.) That might be enough incentive to prompt Clinton to gracefully bow out while it still might look like it was her idea, rather than giving the public appearance that she had been shoved aside. It could also keep some life in the hope of the so called “dream ticket” with her in the VP slot.

But wait,” I can hear you saying. “Didn’t Obama just say something really stupid about bitter people? Might that not be putting Clinton right back in the race?”

A really funny guy once said, “Sex and golf are the only two things you can enjoy even if you’re not good at them.” In the case of Senator Obama, you might want to add “politics” to that list. The “bitter” comment was a notable gaffe to be sure, and worthy of examination and debate. Indeed, among his opponents, no sooner had the virtual ink dried on an article at the Huffington Post detailing the remarks than Power Line was asking, “Is Obama’s Campaign Over?”

The reality, of course, as we have seen repeatedly this year, is that Obama’s campaign has been “over” multiple times. It was “over” when news of his friendship with Tony Rezko came to public attention. It was “over” when videos of his former pastor making controversial remarks showed up on Youtube. And it was “over” every time he failed to win the primary in a particular state, or even failed to win by enough. But each and every time, following a brief dip, the poll numbers would settle out and drift back up to pretty much where they were before. While the expiration date for Senator Obama’s free pass from the media has clearly come and gone, the pass which the public is willing to give him looks to be a season ticket. It is more than likely that his growing army of supporters will look at those comments, give a collective shrug, and say, “Yeah, so? Lots of people are bitter about the way things are going. What’s your point?” And then they will continue to pick up those phones when the pollsters call and register their support for the Illinois Wunderkind of politics.

We’re nine days out from the Pennsylvania primary. The last round of polls show Hillary Clinton’s lead there evaporating like fog over the Delaware River. (Now down to three points according to one source.) Once the dust settles out from that (and possibly two more races) it may indeed be time for Gore and Carter to make that long walk down the hall. The Clintons have probably been at this game long enough to know they will need to answer the door when the elder statesmen knock.

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  • runasim

    Regardless of what you or I might want to see as the end result of the primaries, it’s arrogant in the extreme to prescribe achieving it by going over the heads of other voters.

    The states still waiting for their primaries are more than eager to hear from both condidates. These are states which don’t often get the privilege, and I think their wishes should be respected .

    Hillary is criticized for having an anything-to-win attitude.
    This post reflects exactly the same kind of atttitude.

    • sh0ter

      On the contrary, runasim, this post is an exercise in realism. You’re correct that the voter’s voices deserve to be heard. However there aren’t many scenarios in which Hillary can come out winning. At some point she should concede, so that the person with the most realistic chances of winning the nomination can begin focusing on the GE. McCain has a healthy lead in this category, and extending this race for too long is just giving him and even bigger advantage.

      If Hillary was to win big her next few contests, then there is reason to keep fighting. I just don’t see that occurring.

    • Lyn

      Obama won’t win a can’t-lose democratic victory in November. Everyone is tired of Texas Republican leadership, but McCain offers a moderate stance. A vote for Obama in the primaries means a vote for McCain in the general election. Are those of you who seek Clinton to stand down republicans???

  • The only “anything to win” attitude I would be interested in is on behalf of the entire party. Sure, if Hillary suddenly sweeps the next 8 states with a more than 75% take, then fine. Let’s send Gore and Carter down the hall to talk to Obama. But as shOter points out, that’s rather hard to picture at this point. As to having the remaining states have their say, I’m not reading anything here indicating that such a “long walk” would take place before June when all the states have been heard from. Beyond that, however, it’s just blood on the floor.

  • NewMexicoFan

    So God Dam America, all small towns are bitter, and friendships with miltant black church leaders, and Rezko mean our former leaders will walk down the hall to tell Hillary to Quit. Why? because she got a few facts wrong on an airplane,and she got second hand information on a Health Care Issue. In both instances, the information was basically right.

    That is why 1/3 of the Hillary supporters will leave after this. But that is not important as only 1/4 would leave if the information was reversed. The White men of the Democratic party have painted themselves into a corner. It appears that we have made it possible for McCain to win.

    If you can paint a purple heart person as an idiot with a arrogant sophistacated accent, this will be child’s play. The Republican’s will have no problem at all with the Race issue. The are thinking up ways to resolve it now (African American educators writing against, Obama, and an African American VP).

    I just discovered I belong to the wrong party. I will be registering I shortly. it is hard to believe that the DNC has now screwed this up three times. I guess I am just a small town bitter person.

    • moblou

      Hillary believes in all of “US”, including those of us in small towns. Obama is an elitist jerk. How can Americans even give him a glance? Go Hillary and the rest of “US” left to vote, “we can do this together”. I feel the small towns and big towns too, rising to the support of the American President who represents us all. Now, that has finally become obvious to us all- Obama “we in small towns are bitter”!!! Get a life and go back to your rookie senate position & leave America to Hillary. She is being outspent by at least three to one. Remember, the money for Obama’s campaign didn’t all come from small donors as he tries to make us think. Instead, at least half of his $230 million plus dollars has come from rich multimillionaires and 27,000 plus maximum amount $2300.00 donors. Ergo, his elistist comments and beliefs stated in San Francisco are shining through. Now these “bitter” comments bring [W]right up again too, and correctly so, I think! Why does everything Obama wrongly says that clearly shows how he really stands gets spun around as we, the electorate, are taking it out of context or he’s sorry but…? Hillary has the only “shot” now for Democrats in November. She really identifies with and cares about what happens to the ones of “US” left who are barely surviving here in the middle and lower class. She, of course, is rich but, she can still identify with the “working class Americans. Obama, clearly cannot. Hillary will win in November against McCain or more of the same McBushIII. Obama cannot win, particularly now. Sure looks like to me that Obama is showing himself for the far left latte drinker that he has been since the start. Remember, divide and conquer in Europe by taking advantage of the youth and minority races? Starting to rack them up and the republicans will have a field day in November i.e. monster, NAFTAgate, his real plans for his Irag withdrawal revealed, small town slam and oh yeah, [W]right!!!! Obama’s latest truly revealing small small town slam calling “US” bitter, etc., finally shows him for the elitist rat that he has been from the start and has managed to hide thus far. Wake up America! He doesn’t care a thing about promoting anybody but himself. We need Hillary Clinton. We can still save the nominating process and the Democratic Party, if we do the right thing in the primaries left to come. Let’s not let the rest of America down. Decisive wins for Hillary in all remaining primaries will put Obama back in his rightful place- a rookie senator. We can still do this and I know the rest of “US” is counting on us. One last thing, where are the ranting raves by the MSM on this issue and why aren’t they running this over and over and over again? He will lose the nomination because he is finally identified as the inferior candidate. We have to beat McCain in the fall Americans. Vote Hillary for a victory for the Democrats in November, otherwise we’re doomed. PA, you can do it, bring her on to the rest of “US” and save the Presidency for the Democrats. Vote Hillary! Thank you from KY.

    • Guest

      Just goes to show that people like you aren’t really interested in the policies of these candidates.

      Hillary and Barack have both admitted that they are very similar when it comes to there views on what’s needed for the country.

      Yet people like you are prepared to vote for another man/party who goes against the things your candidate stands for just to spite another person??????

      Are you of legal age to vote? Doesn’t sound like you are.

      P.S. Don’t be bitter!

  • YourConcernedCitizen

    Obama’s free pass with the public will continue as long as we give it to him. In light of his views on the public, I have to imagine the expiration date is nearing.

    OBAMA says “[SMALL-TOWN AMERICANS] get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,”

    First substitute BUSH, MCCAIN or CLINTON for OBAMA.


    The public must determine this can be defended as non-prejudicial. -As not bourgeoisie condescension observing the opiates of the non-critical-thinking, non-independent-thinking masses. Please note the opiates he ascribes to them: Guns, Religion, Hate, Fear.

    • moblou

      Good for you yael. What is this women bashing year by the pundits? Go Hillary, the only candidate who can run against an opponent, the MSM, the RNC and now it looks like the DNC and still come out with over 50% of the American public vote in states that are not able to lower her base of support (the caucus). You decide for yourself the rest of America. I, for one, trust Hillary’s judgment and I know we can count on her to restore our standing at home and abroad!!! Think again about what is at stake here Americans left to vote. Think Hillary!!! Thank you.

  • moblou

    What a jerk Obama and all his “backers” are for once again calling for Hillary to get out of the race. I guess you all want the Democrats to lose in November? Obama only thinks he has the savvy to lead “US” as Commander and Chief. No, don’t be fooled, I will not, for the first time in my adult life, vote for a democrat in the fall. I will, however, write-in Hillary’s name and submit my ballot. Also, if, and that is still a big “IF” she does not get the nomination I will do my best to encourage Hillary to run on an Independent ticket. I’d say we can start a big grass roots organization and beat the other four parties in the fall. To this point I must say, I am very disappointed in the electorate in the nominating process. Hillary Clinton has more grit and promise for America, in her little finger, than Obama has in him and all of his nasty backers. God help “US” and if Obama does get the nomination. I am truly fearful for our country, for the first time in my adult life, because of the shape we are in at this time in America. The task is far too great for a rookie senator to successfully address all the tough challenges we face. He, my fellow Americans, is not up to the task. Hillary on the other hand is the only candidate left in the Presidential campaign who is up to this daunting challenge. I suggest we all step back and look at where we are in this country and proceed onward with this nominating process until the end. Go, the rest of the American electorate, I know you will give Hillary a large margin victory just as we will do in KY. Remember, this is a very serious time in our country. Go Hillary!!! Thank you.

  • moblou

    Hillary will win PA by double digits no matter what the MSM have to do with it. She is the only candidate who can run against her opponent, the MSM, the RNC and now it looks like the DNC and still come out with over 50% of the American public vote in states that are not able to lower her base of support (the caucus). The voters left to cast a ballot you decide for yourselves, but please look at the issues, not the Obama hype. I, for one, trust Hillary’s judgment and I know we can count on her to restore our standing at home and abroad!!! Unlike, the sleeping beauty (not), Obama caught napping at the hearings on Iraq. Gosh Hillary, this is hard work. Think again about what is at stake here Americans left to vote. Think Hillary she is [W]right for America!!! Thank you.

    • Evista

      Hillary is a brave and wonderful woman. To read the rubbish that is being repeated over and over about her is sickening.

      The Republicans are sitting on a pile of information about the Golden Boy and his wife in the hope he can win the nomination and they can swiftboat him.

      Every thing about Hillary has been repeated and repeated over and over, but she is the one for the Republicans to beat. Even Ann Coulter admires her and plans to vote for her against John McCain.
      Hillary deserves to win the nomination and someone needs to check out the Real Barak Obama before the same people who elected Bush make the same mistake again. He is like an old fashioned medicine man he has a bottle to cure everything, the only thing is once you pay your money it doesn’t work.
      Help to make Hillary our President we deserve the best.

      • Dannystew

        How did you arrive at that conclusion, by what criteria?

        If it is experience, then the fact don’t bear you out: senator Clinton had no presidential experience and her legislative experience is half that of senator Obama. Beside, relevant or irrelevant, outdated, non-presidential experience is of little use in effective leadership:

        Alexander the great, William the Conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington and Abe Lincoln were all pretty much inexperienced when they assumed the roles of leadership

        Furthermore, senator Clinton argued that Senator Obama is all talk and no action but I don’t buy her arguments in light of the fact that Obama’s legislative record indicate that he is by far a much more active legislator, tabling in the US Senate, close to 38 bill per year, including a few major ones, versus Clinton’s 21 per year, without, to my knowledge, a major bill to her credit.

        Such kinds of distortions and deceptions go directly towards her credibility. And that my friend is one of the most important qualities of effective leadership: namely Ethos – a sound character of integrity, fairness and the ability to build trust and confidence.
        The others are:
        1. Pathos – the ability to inspire and motivate others through the gift of words
        2. Logos – the ability to know the facts; apply assailable logics and to exercise sound judgment under uncertainty.

        That’s what effective leadership is all about; and you think that Senator Clinton is the best?

        • Evista


          In a message dated 4/14/2008 10:56:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

  • democritic08

    I wish all you talking heads and supposedly intelligent people would let the Primary play itself out and not swallow all the garbage about polls. They change with the wind. As for Hillary being told to step down by Carter and Gore….please give me a break. Oh she’s ruining the Democratic Party! NOT! Get a life….it’s been on the downturn ever since 2000! Get a life and let this thing play itself out. Put your big boy or girl panties on and act like responsible adults for pete’s sake!

  • monique

    We, who say that we might not support the Democrat ticket this fall if Hillary is not the nominee, do not mention this in order to spite another person. We say such because we are disgusted by the way the media and others — Gore and Carter, if this story is true — have treated the hard-working Senator Clinton and her campaign.

    Call it bitter if you like. In fact, that term may not be far off the mark. I am infuriated, angry, pissed-off, disappointed, hurt and disgusted.

    While I have strongly supported Clinton’s run, not once have I stooped to characterize or criticize Obama the way in which I have seen his supporters mistreat Clinton relentlessly everyday on the blogs and elsewhere. They can not merely advocate for their candidate — no, they must hate Clinton with every cell in their body.

    And the media — this piece included — has been hugely disappointing. You see the occasional responsible journalist, like Brokaw, speak sanely, refraining from attempting to call the race or affect the outcome. But the truth is, the media is very responsible for the fact that Clinton finds herself in such a tight, competitive spot. Journalists could not simply report or cover the story. No, they fell all over themselves, pouring out the same remarks and coverage day after day about Obama’s oratorical skills, yet never thinking that maybe, given the fact that we knew so little about Mr. Obama, that they had their work cut out for themselves, that they should begin vigorously vetting the candidate once it became apparent he wasa serious contender. No, Obama skated through victory after victory, without any investigation into his past, while Clinton was attacked for every breath she took.

    I have been incredibly impressed with Clinton. Under immense pressure, she continues to exhibit the exact virtues we so urgently need in our next President. We would be very lucky to have her. She is tenaciou, relentless, smart, knowledgeable about all the issues, and she is a fighter. She exudes the very things we need, and have seen lacking in the oval office for almost eight years.

    If Gore and Carter have been holding these meetings, and if they have plans to force her out, I hope the public does find out. I hope she does not go quietly. It is arrogant, insulting, and basically illegal under the rights of our election process, for certain individuals to believe they have the right to pressure anyone from the race.

    There is no reason Clinton should be forced out. And there is no reason that she should have been forced, already, to expend so much energy fighting for her rights throughout much of this primary process. This is why so many of us are angry and continue to become more angry. This is why I consider voting for a candidate that stands for very little of what I believe in. I have supported the democratic party my whole life. And I would have been proud to support Obama if he won the nomination in a fair process. But given all that has happened, and all the prejudice Clinton has had to fight against, I am disgusted. Call me bitter, that is fitting. I hardly mind.

    The very fact that this piece was written, and yet again, we find ourselves discussing whether she should be forced out is an insult to the electorate and our democracy. Never would I have believed that there was so much prejudice against women in our society. There is sexism in the media. And there is hatred on the blogs. I find it all so deeply disappointing and disturbing.

    Clinton is in a tight race and deserves to continue. The public deserves to be heard. The convention in August is called a NOMINATING convention. Let it serve its purpose.

  • RobS333

    I think it is very funny that on the verge on Hillary winning PA, Obama supporters keep asking her to drop out. Maybe we should have all clamored for Senator Obama to drop our after super Tuesday??? Senator Obama seems to be talking out both sides of his mouth lately. He calls the people of PA “Bitter”, and then says he didn’t mean that. He says he never heard Rev Wright deliver hateful speeches, and then he says he did hear some. He says he doesn’t take money from lobbyist, then it is reported he has taken millions from people who work for lobbyist (splitting hairs??), he says the President Clinton left Americans out during his administration, but he has hired many people that worked in the Clinton administration, as top advisors for his campaign. If we believe he will beat John McCain in Sept., we are fooling ourselves!!! Wake up Democrats!!!!

  • Cole2008

    This is another column from a biased pundit asking for Hillary to step down. This is just one more selfindulgent columnist who needs something to fill his column with and lacks the originality to even start the writing with…If Hillary doesn’t win in PA… The fact that we are 9 days away from probably the defining moment of the contest, not to mention a little dust up over the “bitter” comment that could just sway a few voters in a key state, that could just possibly have an effect on a couple of other contests. Hmmmmm
    If journalists had done there job from the beginning, instead of treating Obama with kid gloves we would have had a nominee months ago.

    • sh0ter

      I almost wish that Hillary had a better chance of winning so that her supporters wouldn’t be so sensitive. No one is bashing her, but instead saying that she should get out of a race she doesn’t have much chance winning. Not one of you have noticed that Jazz or I, welcome a contest if Hillary is to keep winning. Even though I deplore her current tactics and think she’s unelectable, let it go on until the people have there say. But at some point you have to admit you’re beating a dead horse

  • regenbogen

    With a difference of less than 1% in the popular vote, why on earth should Hillary be counted out of the race? Obama has a slight lead, but certainly not enough to be hailed as the winner. So far, he has proven that he can’t win the swing states. Only Hillary has done that and she will do it again in Pennsylvania. Democrats need to win the swing states in order to take the White House back. Hillary is the one who can do it.

    It’s laughable that Carter is an Obama supporter. Carter had good intentions as a president, but was incompetent because he didn’t know how to get things done. Neither does Obama. We need a leader like Hillary who truly is ready on day one. She is a fighter and knows what it will take to get results. GO HILLARY!!

  • runasim

    Jazz said:
    “The only “anything to win” attitude I would be interested in is on behalf of the entire party.”

    There is always that one good reason, isn’t there? Only, everyone has a different reason. The result is the kind of ugly cross-fire politics that so many Obama supporters claim to abhor. It’s strictly a ‘ do as I say, not as I do’ world.

    I really admire and support Obama’s core message. Unfortuantley, it is being torn to shreds by his own supporters. Some bloggers, (if the shoe fits..) never tire of running negative add posts, the very kind of thing Obama is trying to rise above, and to lift the rest of us with him.

    When you roll in the mud for a higher cause, you still get dirty. When evryone is mud encrusted, there is no way to tell the good guys from the bad guys. What Obam hoped to accomplish is left in the mud, forgotten.

  • LilSquid

    As I am reading these posts, I wish Hillary could see them as well as Former President Carter and Former VP Gore. In fact, these voices prove that Hillary is not down and out and for them to try to force someone, anyone, out of a primary race is wrong on all levels. If they were to hear these voices and support they would hopefully see that Obama is no slam dunk. In fact, they will help divide the party by trying to force Hillary out.

    If they attempt to force Hillary out, this Florida Democrat will become an independent. There is no way this Floridian is sitting back and taking what others dish out..

    Florida Democrats had put Hillary WAY, WAY ahead in the popular votes as well as the delegates. Unfortunately, the Obama supporters are not helping matters by fighting us to have our votes counted. It was the Republican legislature that changed the primary date here. We voted, We spoke out for Hillary in great numbers. Yet, as we fight to have our votes counted, Obama fights to have them squashed. And why is that? Well, if Florida, and Michigan (although the date change there was by the State Democratic Party) were to be counted and our delegates seated, Obama’s lead would be about nil, zip, nothing. And Hillary’s WIN in Pennsylvania would put her over him in delegates and popular votes. What does that tell you about the Democratic Party. They do not care what the voters want, they want Obama in for whatever reason and nothing else matters.

    So, if the Democratic Party no longer respects my voice and vote, then come November, do not count on me to support your candidate. It is not spite, it is logic. As a veteran, and a loyal Democratic since I started voting, Carter was my first and worked on his campaign in Plains, GA with Miss Lillian and Billy Carter’s daughters that I went to college with at Georgia Southwestern, your utter disgrace for my personal vote, disgusts me and Shame On You!

    Write them and tell them how you feel. And let Hillary know too. She will appreciate the loyalty and support.

    Keep Writing and Speaking Out, Maybe Eventually They May Listen, somehow I doubt it.

  • One last time. I will wind up supporting (and writing in favor of) whomever wins the Democratic nomination. But after a fair few decades watching these things unfold, it’s just very difficult to see how Hillary takes the nomination at this point, and it has seemed that way for a while.

    One point of interest in this thread of comments, though. I notice that all of the people claiming they will vote for McCain, stay home, or push for a third party run by their opponent all seem to be coming from one camp. Remind me again, who exactly is it who is trying to “sabotage” the Dems’ chances for victory in November?

  • jcless

    Go Hillary GO!!! All the way to Denver. Don’t worry about the little “Boys Club” they’ll get a pacifier and be okay. We love you and appreciate the service you have already given our country. Tonight some of the shine on the Golden Boy is tarnished. Praise the, Lord. Honey get my gun.

  • beready66

    Unfortunately, I am of the belief that it ain’t over until it’s over. I have not been “bowled” over by the packaging of Senator Obama. The APK Media machine and the ASK Public Strategies public opinion company run by David Axelrod are manufacturing a candidate. They’ve worked to package Obama as an outsider, a fresh face – however what lurks behind this packaging is quite disturbing. We never hear about how Obama rose like a meteor through the political corruption machine in Illinois. A machine which makes washington insiders look like children arguing over a toy. Axelrod is carefully orchestrating the rise of our next president. Even when you look at who is along for the ride, you have to wonder what’s in it for them. The Kennedy’s are the fading royalty in need of a coat tail, Tom Daschle, Advisory Board member for British Petroleum, and non-stop campaigner for Obama, the big donors from Hollywood, trial lawyers and Wall Street, newcomers such as young hedge fund executives, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Chicago-based developers and members of the black business elite. The list includes partners from 18 top law firms, 21 Wall Street executives and power brokers from Fortune 500 companies. The bundlers of more of his campaign donations are from California, the top source with 19 bundlers. Both Illinois and Washington, D.C., have six bundlers, and five bundlers from New York. With well over $190 million dollars from all these sources, some which go against what Obama is preaching. There is the billionaire casino developer who plans to put a slot parlor in Philadelphia; Obama has decried gambling for its steep “moral and social cost.” And there is the director of General Dynamics, the military supplier that has seen profits soar since the onset of the Iraq war and that has benefited from at least one Obama earmark. What are we really going to get from an Obama Presidency!

  • SusieBee

    If Hillary wasn’t running such a negative campaign, no one would be encouraging her to leave. She constantly and personally attacks Obama, praises McCain, and then claims she’s the victim when Democrats ask her to stop. Amazing! While Sen. Obama is bringing thousands of new people flocking to the party, Hillary and Bill have always thought of themselves first, and the party second. We need a party and a President that is forward looking and hopeful, not one dominated by Rovian-style, us vs. them divisiveness.

    • BJWL

      The idea that Clinton is running a negative campaign and Obama is not, sorry, but that’s not supported by the facts. It’s pushed by Obama because every time someone asks him about his statements or policies, he claims the speaker is tearing people down. Voters have a right to ask questions. And did you see Obama over the weekend swaggering around a stage, insulting Clinton in petty juvenile terms (“Annie Oakley with a six-shooter”) just because she dared, just like so many other Americans, be critical of his “bitter” comments. Clinton, on the other hand, was careful not to insult Obama personally (actually complimenting him at points), only referring to his remarks. Who’s really running a negative campaign?

  • lbinaustin

    Thank you Monique for saying so clearly what so many Hillary supporters feel and believe. I have never seen such rudeness and hatred as I have seen from SOME of the Obama supporters. On one blog, an Obama supporter actually wrote that the Hillary supporters “would be better off dead.” There are so many reasons now why I could never vote for Obama, although in the beginning I thought I could. It is not out of bitterness or spite that I would vote for McCain over Obama. That would indeed be stupid. It is that I believe he would be a better Commander in Chief.

  • BJWL

    How about writing an piece that asks why Obama continues to fail to WIN the nomination? Even Bill Clinton said that Hillary should quit should she lose in the Texas and Ohio primaries. Guess what she won both along with Rhode Island, Ohio by double digits. And now polls of polls consistently say she’s got big leads in Pennsylvania and Indiana despite the media trying to push a “he’s gaining, he’s gaining” line. Why has Obama stalled? People are starting to see through the media smokescreen to see that Obama is a flawed candidate constantly providing fodder for the Republican attack machine, never vetted and who can’t win the big states and core Democratic constituencies without which a Democratic candidate will never win the presidency.

    Hillary is the candidate that can win in November, the best candidate in the race.

  • michaelp0429

    I agree with Obama’s core MESSAGE – the problem is none of his policies or actions back up his pretty words. I started out completely impressed with him and only wondering when he should be president, not if. However, HIS words and actions and those of his wife have me believing we have to look for another bright young articulate black man to be the first black president of the U.S.

    As for the Polls disappearing like vapor – take a look again – she has been gaining steadily since Friday in Pennsylvania with recent polls ranging from up 6 to up 20 pts. In Indiana she also now has a 16 pt edge. All of you Obama supporters who tried to kill her vote and her fundraising by declairing her dead the day the first Pennsylvania polls came out showing her up 16 pts may have suppressed some of her vote by demoralizing her supporters but apparently not enough to kill her off. Just as he has blocked the vote in Michigan and Florida because he knows he would lose, you have called to end the race before PA because you know she can still win.

    I for one will vote for the competent, boring, down to earth and completely vetted Hillary Clinton rather than letting the Republican’s do the liberal media’s job of vetting Obama durring the general election. My issues with Obama are the same ones the Republicans will exploit to possibly win even though all the odds are against them and their candidate is too old to be fit for office:

    His extensive drug use in his use – a felony he has admitted to – is an unnacceptable reflection upon his judgement and has been completely ignored by the Clintons and the media, but will not be ignored by the Republicans.

    His elitism (they are all elite, he is the only elitist), by characterizing anyone who isn’t voting for him as simply bitter and somehow ignorantly clinging to god, guns, hatred of other races or immigrants rather than seeing his brilliance as they should if they weren’t so stupid is disgusting.

    His wife’s only managing to be proud to be an American now that her husband is on the road to the white house, despite all of their previous succes, is completely unnacceptable. It isn’t a gaffe, a bit of detail about something that was mistated, it is a core value that is unnacceptable in the First Lady or the President of the United States.

    His campaigns hateful, ugly characterizations about the Clintons, the only successful Democrats at the national level in a generation is offensive to their long time supporters who he will need in the general election. This when they have only ever praised Obama, not his record which is sorely lacking, but they have only praised him personally while Obama and his backers have attacked Clinton with every personal insult immaginable despite no facts to back them up.

    His Chicago politico machine friends and slimy dealings with Rezco completely belie his claims to being free from the influence of lobbyists and therefore a new type of politician while he throws insult after insult at the other candidates and pretends to be above it all.

    His complete and utter failure to act as any sort of leader on the issue of race relations when faced with the antiquated hatred of his pastor the Rev. Wright despite all of his assurances that he is some sort of a great leader or uniter is the most glaring contradiction between rhetoric and facts that I’ve ever seen in any politician.

    His repeated lies about being for Universal Health care to get the vote of many democrats despite the fact that his plan will spend hundreds of billions of dollars and still not deliver universal health care demonstrate that he will lie and say anything to get elected AND has an incompetent health care plan.

    I too was swayed by the central theme of the Obama campaign – unfortunatley it is just that a theme backed by no basis in reality. If he is elected, I suppose we can at least be glad that we finally got a black man elected president, even if he is far less competent than either of his opponents – not a huge consolodation.

    Hillary is right on every single issue where they disagree. Every single one. She has served this nation well for 35 years. She is an honorable, decent woman who has endured every kind of hateful fear mongering attack immaginable and somehow keeps ticking.

    Obama can not win this election in the primaries. Hillary Clinton can not win this election in the primaries, but there are some 10 primaries left to vote and we need to see every vote counted in order to determine who is the more electable in November. That is the job of the Super Delegates. That is the goal of the whole nomination process. Calling for it to end now, when your candidate is on the ropes, though ahead on points, is a shameless attempt to steal the nomination before the people who disagree with him are allowed to vote.

    I guess it’s no wonder now that we realize Obama believes that those of us who haven’t voted for him are simply too ignorant to deserve a vote, too bitter, too hateful of those who are not like them or too desperately clinging to god or patriotism. Really he is doing us a favor by not allowing us to vote against him, saving us from our own ignorance. I guess we should be thankful?

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