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Posted by on Dec 31, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment | 6 comments

The Joy Of Reading

BooksandPipeI read a lot these days since I’m retired, have a lot of spare time and really don’t like television or even movies. There is something about reading that stimulates the imagination.  Although I still  read some non fiction I must admit when I read these days I’m trying to escape.  I read a lot of Science Fiction – visiting fictional worlds is truly an escape. Over at VOX Amy McLay Paterson posts an essay on the books she read in 2015. Like me she frequently doesn’t finish all the books she starts. I on occasion don’t make it beyond the first chapter. This may  be a mistake because in the past books have grown on me after awhile. One of the best nonfiction books I  read this year was about the Moors in Spain.  The history we are taught in school neglects to tell us how important to the Renaissance in Europe they were. But I mostly try to escape when I read. I apologize for not doing many book reviews recently but they are a lot of work and I’m growing lazy in my old age..

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  • IndyGuy

    I find that my reading habits have changed. My book collection is large and I ran out of space so I have been purchasing ebooks. However if I really want to enjoy a good book I will read the old fashioned kind. I have some books that I cherish and will always have them displayed in my library. But much like my father, I’m a pack rat when it comes to collecting books and historical documents and papers, so any way I can keep my clutter down is good.

    My major was history in college and one of the reasons I love the discipline so much is that you can learn so many fascinating things about the human condition. Yes, you’ll find more information in specialty historical books then what they taught you in school. One of the reasons I love history is that my high school teacher shared her love of the discipline with her students. She had a small historical library next to her desk and she’d let you check out a book. I learned more about history in her personal library than our school text book.

    And speaking of reading, the History Channel next week is going to have a four part mini-series about the huge tome “War and Piece.” I have never read that book but I have a copy and will dig it out. It’s a rather large book which can be tedious at times, but it’s considered a historical classic. At any rate it should be an interesting show to watch.

  • JSpencer

    My love of reading was instilled by my mother who read to my brothers and me from an early age. As soon as we were old enough, she took us to the library so we could get our own cards. I will be forever grateful to her for this. I taught my younger brother, Tony, to read before he entered 1st grade (I was in 2nd grade) so he hit the ground running. It wasn’t hard because he was such a smart kid. My reading tastes haven’t changed much, but I read slower than I used to. The last thing I’m doing before falling asleep at night is reading.

  • Markus1

    Let me jump in with a book recommendation. It was published in 2014, but I read it this year, and it is the best new thing I read. The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan is a novel detailing the life of a man who lives and loves like most of us but has his life heavily impacted by being a WW II POW in a Japanese camp building a railroad grade to Burma. His experience is harrowing and nearly destroys him. He does recover somewhat but is left seriously damaged. There is no glib easy triumph in this book; just true to the heart coping with real anguish. As a child of concentration camp survivors, this book shows how real people respond to hard to imagine horror. Not for weak stomachs, may fill your eyes with tears.

  • dduck

    Historical fiction, or maybe it’s fiction with a little history thrown in. If it’s well wriiten I’m into it. And when a book becomes a telivision series, I’m in heaven. This past year BBCA had a series called “The Last Kingdom” based on a Bernard Cornwell series of books.
    For pure escapism, I like the horror fiction of Brain Lumley, never a page of padding and moves at a fast pace.

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