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  • christoofar

    Yes, this is utterly amazing.


    JINDAL/PALIN 012 !!

  • greenschemes

    GOP governors in Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas don’t want to take the billions in federal stimulus money that would be targeted to the people (especially in the GOP-dominated South) who have been hammered most by the recession.

    Unemployment rates.

    Alaska 7.3
    Alabama 7.2
    Georgia 7.5
    Idaho 5.7
    Texas 5.7
    Mississippi 7.2
    Louisiana 5.3
    South Carolina 8.4

    But lets just look at why the States want to turn down this money.

    Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana announced Friday that he would reject a portion of expanded unemployment benefits that would eventually require the state to raise taxes on businesses.

    And the governors of Alaska, Idaho, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas have said their states may not want to meet the conditions that accompany the money or expand programs that will have to be paid for by the state once the stimulus money runs out.

    “You may get yourself out of a temporary budget hole, but create another budget hole in the next 24 months,” said Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who like Mr. Jindal and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is considered a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

    This non visual bill that was rushed thru the government in the middle of the night has so many strings attached to it and so many big government give aways that become permanent in the future that I have to applaud these people and call people like Dick Polman nothing but Political hacks trying to convince the public that the GOP hate the suffering when this stimulus bill is going to create long term problems for the states by accepting bribes to make them take on long term commitments they cannot afford.

  • greenschemes

    Its simply time for the GOP to get organized and begin fighting back all the lies, deceptions and outright untruths the democrats are hurling at them over the stimulus and everything in between.

    Of the 15 states with the lowest overall unemployment 13 of the 15 are solid Republican Red states with fiscally sound state governments.

    5 of the 6 states with the worst unemployment are solid blue/liberal states.

    Something to be said for being fiscally sound and fiscally conservative.

  • JSpencer

    Apparently the GOP strategy is to bite off their collective nose to spite their face. Just exactly how this is supposed to help them remains a mystery.

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