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Posted by on Aug 29, 2008 in Politics | 160 comments

The Fully Vetted Sarah Palin

UPDATED (Yet Again!)

Keep in mind, before we wind up the Friday night activities in Blogistan, that this is still only ten hours after the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP announcement caught so many of us flat-footed. In ten hours, though, the hits keep on coming. Let’s take a quick look at a few more.

UPDATE: Please see Update #3 below regarding the first item in this list, re: the question of paternity on Palin’s youngest son.

UPDATE SQUARED: And ALSO see Update #4.

The first one, and possibly the most tawdry of the bunch, came via several e-mails which arrived after the announcement here at Jazz Headquarters. Check out this picture of Sarah Palin from Super Tuesday this year.
It’s a nice shot, but according to at least once source it was taken on Super Tuesday. That’s in February. At that point, Palin should have been six months pregnant with her last child. It does make me wonder if the following will turn into a story.

…the oldest girl is rumored to have actually been the one who had the last baby, the one with Down’s Syndrome. She was taken out of school the last 4 or 5 months of her mother’s pregnancy.

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska’s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

Palin’s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months. While this is debatable, you can judge for yourself here:

(Ed Note: That link has since died since we first looked at it. The pictures were removed today.)

Of more pertinent interest, Palin gave a recent interview talking about Iraq. Click through for the audio, but it includes the following:

I say this in the context of looking at the situation we are in right now, at war, not knowing what the plan is to ever end the war we’re engaged in.

I’m the mother of a 19 year old whose getting ready to be deployed to Iraq. His striker brigade will be deployed on Sept. 11 of this year. He’s 19 and will be gone for a year. So this is kind of on a personal level when I talk about, ummm, the plan for the war, you know? Let’s make sure we have a plan here.

Palin also recently questioned whether or not the position of Vice President was even relevant and said she didn’t understand “what is it exactly that the VP does every day?”

The McCain campaign may also want to find a way to wipe out Ted Stevens’ endorsement of Palin.

Ok, faithful readers. Now tell me again exactly who vetted this candidate and how long that vetting process took?

UPDATE: Reader johnkelley e-mails to remind me of a segment which I saw on MSNBC earlier. Rachel Maddow (yes, I know… I know) told what sounded like a completely obscure, irrelevant story about Palin giving birth to her last child. Apparently, as she noted, Palin’s “water broke” while on an extended trip to Texas, but she hopped a plane back home immediately to give birth in Alaska, “so desperate was she not to have her child born in Texas.” Is Maddow on to something related to the first story in this piece but not ready to take it to the airwaves?

UPDATE 2: For all of you writing that I’m so far off base on this, check out this piece from ABC which came out far faster than I thought it might. Palin wasn’t even in the running until this week and “a few lawyers” for McCain finished her vetting without the knowledge of even his most senior staff. This was a last minute panic pick to ‘shake things up’ as the article says. Thank you and good night. Elvis has left the building.

UPDATE 3: Well, our readers have certainly been busy bees on this post. Frankly, when I finally got back to this post this morning and finished going through my e-mail, I was taken aback at how much the comment section exploded into a fireball and the number of other sites throwing more links on this column than a mafia turncoat caught with a wire on him. Almost all of the debate centers on the first of the listed items, specifically the question of Palin’s fifth pregnancy. Apparently the mention of this possibility has angered a number of people, including close friends, and brought in serious questions from many of our long time readers and commenters. Here are a couple of the more thoughtful ones.

I understand that this would be a great scoop for a reporter should it turn out to be true, but without any actual proof it’s a pretty serious attack on Palin’s credibility to claim that she is lying about her own child.

If you didn’t post on this site for a week, and during that time there were a string of bank robberies in LA, would it be spreading rumors to suggest you were the bank robber? This article seems to have just about as much factual basis behind it as that crazy allegation would, and thus strikes me as nothing more than an ugly smear against a woman who by all accounts is an honest mother of a large family.

In this case, accusing a mother of lying about her own child isn’t something that’s OK to suggest without rock solid proof, just as accusing Obama of hating his country (even if it could be true) is completely out-of-line without very clear evidence.

Ok, team, we clearly need to address this a bit more. First, let’s start with a bit of background. The original intent of this post, as a follow-on to a previous one, was to express not only my personal dissatisfaction with McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as the running mate, but to highlight my suspicions that Ms. Palin had not been vetted as fully as some of the other potential nominees. There were four more items listed in this column which I felt supported that point, and the childbirth story was only one of them. (Side note: Did you know that Palin also ran through a “windfall profits tax on big oil” up in Alaska? It’s pretty much a page straight out of the Democratic playbook.)

Back to the history. After the Palin story broke, I received a number of e-mails on the subject. One of these was from a colleague who lives in Alaska (and who shall remain nameless at his request) who sent me some information on that particular story, also stating that it was a “common story going around locally and the media was looking into it.” When I took a look at the photos and the scrubbed web site, it seemed like enough smoke to pose the question, but I felt that it was phrased in a way that made it clear that this was not yet substantiated, but might be worth a look.

But given all of the various opinions being pushed back and forth, allow me to pose a follow-up question to you. Assume, just for purposes of discussion, for a moment that this story actually might be true. (It certainly wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in our country.) Would this be an appropriate topic for discussion in the political arena, or is it simply too personal, even if true? Would a situation such as that qualify (to quote one of our readers) as a “venial sin” at most, and really not any business of the voters? Or do you, when entering politics and running for a seat in the White House, pretty much sacrifice your privacy and forfeit any right to a lie, even if it was in reference to an intensely personal matter which didn’t amount to any wrongdoing? (And let’s face it – again as some of the comments point out – even if this story were true, it would only reinforce Palin’s pro-life bona fides and show that she was taking care of her entire, if extended, family.)

UPDATE 4: After 72 hours, regardless of all the smoke rising and curious questions raised, it’s looking like the questions of Trig’s paternity may be falling apart fast. See this later update.

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  • Silhouette


    I know of two women who claim motherhood of children actually born to their daughter or son. In the end it was a blessing for the child since the parents were far too young to deal with it.

    If the rumor turned out to be true, the only thing I would hold against Palin was that she lied about being the mother to protect her daughter’s private life. That is a venial sin in my mind when you look at the more valiant big picture. I doubt that girl is mature enough to raise a baby. Rural areas are known for high teenage pregnancy rates due mainly to boredom. It’s a sad but true fact.

    That’s a funny picture BTW. It looks like the lady has a mohawk that is on fire…lol…

    • MeanGreen

      You really are a nasty b#tc%
      If it is a rumor keep your filthy mouth shut. We have enough problems without creating lies. Here you want a fact
      and we treat him like a king.

  • If… and this is still a huge IF, Sil… the rumor turns out to be true, are you that quick to forgive it and say she did it “to protect her daughter” when the campaign is trumpeting her pro-life record about having a child, knowing he would have disabilities, and keeping it anyway, etc. etc.? That doesn’t strike you as more than a venial sin? It’s not out an out fraud? I mean, if you’re that pro-life, wouldn’t you proudly stand up for the fact that you didn’t want your daughter having an abortion and proudly took part in helping her raise the child?

    Just asking, here…

    • CStanley

      I mean, if you’re that pro-life, wouldn’t you proudly stand up for the fact that you didn’t want your daughter having an abortion and proudly took part in helping her raise the child?
      Why would that be required of a prolifer? Seems to me that finding a way to have the baby be born rather than aborted, even if it required a lie to protect the privacy of the teenager and baby, would be a good thing that would equally prove a commitment to the sanctity of life.

      Think about it- what you are suggesting is that a parent should be willing to use her own daughter as a poster child to prove her credibility on a political issue. If this rumor (which is all it is) is true, that’s actually all the more reason that people should STFU.

      Like Ryan, Austin, and kritter, I’m highly disappointed to see this kind of crap being discussed here, particularly by you Jazz.

  • Also, let’s look at the issues issues. For instance, do we want a VP who doesn’t particularly understand what it means to VP (that was my understanding of her comments), plus her apparent disagreement with JM over timetables (unless I’m just reading too much into that). Another question: will she actually, really appeal to Hillary supporters (presumably she’s targeted partly at them)? Given that, in my opinion, the PUMA danger is overblown. And is it more or less sexist to defeat a woman candidate in a long and hard-fought race than it is to choose a woman as your running mate and assume the other women will automatically vote for you because of that?

  • See the final update on this post. (Refresh if needed.) ABC is reporting an interview with a senior McCain aide who is saying that Palin wasn’t even in the running until this week and her vetting was finished by a handful of lawyers without the knowledge of even senior McCain staff. This was a panic pick and T-Paw, Christ or even Romney would likely have been stronger. Poor move, Big Mac.

  • Kathryn

    I’m sorry I just have to say it. If Palin’s oldest daughter did get pregnant, could Palin have prevented it by being more involved in her life and spending less time on the campaign trail?

    Yes, I know it’s unevolved, but kids need at least one parent involved in their life (and I say this as the mother of a 16 year old girl). I know it is “sexist” but I am of the school that women can have it all, just not all at once. Come and bash me Sillhoutte. I know you believe that the love of a parent is irrelevant to a child.

    • prairiemermaid

      I agree with you, Kathryn. I had a Ph.D. career in science when my son was born, and have taken a LONG leave of absence while raising him. It was my choice — and motherhood has been wonderful — NO REGRETS! I intend to go back to my career when he is grown. I agree also that it may even be more important to be “here” when children are in their teens! They can make some pretty important decisions at that age, and really need the love, guidance and “connection” with family…

    • It isn’t “sexist” — it’s just sexist, without the air quotes. If she were a man with a downs syndrome child running for office, or a man with a sixteen year old daughter having a child, no one would be suggesting he should spend less time on the campaign trail. Holding a woman to a different standard than a man is sexist. No other punctuation needed.

      • Kathryn

        Ah, I completely recognize that this is a very sensitive area, and we need to tread carefully, but I do believe that it is best for a baby to have a parent who can dare I say it “obsess” over them, a special needs child even more so. I believe Mr. Palin is a salmon fisher, they are away for weeks at a time, Gov. Palin will also be away for weeks at time campaigning. Not the optimal situation for a young family under incredible stress.

        Yes,I would draw the same conclusion about a male candidate with a special needs choice and a wife that traveled constantly, in addition, I think the best solution would be for Mr. Palin to quit his job and become the primary caregiver.
        Babies and kids aren’t fussy, if it isn’t possible for mom to spend much time with a baby under one, Dad would work just as well (and who knows maybe even better.)

        • mcpalin

          People can still view those photos. They are cached (at least for a little while). To see them:

          1. Go to

          2. Type “state of alaska website” in the search box. The right website comes up 1st.

          3. Don’t click on the link like you normally do. Go down to the last line of the entry, and click on the “cached” link and click that.

          4. The “cached” version of the website will come up. In the find box type “Palin photos” and it will take you to the page you cited.

          5. If you want to save the pages on your hard drive, you can either go to “file” on your browser and click on “save page as” and save it as a HTML document. Or if you have Adobe Acrobat or Distiller, you can print it to your Distiller program and save it that way.

        • I believe I have read that Mr. Palin intends to quit his job and care for the children, with a help of a nanny; that was a decision reached when she accepted the job.

          He’s also not a salmon fisherman – he works for the oil pipeline. I believe salmon fishing was listed as a hobby.

    • shellbeach

      I agree. Here are some highlights of my life. As a child of unmarried parents, raised for 5 years by a 70 plus old grandmother, childrens home, 3 foster homes and another childrens home for a total of 12 years. Attended 8 high schools during senior year in high school and then graduated college. Air Force officer barely before and during Vietnam War during which time I found my father, 2 half-brothers and a half-sister and European relatives, city councilwoman, elder relative care, marriage, dairy farmer, raising children, divorce, still raising children, bookdealer & rental, still raising children and a six year survivor of cancer. They have all now finished college and beyond and are responsible working adults. One is a lawyer, another is a pilot and works in safety for Boeing, and the other is an environment health specialist. Now…to go on to my next career which will be ? So am I more or just as qualified to be Vice President then Palin?

    • LindysMom

      Move over, Kathryn and I will share the “unevolved” bench with you! I had never heard of Sarah Palin until this past week and my first thought was “How can this woman possibly run for VP of our nation with 4 children at home to raise, the youngest being an infant with Downs. What kind of mother does that?!” Not only that, but her husband spends his summers at sea on a commercial fishing boat so he’s not around while they are out of school! I’m the 45 year-old mother of a 6 year-old and I gave up my corporate career to stay home with our daughter. I’ve not regretted it for one moment! I, too, believe women can have it all, just not necessarily at the same time. Our children MUST come first. If we can’t put them first, we shouldn’t have them!

  • Where is that first quote from?

  • It was e-mailed to me from a friend in Alaska who works in the oil industry and follows politics, Jilly. Take it for what you will. We’ll see if it comes to light in the national media.

  • Ricorun

    DKos diarist polecat reports on another scandal tidbit. Another claims she left the town of Wasilla in a deep financial hole. KO just got done interviewing the guy at the center of the Troopergate scandal (he’s the one who got fired, I don’t remember his name), and he claims he received over 20 calls from various members of Palin’s office (including Palin and her husband) to apply pressure.

    This is getting very interesting.

  • Were they really stupid enough to think this would never see the light of day? That’s the only problem I have with the story. Of course unless they can come up with some pictures of a pregnent…………

  • Jazz, if/when this turns out to be false please be sure to print a retraction and an apology. Having listened to all of the “Obama is a Muslim”, “Obama went to school in a madrassa”, “Obama won’t salute the flag”, etc rumors, it doesn’t look any prettier when the insinuations fly from the other side. I understand that this would be a great scoop for a reporter should it turn out to be true, but without any actual proof it’s a pretty serious attack on Palin’s credibility to claim that she is lying about her own child.

  • kritt11

    I actually agree with Ryan. Its just tawdry gossip at this point.

  • GeorgeSorwell

    On the other thread I said I doubted this was a precipitous choice. I hereby retract that comment. Your sense of this is obviously better than mine.

    Since the vetting was relatively cursory, perhaps there is some kind of scandal. I have to confess, though, I think the Governor of Alaska must have a reasonably high profile. So I doubt she could feasibly fake a pregnancy without at least wearing some padding in public.

    I’d guess Palin fit a profile, even though she wasn’t fully vetted. The Republicans generally lose the women’s vote. Maybe Palin will close that gap a point or two. In a close election, that might make all the difference. I imagine that McCain might have been trying to pick a woman based on research to that effect. I would guess the possible choices were pretty slim, since she needed to be against abortion–and even slimmer if executive experience mattered.

    Everyone seems to assume that McCain is giving up the argument about experience. But for four days I’ve listened to the likes of William Kristol call speeches at the Democratic Convention “generic” and “uninspired” even though they were self-evidently good speeches. I would guess that branch of the punditry won’t have any problem describing Palin’s year-and-a-half in office as if she were FDR in 1944. I would guess enough of the regular media will parrot this, and the alternative conservative media will bang it like a drum. Will it work? Maybe. Why not give it a try?

    Also, McCain inspires no passion. Unlike Obama, who is often loved–and even often hated (you could argue–and I do–that Republican are very good at inspiring hated of their opponents). Having an Evangelical on the ticket may inspire some of that passion among the base. That might also help with GOTV–get out the vote. Might also be worth a point or two?

    Also: that John McCain: what a maverick!!!

    It’s also possible Palin will turn out to be the equivalent of Dan Quayle. Even so, Quayle’s running mate won that election. Though, of course, Geraldine Ferraro’s running mate lost.

    I suppose the next few days will clarify things.

  • StockBoySF

    I’m less concerned about Palin’s lack of qualifications than her claiming her granddaughter as her own…. Though having said that I still consider this to be a serious charge, especially given the Republicans’ rantings on personal responsibility…. I can understand the need to protect one’s child, but at the same time I don’t think we want another VP who keeps things under wrap and lies to the American public because he (or she) somehow doesn’t think it’s important. If there is nothing to be ashamed of then she should come clean. If she believes that there is shame in what the daughter did, then there should be a public discussion around the issues. Situations like this just won’t disappear unless people stand up and insist on change.

    This is just rich…. Obama at Rick Warren’s Faith Forum said we should put policies in place to allow more women to make pro-choice decisions. This is an example (if true) of why we need to do just that. Not that there was an abortion, but the fact that the baby was born in secret to keep the truth from getting out. There’s very little of that personal responsibility here the Republicans claim they value.

    ryan, as far as Jazz apologizing….. I disagree with you. Jazz is clearly not spreading rumors. He has brought up a serious issue with many unanswered questions that need to be investigated. If the story proves to be false then no one should spread it and if it is spread, then those people should apologize (not that the Christian right has ever apologized to Obama for continuing to this day to spread lies about his being a Muslim).

    I will tell you this much. These rumors will not take as hold as easily nor travel as widely as the “Obama is a Muslim” rumors….

    • 1smartcookie1968

      I, totally agree, StockBoySF. Shame is one of the emotions that pushes people to fabricate a story and perpetrate a fraud. AND, that is what this will be if it is found to be true. FRAUD! An elaborate tale has been dreamed up and FED to the public. {Palin’s “water broke” while on an extended trip to Texas, but she hopped a plane back home immediately to give birth in Alaska, “so desperate was she not to have her child born in Texas.”} WHAT A CROCK!!! I am speaking as a mother. How many of you, WOMEN, went into labor and was particular about where your child was born?!! Was your #1 concern the SAFE delivery of your unborn child??!! AND, if you KNEW that the unborn child would be born with some type of defect, would you be SELFISH and be more concerned with your choice of states that the child was born in??!! Come on, people! Let’s not be sheep and believe things that bear further examination and questioning.

      One more thing, if Bristol Palin feels that she is old enough to engage in sexual encounters, then a RESPONSIBLE mother should ensure that she step up and take on the responsibilities of a child created from those encounters. Isn’t ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TRAITS FOR A LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY, RESPONSIBILITY??!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just my 2 cents!

  • Neocon

    This is why I believe that John McCain and his staff are totally convinced that they are going to lose this election.

    Think about one thing for just a second. How long has Barak Obama been swatting allegations about being Muslim or attending an Islamic school or not being born in the USA or not being a real professor or being involved with Rezko or buying an illegal house or and the list goes on and on………….

    How long??? Months and months. 18 months and finally most of those have been swatted down and put to rest.

    Along comes a totally unknown from Alaska and now the next 2 months are going to be nothing but rumors, lies and distortions………..

    Haha………..this is so perfect……………WHAT GOES AROUND>>>>>COMES AROUND.

    Unfortunately for Palin she has 2 months not 18 months. Too bad too cause I bet she is a really good and honorable person who is going to be absolutely trashed the next 2 months.

  • Rest assured, if this turns out to be false I will print a large, bold faced apology. But there’s a lot of smoke here, and we’re looking for the fire. Too many hints to ignore at this stage.

  • “ryan, as far as Jazz apologizing….. I disagree with you. Jazz is clearly not spreading rumors.”

    StockBoySF – if claiming that the governor of Alaska is lying about her own child in order to cover up her daughter’s pregnancy based on nothing more than a photo and a case of mono isn’t “spreading rumors” then I’m not sure what “spreading rumors” is. If you didn’t post on this site for a week, and during that time there were a string of bank robberies in LA, would it be spreading rumors to suggest you were the bank robber? This article seems to have just about as much factual basis behind it as that crazy allegation would, and thus strikes me as nothing more than an ugly smear against a woman who by all accounts is an honest mother of a large family.

    • StockBoySF

      ryan, I think all Jazz is going is pointing out that this is a rumor that needs to be investigated fully. Jazz acknowledges that this isn’t a fact in his post. The people who pass around the “Obama is a Muslim” rumor present it as hard, cold fact with no room given for interpretation or the possibility that it even could be false.

      I don’t intend on doing any mass e-mailings announcing this rumor about Sarah Palin nor do I plan on discussing it outside these pages. This rumor and gossip does need to be investigated and put to bed as quickly as possible. It’s not nice that the Christian right is still spreading gossip as fact about Obama being a Muslim and as kritt points out this rumor does Sarah Palin a disservice. I’d like to think that this can be quelled as soon as possible so we can concentrate on Palin’s record and other more important aspects with her as VP.

  • AustinRoth

    Glad to see the left isn’t into muckraking and character assassination. I mean, how many times have those of you here insisted that is a Right-only flaw?

  • Kathryn

    Here’s the problem, I will give Gov. Palin the benefit of the doubt and apologize for my comment above as well, BUT, we don’t know about Mrs. Palin, McCain through his carelessness is giving us a black hole as VP pick. If he has to spend his time tamping down these types of rumors, well, he could have gone with a safe pick. It will be a shame if his carelessness tears down a strong leader of the future.

  • pacatrue

    Please remember thought, Austin, that Jazz no more speaks for the left than you do for the right (and I don’t mean that just because each of you is more than a label). Jazz’ blog postings speak for Jazz.

  • kritt11

    Well, I think just gossiping at this point just does the lady a disservice. When something is known, I’ll comment on it.

  • rudi

    Seems another paper has some details about the flight from Texas. She finished a planned speech AFTER her water broke and didn’t inform the flight attendants of her situation.

    Anchorage Daily News

    Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to make the eight-hour flight from Dallas to Anchorage has some people wondering about the possible safety hazards of flying while in the late stages of pregnancy.

    The governor, eight months into her pregnancy, noticed amniotic fluid Thursday morning prior to giving a keynote luncheon address at the Republican Governor’s Energy Conference in Texas. After wrapping up the speech, Palin and her husband consulted with her physician about possibly flying home on an earlier flight. After being granted permission from her doctor, she and her husband proceeded with the trek home.

  • Hey Jazz – Nice job.

    I’ll put this story right up there in the same category as “Obama is a secret Muslim!” .
    Joe and The Moderate Voice should be proud of this kind cutting edge journalism.

    Keep up the good work.

  • DdW

    Where there is smoke, there could be fire

  • Mike_P

    Jazz noted the baby rumor was “tawdry,” and that it “arrived by email,” which to me clearly marks it as a grain of salt type of thing as I believe Jazz meant it to be. The problem here is she’s essentially an unknown, who wasn’t even vetted competently, chosen after McCain met her once months ago and has only had one phone conversation with since (not counting his invite to Sedona for the good news). This reflects extremely poorly on candidate McCain, as he could truly be setting up the Republican Party for an epic meltdown should something like this come out either before or during the convention. Troopergate is not pretty, but probably not a deal killer. Anything more will be death to the ticket.

    And this is his first “executive decision” as the Republican nominee.

  • Silhouette

    Ya never know. But I guess this thread is part of the vetting process. It just came after he picked her. And yes, that may wind up being the achilles heel of the McSame campaign.

    He may have done himself in on this one..?

  • pacatrue

    On the ride home, I first started off simply agreeing with Austin (and now others) that this is such innuendo and rumor at the moment that it doesn’t deserve reporting. And the longer the ride went, the more convinced of this I became. While one can never say never, this story is essentially impossible. It would require 1) that she was never seen in public for around 3 months when she was simultaneously the Governor of a state. There are going to be 20,000 pics of her pregnant around. 2) It would require that she’s falsified state records of birth and hospital records, as well as gotten several physicians to lie for her. While secret babies still happen in romance novels, this story is pretty much impossible and should be retracted without further ado.

  • cfpete

    The odds are that it is her baby.
    “Down’s syndrome”

    • minnesotagop

      While it is true that it is unlikely for a 16-year old to give birth to a Down’s syndrome baby, it is just as unlikely that a healthy 16-year old would have to miss four months of school due to mononucleosis.

  • StockBoySF – in the sense that Jazz is not pushing this story as “something that is”, but instead as “something that could be” I agree that he isn’t spreading rumors. However, in the sense that giving any credibility at all to these rumors, especially by publishing them as something that “need more investigation”, seems to me to be a needless attack on Governor Palin’s character.

    There was a line in the movie “The Contender” where a female VP nominee was being attacked due to rumors of “deviant sexual acts” during her college days that seems apropos to this discussion. These of course proved to be false, but she refused to address them. Her reasoning was the following:

    “…but principles only mean something if you stick by them when they’re inconvenient. If I ever did answer the questions… you know, even to exonerate myself… that would mean that it was okay for them to have been asked in the first place… and it isn’t.”

    In this case, accusing a mother of lying about her own child isn’t something that’s OK to suggest without rock solid proof, just as accusing Obama of hating his country (even if it could be true) is completely out-of-line without very clear evidence.

    • StockBoySF

      ryan, I see your point and I’m not pretending to know the answer on this. However given everything the current administration has put us through these past eight years, from misleading the American public to the war in Iraq, claiming executive privilege just because they don’t want to answer questions under oath under a variety of allegations, the way the way the Bush/Rove team has turned Americans against each other for their own political gain, etc. the Republicans don’t get any benefit of a doubt from me. And the Dems don’t get much of a benefit either…

      So unless someone stands up and asks for true answers this will just be another scandal the GOP will be more than happy to sweep under the rug. As I’ve said before I would like the allegations answered. This cloud will hang over her head.

      If she can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, then she’s free to leave. I agree with your point about principles, and I wish politics in this country could allow for such freedom, but the last eight years have just shot to hell all of that. I don’t know whether to believe the allegations or not but until they’re answered they remain a blemish on her. Thanks for the reminder on the principles…

  • Bill W.

    Here’s a Google cache link to that page mentioned in the post ( since removed from the gov’s website:

    And here’s a screenshot if that disappears:

    • StockBoySF

      Thanks, Bill W. for the Google cache.

  • There is zero difference between what Jazz is doing here and publishing or forwarding the “Obama is a secret muslim” e-mail. Gandelman should be embarrassed to have this on his site. Jazz should come up with some verifiable facts, or retract it.

    • Bill W.


      There are verifiable facts.

      1. She doesn’t look pregnant.
      2. She flew back from TX to Alaska AFTER her water broke, apparently with her doctor’s consent.

      I call BS.

  • ORockwell

    Here’s something odd:

    “On March 5th, 2008 Alaska’s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.”

    Why in the world would she wait that long to announce something this big?

    It does indeed sound like a cover story. And nobody in their right mind would take an 8-hour flight right after their water broke. That’s lunacy. No doctor would approve of it, either.

    There’s something going on here…. the rumors sound correct.

  • Yeah Bill. you are just like the people who were always so eager to weigh in with “verifiable facts” in comment threads about Obama in a madrassa. I call despicable.

  • ORockwell

    “While secret babies still happen in romance novels, this story is pretty much impossible and should be retracted without further ado.”

    No, what’s impossible is that ANY doctor would approve of an 8-hour plane flight after a woman’s water has broken, especially with a Down Syndrome child.

    Use your head– it all adds up and she is NOT pregnant in those pictures and it makes no sense the late announcement at 7 months.

  • cfpete

    She doesn’t look pregnant – there could be a reason for that.
    Maybe some of you you should think about it for a second.
    Quite literally, the odds are that the baby belongs to the Governor and not her young daughter.

    “Down’s syndrome”

  • Down’s Syndrome.

    The extra chromosome 21 causes characteristic physical features in people with Down’s syndrome. These usually include some, but not always all, of the following:

    * low-set eyes that slope upwards, with vertical skin folds (epicanthic folds) between the upper eyelids and the inner corner of the eye
    * small mouth, which means the tongue may seem big and may stick out
    * flattening at the back of the head
    * a flattened nose bridge
    * broad hands with a single crease
    * floppiness due to loose muscle tone
    * small, low-set ears
    * low birth weight and short stature

    This piece should be pulled. A retraction should be published. Jazz and Joe should publicly apologize.

    • Bill W.

      Per numerous articles, Palin says her water broke early that morning yet and she went to the conference, gave her speech, and then took an 8 hour flight with her doctor’s OK.

      “The governor, eight months into her pregnancy, noticed amniotic fluid Thursday morning prior to giving a keynote luncheon address at the Republican Governor’s Energy Conference in Texas. After wrapping up the speech, Palin and her husband consulted with her physician about possibly flying home on an earlier flight. After being granted permission from her doctor, she and her husband proceeded with the trek home.”

      And this:

      “Early Thursday — she thinks it was around 4 a.m. Texas time — she consulted with her doctor, family physician Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who is based in the Valley and has delivered lots of babies, including Piper, Palin’s 7-year-old.

      Palin said she felt fine but had leaked amniotic fluid and also felt some contractions that seemed different from the false labor she had been having for months.

      “I said I am going to stay for the day. I have a speech I was determined to give,” Palin said. She gave the luncheon keynote address for the energy conference.”

      That is BS. No doctor is going to say to go ahead and give the speech after breaking water at 4 am then leave a metropolitan area with top-notch prenatal facilities to fly 8 hrs for a premature birth already diagnosed with Downs to Alaska.

      Once your water breaks time is an issue or infection can set in. That’s why docs go a max 24 hrs before giving a c-section. For a doc to let her go all day and fly home is just crazy talk.

      There are lies being told here (Palin told one journalist she waited until after her speech to call her doctor, and in another she called her doc after her water broke at 4 am). This story has legs, and it has a lot more evidence to base that on than the fact she wasn’t showing pregnant. That’s just one more clue.

      • JaneSwanleigh

        Actually leaking amniotic fluid is quite different that “water breaking”, as I personally have experienced both. I leaked fluid for eight days with my first pregnancy. The baby was monitored continuously after seven days of leaking, then I was induced after 24 hours or so of monitoring when the fluid levels within my womb finally started to diminish. My second pregnancy, by contrast, the fluid broke with a rush and I had a c-section within 12 hours.

  • Bill, Jazz, Joe – You guys want to try these shoes on for size?

    a person given to spreading rumors, often maliciously. See “The Moderate Voice”

  • marki

    I found even more evidence. In looking through the google caches of the alaska government photo galleries. Here is what I found: between March 8 there are very few photos and these at the bottom of the page were taken on April 12 NOTE these photos were taken 6 days before the child was born on April 18th. The Purple Heart Trail sigining took place only one week before that (two weeks before giving birth). I find it very hard to believe that she is pregnant. However this photos of the family seems to show a pregnant daughter. . Lastly if there was no controversy, why would all the Alaska Government photo albums have been taken down today?

  • pacatrue

    No, this makes no sense whatsoever. First, you have to choose just two facts or so: A disappearing daughter and some stuff about Palin’s water breaking and unexpected behavior and then make up a story. Then you have to believe that 1) she falsified extensive medical records and birth certificates. And remember this is not a typical pregnancy where the mother checks in to deliver her baby and then checks out in a day or two. The child was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome before being born. There is going to be a rather large contingent of doctors and nurses who worked intimately with the mother, which implies 2) that every single doctor, nurse, and admin who was involved with the pregnancy is now universally telling a lie about the governor of their own state with not a single leak. What’s the chance that the daughter of the governor would go to a hospital, deliver a child with Down’s Syndrome who will need tons of special care, and not a single person in the entre hospital would mention it. And 3) that no one saw the governor of their own state in April and May of this year to notice if she was showing.

    It’s completely silly and complete rumor-mongering. You’ve gotta go almost X-Files conspiracy wise to pull this off.

    • Bill W.


      While far from conclusive, it’s doesn’t make “no sense whatsoever.”

      1. The same doc who delivered her previous child delivered this one. The same doc in which Palin makes the incredible claim that she called to inform her that her water broke at 4 am (in one version of her story- in another she waited to call her doc after the speech) in TX and let her go ahead with her speech and then fly 8 hrs home to AK.
      2. Have you never filled out a HIPAA form? No physician or staff can say anything to anyone about any patient’s treatment, not even to another physician, without your express written consent without risking their careers.

      It’s entirely plausible that the Gov is trying to preserve her conservative cred by covering up her 16 yr old daughter’s pregnancy, and as outlined above in the post and the comments there is at least a little evidence to insinuate as much. At least enough to warrant more digging.

  • StockBoySF

    I don’t know whether the allegations are true or not and the photos to me don’t rreally tell me much…. it’s hard to say whether she’s pregnant and just doesn’t show much or if she’s not pregnant. The family photo of the daughter isn’t proof either for me….

    But the whole business about the photos being taken down certainly throws gas in the fire. If there was nothing to hide then why would the government take those photos down? So even though the photos from cache don’t prove much to me, the fact that there DOES seem to be a government cover up of something makes a much stronger case than missing photos.

  • StockBoySF

    pacatrue, I agree with you completely (on the medical records) and that was the first thing I thought. But I haven’t seen any of those records and I think you just assume they exist somewhere. They may exist but I’m not going to assume they do. It will be interesting to see how quickly the records or “records” appear….

  • denisedh

    When a baby is legally adopted, the adoptive parents’ names are on the birth certificate and the original birth certificate with the birthparents’ names are usually sealed. So if a parent does a legal adoption, a birth certificate is not really considered falsified when it lists the adoptive parents are the mother and father and the place of birth, even if the adoptive parents were not there at the time.

  • pacatrue

    I agree, basically, stockboysf, with your most recent comment in the sense that either 1) there has to be a rather large conspiracy among a good… 40, 50, or more people to make everything look legit but not be real, or 2) Palin and family never really visited doctors or hospitals and did everything at home or with, you know, a single practitioner who could keep a vast secret for the family. Both are only the remotest possibilities. The first scenario’s almost impossible to pull off and the second is just bizarre behavior in the extreme from a family who has never shown such oddness. Which is more likely? That options 1 or 2 happened? Or that Palin had a tiny baby, didn’t show much (notice how she’s often wearing jackets and other things that cover bulges nicely?), and that the decision to fly back to Alaska was unusual but means little else.

  • “If she can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, then she’s free to leave. I agree with your point about principles, and I wish politics in this country could allow for such freedom, but the last eight years have just shot to hell all of that. I don’t know whether to believe the allegations or not but until they’re answered they remain a blemish on her. Thanks for the reminder on the principles…”

    SFStockBoy, I know you mean well, but rationale like this justifies every attack on Obama’s patriotism, suggestions that his wife hates America, suggestions that he is a terrorist for knowing just one member of the Weather Underground, etc. In addition, it justifies the swift-boating of Kerry and future attacks on wholely decent people. Allowing the “political process” to devolve into an increasingly fantastic level of character assassinations creates an environment where only liars and scam artists can succeed, and as Obama himself said the other night “America is a better country than that”.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    Weren’t we treated to some of these similar outrageous comments months ago about Bush’s daughter being pregnant and a shotgun wedding having to be held? Of course that was all nonsense as well. Please, some of you are really embarrassing yourselves.

    I’m a father of two, my wife didn’t look pregnant until the very end as she was a workout machine, as is Palin. Enough, this is the kind of stuff that turns people off of politics on both sides.

    • FastMovingCloud

      “I’m a father of two, my wife didn’t look pregnant until the very end as she was a workout machine, as is Palin. Enough, this is the kind of stuff that turns people off of politics on both sides.”

      Good point. At least as far as the pregnancy goes. The other things in her background are fair game.

  • “some of you are really embarrassing yourselves.” – chicos

    I am glad to see that there are still many like chicos and ryan who comment here, have a sense of decency, and some notion of what I used to think “The Moderate Voice” was all about. Among them, I do not include the author of this piece.

  • pacatrue

    A couple more things to add in to the story: 1) Trig (the child) was born at Mat-Su Regional Center, which means there are tons of records and several individual people who interacted with the mother directly. Probably at least the ob/gyn, perhaps an anaethetician (sp?), several nurses, and a couple administrative staff. Again, this is the Governor, so every single one of those people will remember the occasion very well. 2) The age of the mother is a critical factor in increasing the risk of Down’s Syndrome, specifically mothers over 40 have a 1 in 100 chance of a child with Down’s. Palin would have been 44.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    Is it possible? Yes. Is it also possible Larry Sinclair’s story about Obama snorting cocaine and receiving a blow job from him (man on man) is also possible? Yes. OK, so where do we go from here? Lots of things are possible.

    I believe in Occam’s Razor which points to the most likely of scenarios, which is this is her baby.

    If not, then she was trying to protect her daughter. Either way, I don’t have a problem with it. Politicians have lied about far worse things if this is the case.

    • Bill W.


      Larry Sinclair is pure speculation. Nothing to base any of it on except the word of a career criminal.

      In this story:

      1. Palin doesn’t look pregnant. (weak, but still something)
      2. Her daughter does look like she might be pregnant. (also weak, but still something)
      3. Her story of even traveling to TX at 8 months pregnant (reckless by itself) and offering different versions of what happened re: her doctor allowing her to travel 8 hrs by plane a half a day after her water broke doesn’t pass Occam’s Razor either, since you bring that up.
      4. The suspicious 4 month old posting that started all this speculation implies that her daughter was missing from school during this period (unverified, but should be verifiable, which is more than can be said about anything Sinclair ever claimed).
      5. The pictures seem like they may have been scrubbed, or the website could have just crashed under load (very likely). That remains to be seen. If the pictures don’t go back up, esp if the google cache starts disappearing (wouldn’t be the first time) then there will be even more reason to suspect something funny going on.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    You guys may want to read the comments here from one of her classmates that says no way was the daughter pregnant.

    It’s near the end.

  • pacatrue

    Bill W, as chicos said, anything’s possible. But what do you think the chances are that about a dozen people at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center know that the Governor of their state checked in to the hospital, pretending to be pregnant, but then slipped to the side while her actually pregnant, showing daughter got in the hospital bed to replace her, and then the daughter delivered a child (a child with Down’s Syndrome which is high risk for a mother of Sarah Palin’s age and low risk for the daughter’s age), and not a single one of them whispered anything to a friend or a friend of a friend because of the medical confidentiality rules? The CIA can’t even keep a secret this tight. Maybe the Mat-Su staff should be sent to Washington….

  • This may be what Maddow was referring to (from LexisNexis)

    Anchorage Daily News (Alaska)

    April 22, 2008 Tuesday

    Palin baby has Down syndrome;
    FAMILY FEELS BLESSED: Back at work already, governor says she wasn’t in labor in Texas.

    BYLINE: By LISA DEMER [email protected]


    LENGTH: 1123 words

    Baldwin-Johnson said she had to induce labor, and the baby didn’t come until 6:30 a.m. Friday.

    “It was smooth. It was relatively easy,” Palin said. “In fact it was the easiest of all,” probably because Trig was small, at 6 pounds, 2 ounces.

    Palin said she wanted him born in Alaska but wouldn’t have risked anyone’s health to make that happen.

    “You can’t have a fish picker from Texas,” said Todd.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    Reckless to travel to Texas? Please go to the Mayo Clinic’s site about pregnant women traveling. Says through 36 weeks is not a problem. After 36 weeks some doctors don’t recommend it but it’s not off limits. Hardly reckless, in fact not reckless at all.

    I just have to ask one question….why do we care? Did you care this much when Clinton was lying or was that ok? This woman isn’t under oath and find all of this to be way beneath decency for most folks.

    By the way, how is it that the daughter looks pregnant? My daughter looks almost exactly the same. Thin bones with a tiny little belly. The classmate on the thread I linked above says that’s how the girls has always looked.

    Look, if this rumor is true, we should make her president tomorrow because she has pulled off the most clandestine act ever. Going to a hospital as the governor of the state and not having something come out of her uterus but everyone believing it did. Whoa. I want this gal’s mind warp powers on this country’s side when she’s dealing with terrorism, Putin, N. Korea, etc.


  • Bill W.

    chico wrote:

    Reckless to travel to Texas? Please go to the Mayo Clinic’s site about pregnant women traveling. Says through 36 weeks is not a problem. After 36 weeks some doctors don’t recommend it but it’s not off limits. Hardly reckless, in fact not reckless at all.

    Um, she was in all likelihood 36 weeks pregnant, or more so, according to her. She announced on Mar 5 that she was 7 months pregnant (That’s 30-31 weeks), with her baby due “mid-May”. She delivered April 18th, just 3 weeks or so shy of her (40 weeks is full term) due date.

    “American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends women don’t fly after their 36th week of pregnancy.”

    Most airlines require a medical certificate after 28 weeks and will not let you fly after 36 weeks.”

    Flying that distance, that far along in her pregnancy, was reckless by itself, and the claim that her doctor allowed her to go ahead with her plans after her water breaking at 4 am, give her speech, than fly 8hrs is unbelievably reckless, unless of course, she wasn’t really pregnant after all.

  • Neocon

    Rest assured, if this turns out to be false I will print a large, bold faced apology. But there’s a lot of smoke here, and we’re looking for the fire. Too many hints to ignore at this stage.

    Oh that wasnt even my point Jazz. I just simply meant that you and a trillion other bloggers are going to be whipped into a frenzy over every conspiracy theory under the sun regarding the governor from Alaska and that she does not have the time to swat down all these allegations in time for them to be put to rest.

    Secondly I am absolutely convinced that anyone who has an IQ above 100 realizes that when they are being considered as the VEEP in this day and age and are asked……”Is there anything in your past history or your families past history that even remotely might be a scandal and will undoubtedly surface within days of you being announced. Is there ANYTHING there that can be used against you……US?

    Im sure this would fit into anyones subjective resemblance of the question above and you know……..know……..that that question was asked more then once before the nomination was given.

    However like I said one only has to make the accusation. Look at the Larry Sinclair thing. He booked a news room and took a lie detector test and was on the screen for 10 days before it went away.

    Obama and his minions will pound her every 10 days for 2 months till she will regret being born because shes going to get 18 months worth of hate in 2 months. Sad for her, sad for us. Sad for America. And yes I have always felt Obamas pain and my only disagreement with the senator is his experience for the office and yes I believe that now Barak Obama has readjusted the bar.

    So I am announcing that I am running for president. I was once in a city hall. Thats my governmental experience. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express quite a bit.

  • Neocon, (and others) I absolutely understand your point. However, it is only in an ideal world that candidates would honestly answer your hypothetical question, “Is there anything in your past history or your families past history that even remotely might be a scandal and will undoubtedly surface within days of you being announced?

    For evidence, we need look no further than John Edwards, who was not only running for president, but continued to keep himself in the running for veep long after the National Enquirer had found out about his mistress, love child, what have you.

    As far as this allegation goes, sadly it will also likely turn out to be a job for the tabloids. It’s simply not the kind of story that the major papers and news services want to touch if it can be avoided. It just smells too bad. However, that doesn’t mean that sometimes these tawdry tales don’t turn out to be true. (Again, reference Edwards.)

    This one, however, may prove impossible to nail down in the end unless someone very close to the action comes forward. Yes, DNA could settle the matter once and for all, but who on Earth is going to be the one to step forward and ask the VP candidate to submit a DNA test for her Downes Syndrome child? I sure wouldn’t want that job.

    I’ll keep an eye on it though. If the story can be conclusively debunked, you’ll read it here in large letters.

  • Kathryn

    In the clear light of morning, here are my thoughts. Most of this stuff is pretty weak and if going after it then becomes a green light to splash the Sinclair stuff (even more weak) then I am more than happy to leave it alone.

    BTW the fact that the baby has Down’s Syndrome points to the incredibly high probability that he is the Governor’s baby. Older women are at a much higher risk of Down’s Syndrome babies.

    I feel bad for this whole family. I think Sarah Palin saw this as an opportunity to step up and serve the country and she is going to go through a ringer that I really don’t think she is prepared for as gutsy and ballsy as she might be. Again, what was McCain thinking when he made his decision, ah, clearly he wasn’t thinking.

  • Neocon

    For evidence, we need look no further than John Edwards

    No comparison. Edwards cheating on his cancer stricken wife. Palin taking in her daughters down syndrome baby and claiming it is hers to protect her child. Lord what an evil person.

    However lets rationally discuss the downs baby. If in fact her daughter had the baby and the governor is claiming it is hers then I suspect this says more about her character then not.

    As a parent I would fight pretty hard to protect ALL of my children. If her daughter had a downs syndrome child and the governor took it in that means she is true to her abortion ideals and she is willing to sacrifice quite a bit for the sake of her own child.

    Its a far cry from sneaking around having an affair and paying for the affair with campaign funds. This is really no comparison even if it turns out to be true.

    To me if this turns out to be true its a plus for her. Although I suspect their is nothing whatsover to this rumor.

    • yorkie

      Just remember, when invoking John Edwards-John McCain “stepped out” on his wife Carol who was recovering from a near-death car accident, and began dating Cindy.

  • ThomasB

    First, the screenshots are just the opposite of convincing. The governor looks potentially pregnant, the daughter does not. She’s just a kid with a little belly. Her mother, on the other hand, is wearing big coats that do look a little full. However, in most of those pictures she’s either too far away or behind something, so we can’t really tell. The first picture, the big one that led off this post, has no date stamp, so we don’t know when it was taken (“according to one source” it was Super Tuesday, but that source could simply be lying). Finally, yes, HIPAA might stop people from talking, but there’s all sorts of other evidence out there which will float to the top soon enough: other pictures, news stories, etc.

    On the other hand, I disagree with those who say Jazz is rumormongering. The way things work on the Internet now is that people raise possibilities, and then they get checked out. This one will probably check out as bogus, but Jazz is raising the possibility. The one thing that sounds wrong is an eight-hour flight after the water broke. Bullshit–I agree with the people who say no doctor would approve it. But someone has already posted a comment with a story about being induced, which sounds more plausible. There’s enough smoke here to check it out, but it could just be steam, not smoke from a real fire. Right now, count me a skeptic.

    If it does turn out to be her daughter’s baby (again, which I seriously doubt), it’s more serious because she’s a governor of a state, and needs to set an example. She wouldn’t need to make her daughter a “poster-child” of anything–she could simply have said her daughter unfortunately got pregnant, and because they’re pro-life she’s going to have it, the parents will help, etc., etc. But many parents will sympathize, and it’s certainly not at the level of the scandal currently under investigation: using her office to help her sister in that sister’s custody dispute. Mentioning this, by the way, is not rumor-mongering; there’s a formal investigation under way. Maybe that one will, too, turn out to be bogus, but it’s far more worth checking out, because it involves using her political office for private purposes (helping her sister), than the baby story, which is a purely private matter.

  • CStanley

    Just to put a finer point on my comment above:

    How would any of you feel if this rumor were about a prochoice female candidate who was suspected of taking time off to have an abortion? Her own business, or should she proudly announce to all that she believes in choice and has nothing to hide? Or if her teenaged daughter were thought to have had an abortion? Isn’t there supposed to be a ‘right to privacy’ concerning these issues, or is that only for those who make the politically correct choice?

    Or, think about the analogy of gay rights- if a pro-gay rights politician had a son or daughter who didn’t want to publicly ‘come out’, would it cast doubts on that politicians commitment to the cause if he/she didn’t out his/her child?

    Kathryn, I think your thinking is a lot clearer this morning, though I still think it’s not our place to judge any decisions made about family. I give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s thought through how this will impact her family, just as I presume that Obama has thought that through in regards to his young daughters, and the Edwards made a decision as a couple to go through with his campaign despite his wife’s fight with cancer (notwithstanding how that turned out- it was none of our business.)

  • The Moderate Voice Posting Standard:

    “If the story can be conclusively debunked, you’ll read it here in large letters.” – Jazz

    Read that a few times. Anything that cannot be proven to be false, is fair game to be posted at the National Enquirer of blogs – The Moderate Voice.

    You want to claim that Obama is a Muslim? Do you want to claim you gave Obama a blow job? That you sold him cocaine? Bring it here. Oh wait – correction – we will only post implausible stupid completely fact-free rumors about Republicans. Make up a story about Bush’s daughters – bring it to The Moderate Voice. You want to make sure that any rumor about Sarah Palin or John McCain gets published? Just send an e-mail to The Moderate Voice -Tabloid Bureau Rumormonger In Chief – Jazz Shaw – He’ll post it for you and make sure it gets wide distribution. As long as the subject of the rumor has not yet been absolutely proven to be innocent , we at The Moderate Voice will assume they are guilty. No matter how implausible, no matter how friggin’ stupid, just sent it to Jazz and he’ll get it out there for you!

    “As far as this allegation goes… it will also likely turn out to be a job for the tabloids. “ – jazz

    Or the Tabloid of Blogs – The Moderate Voice.

    • FastMovingCloud

      “Bring it here. Oh wait – correction – we will only post implausible stupid completely fact-free rumors about Republicans”

      Man, get over yourself. Your carping showed up, didn’t it?

    • chicos_bail_bonds

      DW, exactly and well put.

      This is like reading some of the 911 truther nutjobs to be honest. Anyone that has ever had their wife deliver a baby knows how many people you have to run into just in the hours you are there. From checking in at the front desk, to the nurses, to the doctor(s), to the lovely man/woman giving the epidural, etc, etc.

      This is such a reach of story it’s not funny.

      And Kathryn, I concur….other photos show this girl has a little tummy.

      SHAME SHAME SHAME on anyone that brings in candidates children into these things. It’s terrible. Imagine how this teenager feels about so many people poking about saying she is pregnant.

      Quite frankly, it’s wrong and this article should be removed.

      This notion of having to debunk a negative is ridiculous. Why not run a story about Larry Sinclair and Obama and leave it up until someone can conclusively debunk it (which no one can conclusively debunk it, it’s a “he said he said” story).

  • FastMovingCloud

    “Ok, faithful readers. Now tell me again exactly who vetted this candidate and how long that vetting process took? “

    I think the vetting process consisted of “does she have ovaries?”. Yes. Then she’s our pick. The really think that women vote on the presence or absence of female boobies (man boobs really turn them off). This is the most cynical and pandering choice that the Most Mavericky Maverick in all of Panderville could have made.

  • Bill W.


    You have to resort to spamming the thread with the same poo poo bs comments over and over? Still trying to work the Obama smear comparisons into the thread too? That’s pretty pathetic, but at least you’ve shown your true colors. (How you managed to pin your comment at the bottom of the thread is a neat trick though. Your internet dedication to protecting Palin’s image online reminds me of the person with inside knowledge of her veep pick who went and did hours of favorable edits to her wiki page the night before it was announced.)

    There are lots of links to this story so far that are at least circumstantial, and some that go beyond circumstantial. And there are still parts of this story that still can (should) be followed up on. That’s what McCain gets for choosing a virtual unknown veep choice. He had his turn to vet her (and by many accounts he didn’t spend much time doing so. Her troopergate scandal has been exploding bigger than this one in the last 24, as apparently the McCain campaign didn’t even vet her for that yet. lol), and now it’s our turn. It’s time to pull on the threads and see what we can uncover.

    You can poo poo that all you want, but once you resort to name-calling and spamming the same thing over and over, you become the joke, ‘my friend.’


    If your beef is with Jazz, that is fine. But calling this entire site “the National Enquirer of blogs” is unfair and a downright lie. I can name about 30 blogs off the top of my head that qualify much much more for that label. We have a WIDE variety of authors and viewpoints. Go after Jazz (not picking on you buddy) but leave the entire site alone please.

    All the best.

  • Kathryn

    Here’s my last comment on the subject. My paper the Philly Inquirer (yes ironic name, but it is with an I not an E) had a picture of the Palin Family from 2006. The oldest daughter had the same belly bulge. As far as I am concerned this part of the story is over, there are plenty of other valid reasons to bash this pick.

  • “If your beef is with Jazz, that is fine. But …” – T-Steele

    T, Your point is well taken. I’v been reading and commenting at The Moderate Voice for years and will continue to do so. My beef is with this story, and the fact that Jazz feels it is acceptable to give unsubstantiated, unsupported rumors a wide venue in support of his political agenda. It is not acceptable, any more than it would be acceptable to use The Moderate Voice to give the “Obama is a Muslim smear” a venue – except to damn it.

    But Joe Gandelman and The Moderate Voice are permitting this to take place, and that reflects on Joe and this site. That is my point.

    I repeat. Thie portion of the post relating to this story should be taken down. A retraction should be printed. Gandelman should take some responsibility here, and both he and Shaw should apologize for posting this at the The Moderate Voice.

    I see no need to respond to Bill directly any further. Anyone reading his comments can understand clearly where he is coming from. I am perfectly happy giving him all the rope he needs.

  • For those still following along, please refresh and see “UPDATE 3” to this post, addressing many of your comments and concerns. Wow… you folks have certainly been busy!

    • JackieM

      I have lurked here for a long time but this made me decide to post. I find most of your questions legitimate and wouldn’t have a problem with all of them, except that I had never thought of this site as the NYT. To say things such as:
      “One of these was from a colleague who lives in Alaska (and who shall remain nameless at his request)
      “that it was a “common story going around locally and the media was l
      looking into it.” without any sources other than Daily Kos.
      That really does sound like the same type of so-called anonoymous source and innuendo we have come to expect from the NYT, But I never expected to see it here. The Daily Kos?!

      And your attempt to justify it falls flat. To say that the “story might be true” and well gee then I would be right and justified because everyone looks into public figures’ personal lives is a poor excuse.

      But maybe it all makes sense when put with your other comments and viewpoint about the Palin choice. So why don’t you just say that you don’t like her, think she was a bad choice, and are willing to post anything you find against her.

      Oh, and for the record…I’m not happy with the Palin choice either, but I wouldn’t have posted this story, other than to ridicule it, without alot more research .

  • RickMoran

    How does a pregnant woman “appear” at six months? Which students “report” that her daughter was out of school? Where were the quotes? Why no link? Ditto Palin “aides have been quoted…”

    This is the very definition of a smear – wild charges made with absolutely no verifiable proof.

  • “Would this be an appropriate topic for discussion in the political arena, or is it simply too personal, even if true? … Or do you, when entering politics and running for a seat in the White House, pretty much sacrifice your privacy and forfeit any right to a lie, even if it was in reference to an intensely personal matter which didn’t amount to any wrongdoing?”

    Jazz – if there was some proof behind this story then it would clearly be fair game for discussion as it would be a very revealing insight into Governor Palin’s decision making processes. HOWEVER, when following a story that attacks someone’s character, it is very, very important to have that proof BEFORE airing the story. I completely fail to see how “airing the possibility” that Palin is staging some mass coverup about her own child is different from those who have “aired the possibility” that Obama hates America or that Kerry lied about his Vietnam service. A smear is a smear, and the power of a smear is in planting doubts in people’s minds. In the unlikely event that some real evidence comes to light that proves this story true, that would be the time to air it and discuss the issue, but without such evidence you are essentially saying that it is OK to propose that any despicable thing said about someone “could be true” until they prove it false.

  • Neocon

    The interesting thing here is one of simple contrasts.

    PALIN ACTUALLY HAS DONE SOMETHING IN HER LIFE. Something we can judge and discuss and comment about.

    Unlike Barak Obama we are still scratching our head. I heard Fox news ask one of the democratic senators to please point to something Obama has done……….he fumbled, stumbled and had to be coached by Alan Colmes.

    But at least Barak Obama can give a good speech.

  • kumicho
  • yorkie

    If the son is Bristol’s son, and as Bristol’s mother Sarah was trying to cover it up in order to protect her daughter for whatever reason, or even if the rumor is completely untrue, Sarah was at least naive to put herself into the national spotlight.
    I find fault with her confidence that this, rumor or otherwise, would not come out and thus shine a spotlight on her 17 year old daughter. It does not show much judgment to me.

  • AustinRoth

    Jazz – sometimes it is hard to just say “I was wrong’, but take it from someone who has done so on this board in the past. IMO, it is obvious you need to do so to maintain your credibility.

    This whole pregnancy thing is low-ball political smearing at its worst. It is beyond Swift Boating; it is beyond questioning someone’s patriotism.

    What would your reaction be to a similar accusation against Michelle Obama, with the same lack of any proof?

  • ORockwell

    I love all this indignancy, the ‘how dare you’ tone to this discussion. It’s an appropriate topic, and Dems who think not deserve to lose.

    First of all, Michelle Obama is not running for office, so the analogy is stupid. A better comparision would be, what if Obama had an illegitimate child somewhere? Yeah, it would be an offensive non-issue, right …(!)

    But if Palin lied about her pregnancy, and hid the fact that it was her daughter, then

    1) she’s a liar who lied about something she didn’t need to lie about (remember Nixon?)

    2) she can’t call herself supermom, and get sympathy for having a Down Syndrome child, which they are trying to do, and

    3) the whole thing looks FUBAR, which is not good for a candidate to have in their background.

    It’s a valid issue– and it’s starting to look fishy. Why did Alaska scrub the web site of photos? No woman I’ve asked believes either that Palin took an 8-hour plane flight after her water broke. They ALL think it’s a lie.

    And why did she wait until she was 7-months pregnant before she announced it publically?

  • ORockwell

    “That is BS. No doctor is going to say to go ahead and give the speech after breaking water at 4 am then leave a metropolitan area with top-notch prenatal facilities to fly 8 hrs for a premature birth already diagnosed with Downs to Alaska.”

    You’re totally right , Bill W., and every woman I’ve talked to says the same thing. They all think Palin’s lying.

    I love all the indignancy here. The comparison to Obama and Islam is ridiculous– if there were evidence that Obama was LYING about his background or made inconsistent or illogical statements then it would be valid to bring up the question. And the Swiftboaters were all lying in the face of contrary evidence and witness statements.

  • ORockwell

    Reading some of these new posts, I’m amazed at all the sanctimonious here. There’s a huge difference between “spreading rumors” and asking questions based upon tangible evidence. Palin’s story doesn’t add up.

    I suggest a re-reading of Marki’s post, and a look at her links:

    “I found even more evidence. In looking through the google caches of the alaska government photo galleries. Here is what I found: between March 8 there are very few photos and these at the bottom of the page were taken on April 12 NOTE these photos were taken 6 days before the child was born on April 18th. The Purple Heart Trail sigining took place only one week before that (two weeks before giving birth). I find it very hard to believe that she is pregnant. However this photos of the family seems to show a pregnant daughter. . Lastly if there was no controversy, why would all the Alaska Government photo albums have been taken down today?
    reply edit reblog ”

    The picture of the oldest daughter is compelling. She looks substantially different than in the publically released family photo that is pasted all over the MSM. She is puffy and looks about 4 -months pregnant. The only question is when it was taken. She doesn’t look much younger than 16. And it does raise questions why the official photos were taken down as soon as this “rumor” got started.

    This should be an easy one to track down. The friends will talk, especially the kids.

    Good work marki and Bill W.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    I’d say these photos from April and March of 2008 make her look very pregnant

  • CStanley

    First of all, Michelle Obama is not running for office, so the analogy is stupid. A better comparision would be, what if Obama had an illegitimate child somewhere? Yeah, it would be an offensive non-issue, right …(!)
    Right, because learning that a male candidate couldn’t keep his dick in his pants tells us exactly the same thing about him as does the information that a mother protected her teenaged daughter by agreeing to adopt and raise her disabled infant.

    I’m not even arguing that affairs of male politicians necessarily are the public’s business (depends on the circumstances IMO) but your analogy is ridiculous.

    I think a better one is what I posited earlier, so how about it? Would it be the public’s right to know if Hillary Clinton had had an abortion and lied about it, or if Chelsea had? If not, then why does the right to privacy about pregnancy only apply to pregnancies that are terminated?

  • Some claim to be amazed at the sanctimony and indignation in this thread. I continue to be astonished at the blatant over the top hypocrisy demonstrated by some Obama supporters here and in particular by the author of this post.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    Here’s the photo of the family in July, you tell me who looks like she just had a baby….I’d say most logical people will say Sarah Palin.

    • JackieM

      You might as well give up. It’s pathetic that this would even be a story with so little proof . So far the only “evidence” are pictures of her that people say she doesn’t look pregnant. And what does that prove? Lots of women don’t show until the last couple of months, I didn’t . And her poor daughter, how embarrassing that people are examiming her stomach to see if it’s fat and commenting on her chest. Are we now voyuers? And the original article with its anonymous sources and talk around town is sad. Has this site now become the Daily Kos? What’s next? Will someone call her Hitler?

      • chicos_bail_bonds


        Thanks. Daily Kos and Democratic Underground have finally called their insanity off based on new photos. Hopefully Jazz Shaw here will issue an apology. Absolutely disgusting what politics has come to, and the “tolerant left” is as bad as anyone.

        Who will they smear next?

  • Chicos – it does not matter. When you are dealing with a “truther” type conspiracy mindset, facts are only something to be dismissed or an invitation to change the conspiracy narrative to explain all facts and logic away.

  • Alieninthissociety

    IF the rumor is true…

    Although an honourable act of a mother protecting her child, it reeks of hypocrisy for a few reasons.

    The first and most obvious is that Gov Palin professes to be Christian and she’s running a campaign that is to appeal to the Right Wing Social Conservatives, otherwise known as Evangelicals. In Christianity, there is no “venial” sin. Sin is sin. And sinning more to cover up a sin…

    2nd: Why would they do that? Why not allow her daughter to face up to her action? The Gov could still adopt the child and raise it. ?? It brings into question her effectiveness as a parent. Which will create a greater question of her ability to govern.

    3rd: She’s running as the poster child for women of America. “I can pick up the bacon… take a five hour flight while in labor… and go to work the next day”! She’s creating a standard. Heck, she’s already called Hillary Clinton a whiner. And for us to learn she’s not really Wonderwoman…

    Lastly, she’s lying to the world which speaks to her character. We’re just getting to know her and to learn this about her character… She could become President of the United States on January 21, 2009!

    But it is only a rumor. Keep digging.

  • CStanley

    LOL, unbelievable. Actually, it would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that adults here apparently see nothing wrong with dragging an adolescent girl through the mud.

    And Alieninthissociety, apparently you need to consult the Catholic catechism. You’ll find the definition of venial sin in there, I promise.

    For the love of Pete, Jazz, won’t you consider backing off this by clarifying that this is all heresay, and close these comments?

  • Bill W.

    chicos_bail_bonds wrote:

    Here’s the photo of the family in July, you tell me who looks like she just had a baby….I’d say most logical people will say Sarah Palin.

    ok, there’s the first contra evidence I’ve seen that I do agree with you about. . While I still do believe something is really fishy with the whole water-breaking at 4am then going through with her speech later that day then taking an 8 hr flight from TX (that’s really a side issue as to the daughter-baby story) that something still doesn’t add up somehow, you do have me doubting the daughter side of it now. That’s a good link, and your other link to that freeper page (I didn’t know what to think of the pics you actually linked to, with no source to believe the date claims, but) I followed that link above in the story that the lgf post to a post at Hot Air (I hate visiting these rightwing blogs) and that I also will admit was another fairly good one too, dated Feb 26 from a news source, where she does also look like she may very well be pregnant.

  • MalamuteMan

    I don’t know whether this is true or not. Generally speaking I would say this sort of thing is none of our business… it is her personal life, and (if true) her daughters personal life. I keep thinking of the absurd circus the Republicans made out of trying to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about his sexual transgression. Part of me wants to say turnabout is only fair, but the other side of me says, just because the Republicans want to use these slimy tactics, doesn’t mean we Democrats should jump in the gutter with them. There are plenty of other reasons to reject John McCain and Sarah Palin so we don’t need this one.

  • jinxyou

    OH WOW….People in this world need to stop lying… O.O

  • Francoise

    As expected, right wing hypocrite nitwits are dismissing any dirt on one of their fellow sociopaths. Under oath or not, any politician lying to the American people is wrong, whether it be Bill Clinton, or Sarah Palin.

    And as for those of you who are naive enough to think that hospital records cannot be doctored, listen idiots: SHE’S THE GOVERNOR!!!

    So far, the mountain of evidence of this poor child’s true birth story, even if circumstantial, necessitates further investigation of this woman who says she doesn’t wear furs, although photos of her adornment in dead animals abound.

    Also, contrary to Friday’s speech, Sarah Palin had nothing to do with the $1200 checks sent to Alaskans. This has been going on since 1976 as part of the state constitution!

    Lastly, your racism is showing. If this were Michelle Obama, you’d be all over her like white on rice. And you know that’s the truth.

  • ExposeNeoconEvil

    If the baby, “Trig,” is indeed her grandson, I doubt that the motive was so admirable.
    I wouldn’t doubt that the REAL reason was her daughter’s lack of health care insurance. Would a governor’s insurance cover someone else’s pregnancy hospital bills? I don’t know, just asking! I wouldn’t put the ruse past her though, considering all those current scandals which are under investigation by an independent source as we speak!!

  • Jim_Satterfield

    The picture with this article is from Super Tuesday. In fact it came from the Anchorage Daily News. Do a Google image search for Sarah Palin Super Tuesday and you will find this picture on their site and another one of the same discussion from a different angle on

  • knollwood

    Family photo from a February 2008 article:

  • missheatherann

    This is more than just a family matter – she most likely falsified offical documents – the birth certificate? If she signed that as being the child’s mother when in fact her 17 year old daughter was the mother, that is fraud. A public figure is a public figure. If true, she lied about it, she lied to her friends, family, the government and who knows, maybe even used state resources to cover it up. Then she would have falsified offical documents. This is serious business here. What was McCain thinking!

  • AustinRoth

    I bet McCain wasn’t thinking “I wonder if the lying fucking bastards on the Left will make completely unsubstantiated claims that her daughter is really her granddaughter.”

    This is truly sickening.

    I think Michelle Obama was a Chicago crack whore. Shall we talk about that now?

  • mickey994

    It would concern me if McCain has not vetted Palin aggressively enough to flush out these issues and work out action plans for dealing with them. Alongside the ABC article you mention, much of the online reporting seems to be suggesting that McCain was looking solely to raise the ‘Outsider’ quotient in his campaign. If so, does he value the campaign points more highly than the Office of the Vice President?

    When I first wrote about this on my blog ( I honestly expressed cautious excitement as to what Palin would bring to the race. She’ll still mix it up, but now I’m not so sure she will do so in a way which will be of benefit to the ticket.

  • Vicki_Verdane

    Austin Roth “hit the nail on the head”, as Sarah would say. It’s sickening that people are so filled with hate as to make these unsubstantiated claims, and believe them so readily. Jazz says “Assume, just for purposes of discussion, for a moment that this story might actually be true.” That’s the crux of the problem. Many here, including Jazz, assume it to be true…and for more than “just a moment”; yet they are not able, even for a moment, to assume it’s NOT true. They believe what they want to believe, what they are predisposed to believe, on the flimsiest of innuendo. Are such people intellectually undisciplined? Have they lived so long in an era of tabloid journalism that they’ve lost the ability for independent thought? Don’t be so quick to assume. Also, get to know Sarah firsthand before rushing to judgement. It’s been an amazing 24 hours. In that time, I’ve read and heard many opinions about Sarah Palin from the mainstream (and not-so-mainstream) media, and subsequently many personal opinions (based almost solely on those secondhand reports) posted on websites like this. How many of you have heard her speak on a topic FIRSTHAND, for an hour or more? Listen to a candidate’s actual words, not just what someone else says about her. I’ve followed her career since her election as Governor, and STILL stayed up all night searching for more. She had an excellent interview aired last night with Maria Barteromo on cnbc, lasted an hour, touched on many subjects in depth. How many saw it? Show of hands? Watch some Youtube interviews, get to know Sarah Palin. Intelligent analysis of the issues requires a longer attention span and more in-depth analysis than the simplistic, biased attacks on her I’ve seen on TV and on some websites. If Joe Biden underestimates her intelligence and doesn’t take her any more seriously than her detractors here…..he won’t know what hit him. You’re about to get to know an extrordinary woman. Enjoy the ride. She’s for real.

  • MalamuteMan

    Listen Righties, I agree, raising this issue whether or not it is true is unnecessary and in poor taste, but if you want to take that position, then ENOUGH with your double standard. If it is true (let’s hope for the sake of her daughter’s and for the sake of the baby that this is NOT true) then she never should have accepted McCain’s invitation.

  • Chazz

    So what if this turns out to be a little left wing shot over the McCain bow? Personally I think it is LONG past the time for a little Rovian/Limbaugh torpedo lie….. let the republicans know how it feels!!!!!

  • archangel

    hi everyone
    not to add too much, nor detract from the lively discussion about Jazz’s mention of rumor…just thinking

    i imagine many here have given birth; I imagine many have sisters and women friends who have too. I imagine a lot of people notice that some women (like me lol) carry straight out front, a little like a baby buggy with side car…lol… and some women carry medium cantilevered, and some even at 9 months and counting barely show and yet deliver 7 or 8 pound babies. (and after some of us look like poor homeless dogs with mange, and other women post-pg look slender and serene)

    What ‘shows’ does have a good deal to do with interior architecture. Not every woman’s insides look like the pix in the anatomy books, nor do all men look like anataomy pictures either… way far from it

    nature has her variations

    I’d also want to hear from Sara herself what her experience of her 5th child was, not from an un-named source, so-called friend, etc. I understand (also conjecture) that she may have been having Braxton-Hicks contractions which are a form of ‘false labor,’ meaning the contractions are there, but not in a timed pattern and not in increasing severity– which are needed, in part, to bring the baby ‘down.’

    Also, women who have carried more than one child, do sometimes leak blood, water and other –I wont go into it… but when the amniotic sac thins and breaks, it isn’t usually a ‘leak’….but again, each women is different and each pregnancy is different

    a baby who has Down’s syndroe may also present with other anomalies in various physical aspects of pregnancy. We cannot know these things without interviewing Sara.

    Many women fly at all stages of pregnancy. I did, making an emergency trip home from Panama while carrying my second child. We have no idea what Gov. Palin’s doctor advised her to avoid or to engage with. Nor will we I imaigine, since the HIPAA laws are very strong now

    as per pictures of her teenaged daughter with her little tummy… well, maybe, or coincidentally, but also any woman in her right mind knows that look of the tummy once a month at least…. no matter what you do, there is that small weight gain often, and what some call ‘belly but no baby…’ again it depends on a woman’s physiology, her internal architecture, what she eats, what medication she is on, and other details

    Many women have a joke amongst themselves on most other days regardless… if we dont hold in our tummies, we kinda look preggers. Har har. (Only funny amongst women who like each other. )

    It may be that putting out a rumor and watching people protect/condemn but without evidentiary material, might be the phenomena that is most interesting

    I am not certain, but that this rumor surfaced, and spread as a privacy issue, as a potential issue of slander, without citation of evidences, without authoritative names attached… that we are drawn to protect/expose, or prematurely condemn, yah get ‘er, or surmise in timely ways… might be the most interesting phenomenon.

    IF, and it is a big ‘if’ … Sara Palin has held out that she is the mother of a child that is not hers, then I may have something more to say.

    For now, I know it’s old fashioned, but…I think we need more hard facts?


  • “So what if this turns out to be a little left wing shot over the McCain bow? Personally I think it is LONG past the time for a little Rovian/Limbaugh torpedo lie…..” – chaz

    Yeah, I hadn’t really thought about it that way Chaz. But you are absolutely right. Ok we destroy a 16 year old girls reputation with a complete and utter lie – its regrettable, but in the big picture, its just a little collateral damage. No way is that as important to the country as the greater good of getting Obama elected. I mean you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet right?

  • bluewhale


    Hello everybody, sorry for my bad english, it is not my first language.

    Just want to share my personal story with you. I ( now 50 years old) have been born as the son of my grandmother-mother and the brother of my mother-sister.

    No doubt that my grandmother-mother meant well in protecting her daughter (pregnant at 16) taking me as her own son. The consequences of living with this lie for our family was devastating.

    As my aunt revealed me the truth ( I was 28 years old then) , nobody was left in the family. My grandmother-mother had already died 8 years ago and my mother-sister commited suicide at 34 after being addicted to alcohol for her last 5 years , leaving other 3 children and a desperate (unknowing of the truth) husband on their own. She could not cope with her life.

    This kind of LIE is an aberration. It deprives a human being of something essential to anyone, the right to know where do we come from and who we are. I suffer of this consequences until today.

    In the hypothetical case of this rumor being true, I think it IS an issue.
    Nobody capable of such a lie should be given power to determine how millions of women should be facing an unwanted pregnancy.



    So, I don’t know if this is important or not. I’m on OB/Gyn doctor and while this story of “baby-switching” is hard to swallow, it seems well-documented that her doctor told her something other than “Get to the closest hospital!” This was alarming to me.

    So I have been researching the doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, quoted in the article. She is a family doctor who won a national award in 2002, apparently well-respected in her field.

    What I find interesting: I looked at the official website for the hospital where the child was born,, and she is not listed as having privileges at that hospital. Maybe just more smoke. But maybe Alaska is one of those places where, if you’re well-liked and have a secret to keep, you can do that on a small scale.

  • KathyE

    It’s a little hard to believe that the woman would accept the nomination with such a big lie in her background. If she did accept the nomination under those circumstances, then she put blind ambition ahead of the welfare of her country. If she didn’t lie about it and she is the mom, then she put blind ambition above the welfare of her special needs baby. Either way, this woman is unfit for the position.

  • peacefulgranny

    Ok, I’ve followed this story all over the web today and have seen lots of pictures of mother, daughter neither looking very pregnate…and few of the infante son looking very small and cute.. Then I read lots of speculation, and some press releases adding some facts and more speculation. What I haven’t seen so far is one picture, of Sarah Palin, since she signed on as McClain’s VP holding the baby. In fact when I saw the young girl holding a baby, standing behind Palin, last night as she announced her acceptance, I assumed the girl was her daughter and the baby was her daughter’s baby. I had no idea how old the daughter was at the time.

    It should be pretty easy to put rumor to rest….if this is Sarah’s child and she is nursing, the baby as she says she is in one news release, then a few maternal pictures will kill all further speculation, and rumor. If she is not the mother and is parading her daughter and grand son through the hotels and convention halls under false pretenses, sigh……when will we ever learn? Family secrets like that will only come back to haunt you.

    Either way, what kind of life is that young girl going to have, raising her young son/brother while her mother tries to figure out what a VP is suppose to do?

  • Observant_in_GA

    Though it will be a while before we discover all that governor Palin has hid, or is trying to hide, another obvious truth has come out about Sen. McCain and who he wants around him. It is a historical fact he was unfaithful to an ailing wife, choosing instead the tropy-wife and former beauty pageant contestant. I fear the blush has left Cindy’s rose. If you will watch Gov. Palin’s acceptance speach these actions by McCain show his true character, or lack of it.:
    1. He never left her alone on the stage. Sen. Obama after announcing Joe Biden and introducing him not only left his side but trusted him enough to get completely out of camera view.
    2. Sen McCain stood to Gov Palin’s right, puting her to his left. Not the position of a trusted “second”
    3. He stood through her entire speech, staring down at her chest! Even old leches still have desires I guess.
    4. ..and most telling as any body language expert will tell, through out her speach he was spinning and adjusting his wedding band. That is the action of a man contemplation actions not included in his vows.

  • marki

    Here is a video that claims to show footage from Palin in April. She doesn’t look pregnant.

  • capricorn1

    There definitly seems to be a pattern errupting here. First the brother-in-law,and while he might have been the biggest shmuck on the planet that is hardly an excuse to abuse executive priveledge; secondly if there is no truth to any of the baby rumors please tell me why links to pics are dissapearing faster than the polar ice cap. The woman was not vetted properly and claims, like McCain, to want transparancy in all that they do. Where does complete dishonesty fall on the sin-o-meter for Republicans? Nothing should be considered private when you are running for pres and vp. If you are not an honest person because you fear the backlash how can you be trusted to be honest once elected?

  • yorkie

    If Bristol is the baby’s mother, I think there must have been great embarrassment at the Palin home-religiously conservative people are not expected to engage in pre-marital sex. Perhaps it was not consensual, which makes it even worse. I feel the intent was to give up the baby for adoption-thus no announcement of anything. Then the pre-natal tests came out and they found out the baby had Down Syndrome. I do not think that most people are willing to step up to adopt a Down syndrome child. The family quickly realized they had to come up with a story that could cover- Sarah Palin being 44 was not unlikely to have a Down Syndrome child, and she could cover for her young daughter. Given Sarah Palin knew these rumors were swirling around, and they certainly are really going around now, I find it hard to understand why Palin would put her entire family under this kind of scrutiny. Had she said “no” to the VP offer I highly doubt any of us would know about this or even care.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    OK, a few more photos. Put this baby to rest (pun intended). She was pregnant

    This whole thing is all over Daily Kos and Democrats Underground and conversely, now on the Indendent and Republican sites. It has galvenized Republicans. This is really silly and will backfire on liberals in a big way. It may piss off enough women as well. The baby was only 6 lbs, my wife didn’t start showing until the 7th month and we had two babies over 8lbs.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    The brother-in-law was tasing his 10 year old step-son. God Bless any person that throws that punk on his ass. We need more people in this world that stand up for children.

  • Guest

    I’m so pissed at you liberal smear artists as an Independent McCain just got my vote.
    Look at this proof from NORMAL people uploading their images

    SHOWING pregnant April 08

    compared to her earlier lean waistline

    Trim tummy AUG 05

    Trim Tummy AUG 07

    keep up the smears – it will just push more independents McCains way

  • divadiva

    Sil, If, and as jazz says this is a big if, if it is true don’t you think we should know why she coveered it up. If she is so pro life under ANY condtions, then what is the problem with the truth? She used the child as proof of the strength of her pro-life stance. She put the child in the soup. And if the republican party can throw the american people an UNVETTED candidate, I think we are within are rights to vet the candidate ourselves. Stuff will come bubbling up, the nature of mass vetting, but if McCain had done his job proerly, we wouldn’t. We need to be vigilant. I don’t care if the baby is hers or her daughters, the problem is political; as I said, she put thee chold in the soup as proof of how wonderful a woman she is. If in fact that is a lie we need to know, it gives a false impression, and we need all we can get, since we know virtually nothing. And if she is soooo for the family, IF (if, if, if) it is true, think of how wonderful it would be for the moral of other families going through the probems of a teenage pregnancy if she came out with thr truth (if, if, if of course).
    And I have to disagree about children being told lies about their identity. A grandmther raising her grandchild in order to help her daughter (or son) is fine, but she is the grandmother, and the child needs to know that. That is my experience. Beccause when the child does find out the truth (which is highly likely) a whole pandora’s box will be opened. Why say that your the mother when you are the grandmother!!!! Makes no sense. Seems to be more about pride and shame than about the child.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    I’ll tell you this, my wife has been reading this stuff and she’s so pissed off right now she was screaming at the computer. She’s voting for McCain now and she can’t stand him, but Palin is what put her over the top. I doubt very much she was going to vote for Obama but probably sit the election out. She’s as fired up as I have ever seen her.

    I’m telling you, this kind of stuff is going to bight people in the ass. It’s really silly. I don’t know how many photographs showing her much larger then earlier they need to show but this woman was pregnant.

  • capricorn1

    Chico…please read and consider this post. Obviously McCains decision was made in great haste and without the lengthy vetting process taking place.. Regardless of wether or not the baby is hers, there is just too much in her short bio that raises big red white and blue flags. Anyone who would vote for this ticket just because they are pissed off deserves what they might get. Please read the attached which is a link from the Huffington Post:TPM TPMMuckraker TPMElection Central TPMtv TPMCafé
    Archive AdvertiseContribute RSS
    Send Comments and News Tips
    Log inUsername: Password: Forget your password? New user? Create an Account« Election Central Sunday Roundup | Talking Points Memo Home | Big Picture »
    Getting Real About Palin
    08.31.08 — 11:00AM By Josh Marshall
    I’ve noticed some people who should know better claiming that bringing up Gov. Palin’s troopergate scandal is tantamount to making a victim of or defending her slimeball ex-brother-in-law who allegedly once used a taser on his stepson.

    That’s awfully foolish. So I thought I’d put together a post explaining why.

    The person in question is state trooper Mike Wooten — Palin’s ex-brother-in-law who’s embroiled in a bitter custody and divorce battle with Palin’s sister. Back in the second week of August, well before Palin became a national political figure, TPMMuckraker was reporting on this story. And as part of the reporting we tried to get a handle on just how bad a guy Wooten was. Most people who are familiar with the ugliness that often spills out of custody and divorce cases know to take accusations arising out of the course of them with a grain of salt unless you know a lot about the people involved. And if you look closely at the case there are numerous reasons to question the picture drawn by the Palin family. Regardless, we proceeded on the assumption that Wooten really was a rotten guy because the truth is that it wasn’t relevant to the investigation of Palin.

    Let’s review what happened.

    The Palin family had a feud with Wooten prior to her becoming governor. They put together a list of 14 accusations which they took to the state police to investigate — a list that ranged from the quite serious to the truly absurd. The state police did an investigation, decided that 5 of the charges had some merit and suspended Wooten for ten days — a suspension later reduced to five days. The Palin’s weren’t satisfied but there wasn’t much they could do.

    When Palin became governor they went for another bite at the apple. Palin, her husband and several members of her staff began pressuring Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan — a respected former Chief of the Anchorage police department — to can Wooten. Monegan resisted, arguing that the official process regarding Wooten was closed. And there was nothing more that could be done. In fact, during one of the conversations in which Palin’s husband Todd was putting on the squeeze, Monegan told Todd Palin, “You can’t head hunt like this. What you need to do is back off, because if the trooper does make a mistake, and it is a terminable offense, it can look like political interference.”

    Eventually, Palin got fed up and fired Monegan from his job. (Palin claims, not credibly, that she fired Monegan over general differences in law enforcement priorities.) This is an important point. Wooten never got fired. To the best of my knowledge, he’s is still on the job. The central bad act was firing the state’s top police official because he refused to bend to political pressure from the governor and her family to fire a public employee against whom the governor was pursuing a vendetta — whether the vendetta was justified or not.

    Soon after this, questions were raised in the state about Monegan’s firing and he eventually came forward and said he believed he’d been fired for not giving in to pressure to fire Wooten.

    After Monegan made his accusations, Palin insisted there was no truth whatsoever to his claims. Nonetheless, a bipartisan committee of the state legislature approved an investigation. In response, Palin asked the Attorney General to start his own investigation which many in the state interpreted as an effort to either keep tabs on or tamper with the legislature’s investigation. Again, very questionable judgment in someone who aspires to be first in line to the presidency.

    The Attorney General’s investigation quickly turned up evidence that Palin’s initial denials were false. Multiple members of her staff had raised Wooten’s employment with Monegan. Indeed, the state police had a recording of one of her deputies pushing Monegan to fire Wooten. That evidence forced Palin to change her story. Palin said that this was the first she’d heard of it and insisted the deputy wasn’t acting at her behest, even though the trascript of the recorded call clearly suggested that he was. (Hear the audio here.)

    Just yesterday, Monegan gave an interview to the Washington Post in which he said that not only Palin’s aides, but Palin’s husband and Palin herself had repeatedly raised the Wooten issue with him and pressured him to fire him. And now he says he has emails that Palin sent him about the matter. (In an interesting sidelight, that may end up telling us a lot, Monegan says no one from the McCain campaign ever contacted him in the vetting process.)

    The investigator appointed by the state legislature began trying to arrange a time to depose Gov. Palin last week — in other words, in the final days before her selection.

    So let’s put this all together.

    We rely on elected officials not to use the power of their office to pursue personal agendas or vendettas. It’s called an abuse of power. There is ample evidence that Palin used her power as governor to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. When his boss refused to fire him, she fired his boss. She first denied Monegan’s claims of pressure to fire Wooten and then had to amend her story when evidence proved otherwise. The available evidence now suggests that she 1) tried to have an ex-relative fired from his job for personal reasons, something that was clearly inappropriate, and perhaps illegal, though possibly understandable in human terms, 2) fired a state official for not himself acting inappropriately by firing the relative, 3) lied to the public about what happened and 4) continues to lie about what happened.

    These are, to put it mildly, not the traits or temperament you want in someone who could hold the executive power of the federal government.

  • chicos_bail_bonds
  • chicos_bail_bonds

    Capricorn, there are things the Joe Biden has done over the years that make this “TrooperGate” BS look like Disneyland. Let’s not be so damn naive.

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    Can we work on Biden not being a complete drunk in public. To put it mildly, not the traits or temperament you want in someone who could hold the executive power of the federal government.


  • chicos_bail_bonds

    And now the KU DE GRAS. Absolute proof that she was pregnant, even the morons at Daily Kos are calling off the dogs.

    Hopefully Jazz will issue a complete apology. Better yet, I’d like to see him do an entire posting on Obama smoking crack cocaine in the back of the car with Larry Sinclair until that is proven untrue.

    From Daily Kos below

    How incredibly sad that this story ever saw the light of day here is all I can say.

  • groovy

    this rumor is not true. see this link:

  • groovy

    However, Bristol is pregnant. Right now.

    Here’s the proof:

    scroll almost all the way down.
    the picture is titled “Getting ready for the People Magazine photo shoot.”

  • truthb4hate

    This is ridiculous.

    The picture some are using as “proof” is actually from way back in 2006

    And there are plenty of pictures of Gov. Palin pregnant

  • capricorn1

    Chico, Please do not make general statements. They do nothing to further your cause. While admitedly Joe Biden has periodically been guilty of footn’mouth disease, please enlighten us all and give us the facts on Joe Biden’s lying habits.
    thank you

  • capricorn1

    Chico….are you even old enough to vote? The sapposed drunk Joe Biden video that you site make you look pre-k. Stick with the facts and we will all be good.

    • chicos_bail_bonds

      Yes, I’ve been voting since 1976. How about you? I consider plagiarism lies, Joe Biden plagiarized. That’s just start number one. There are plenty of others. Politicians lie, this just in. From both sides.

      And yes, I think he’s drunk as a skunk in that video. I know a drunk when I see one, I’ve been on this earth more than half a century….he’s drunk there.

      It was revealed today that Bristol, the 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and will marry the father. They will keep the baby. Good for them.

      It’s also now without doubt that Sarah Palin’s baby is hers and the smear that was portrayed the last few days was disgusting.

  • sjones77

    If I were Sarah Palin and if it really was my baby and if it were my daughter’s reputation which was being tarnished in the press — even for one hour, much less for days — I would immediately release every single medical record pertaining to my pregnancy that exists, and I would make sure the media immediately got copies. Then I would hold a press conference scolding bloggers and media types for perpetrating these falsehoods.

    However, Palin has not done so. Which leads me to wonder why not.

  • And now we’re on to Update #4. The portion of this story relating to the youngest son’s paternity seriously looks like it’s falling apart. Also, a new post was put up today with the more recent info and pictures.

    (Of course, the rest of the original list of complaints about Palin’s background and vetting still stand. But the baby thing seems to have been a total red herring.)

  • chicos_bail_bonds

    If you want Capricorn, take a look at the video again, he even lies there. Talking about the Casey boys and how he knew then (when he was a Scranton native) that they would grow up to be great men. Only problem with that is that one of the Casey boys would have been -7 years old. That takes talent knowing that one of the boys he predicted great things for wouldn’t even be born until 7 years after Biden left Scranton.

    It’s being picky, in my opinion, but Biden has told some whoppers over the years as have almost all politicians, on both sides of the aisle.

  • minnesotagop

    Now the word is that Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant. So much for abstinence-based sex education. McCain claims he knew of this before naming Sarah Palin as his running mate. I have my doubts. I predict that in the next couple of weeks Palin will “withdraw” her name from the ticketing citing concerns for her family and McCain will name Mn Governor Tim Pawlenty as his new running mate.

  • mcpalin

    I’ve looked at some (don’t know if I caught them all) of those pictures supposedly showing that Sarah Palin was pregnant, and none of them looked particularly or even marginally convincing to me. However, even though I’m not particularly thrilled to be commenting on young girls’ parts, the young lady in question’s breasts did get markedly larger, and far more than you could reasonably attribute to merely growing older, during the time period in question. Baby bump be damned, when a woman is pregnant, she gains weight not only in the bump area and the chest, but her face, often her arms and legs (some might be swelling) and the daughter looked like it, the mother did not.

    As for today’s announcement about the daughter being five months pregnant, well, we only have their word for it that it is indeed five months, if they lied to us about one thing, they can lie about another. Maybe its all a tempest in a teapot, but if so, why are the pictures disappearing from the website? Why did no one, not even her aides who work with her, know that she was pregnant? Why did no one suspect? Why no announcement until seven months into the pregnancy? Those are all very unusual things.

    Also, there have been women who have gotten pregnant again almost immediately after giving birth, its certainly more likely to happen with a teenage girl who is at the height of her fertility, who has now been demonstrably sexually active, and who clearly hasn’t been taught enough about birth control or is afraid of being caught with birth control. And given the interesting coincidence of timing, and that the due date could be fudged a few weeks one way or another without anyone being able to prove it, it doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that she’s been pregnant TWICE in recent history.

    Even assuming that the first pregnancy rumor is complete bunk, and taking the Palins and the McCain camp at their word for everything, and Trig is Gov. Palin’s child, she still showed remarkable irresponsibility and carelessness in flying out at eight months pregnant in the first place, she showed even more stupidity and negligence in not going immediately to the hospital after her water broke, doing a speech, hanging around the event, and then getting on an eight hour plane flight to go back to some backwater hospital in Alaska instead of whatever facilities are available in Texas (and more likely SUPERIOR facilities available) for what they by their own admission knew was likely to be a more high risk pregnancy and a baby who they knew would have special needs at a minimum.

    I’m not exactly impressed at this point with Ms. Palin’s parenting skills, much less her judgment, and that’s assuming that everything she has claimed is true. Her eldest son enlisted in the army last Sept. 11th, and is about to be shipped to Iraq, and yet by her own admission, she’s not been following what’s going on in Iraq very closely. Excuse me? Your son has been destined to go into a war zone for almost a year and yet you haven’t bothered to learn enough to have an opinion about what’s going on in that war zone? The same cannot be said for a lot of parents who have children about to be sent into harm’s way in Iraq.

    Meanwhile, even though you’re an ardent right wing evangelical with strongly held religious beliefs and beliefs about birth control and abortion, you apparently haven’t managed to inculcate those beliefs with your eldest daughter. Now, admittedly, many parents are ignorant of their childrens’ sexual behavior, and the child of parents with such beliefs has a greatly added motivation for secrecy until something like this happens and she cannot hide it, but clearly you didn’t adequately convey your beliefs to at least one of your children, and if she fessed up as soon as she learned she was pregnant, which could have been as long as four months ago, and they intend to marry, why isn’t she married to the fellow already? What were you waiting for? If its a minimum age issue, its unlikely the parents would have withheld their consent under the circumstances, well, certainly HERS wouldn’t have, why on earth would you agree to run for VP before the girl was married and basically set her up for national public derision as an unwed pregnant mother?

    The parents SET HER UP for this kind of public humiliation and embarrassment, and if the McCain campaign knew in advance, they did as well, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves for doing it to their own child, for putting their own political ambitions before the wellbeing of both a pregnant unwed teenage girl and before a newborn baby with Downs Syndrome. Its not at all shocking or unexpected that the public or the press would run with this, given how little is known about the Veep candidate, but the adults in this scenario should have known better and put their families FIRST.

    • flower27

      Reality check. At age eighteen I had a 5½ lb baby born 5 weeks early. I barely looked pregnant. Nine months and twenty-six days later I had another 5 ½ lb baby, born 4 weeks early. Again, I barely looked pregnant. (If we had had sex education in school 40 years ago I might have known how easy it is to get pregnant again right after delivery.) So, Bristol Palin could have had a baby in April and be pregnant again.

      Pictures of a so-called pregnant Sarah Palin prove nothing. She is just shown wearing a baggy top. If someone is pretending to be pregnant, that’s what they would do.

      If she was really pregnant she definitely showed poor judgment in her eighth month.
      The Governor, a vocal anti-choice Republican, chose to return to Alaska to have her 5th child despite the following risk factors:
      1. She was leaking amniotic fluid (her water broke) increasing the risk of infection.
      2. She was 44 years old, a risky age for childbirth.
      3. The baby she was carrying had known “special challenges” (down syndrome)
      4. The child was one full month premature.
      5. She flew from Texas to Alaska on a commercial airline (Alaska Airlines) while while leaking amniotic fluid, a 10 or more hour flight depending on the length and location of her layover.
      6. She did not inform any of the airline staff of her condition.
      7. She by-passed hospitals in Anchorage to go to a small town hospital. However, Mat-Su Regional Medical Center does not reflect the baby was born there:
      8. Bristol missed several weeks of school at the time Trig was born.

      No one really cares if Bristol is really the mother of Trig. What they care about is if Sarah Palin instigated an elaborate cover-up, making a hospital and medical staff part of it. Unfortunately, if she did, the people that were in on it probably aren’t talking.

      If she wants my vote, she had better come up with some undeniable proof that she’s not lying.

    • JaneSwanleigh

      I don’t believe any parent should “inculcate” their children with their personal beliefs. By all means expose them to your religion and morals, but children must come to their own faith willingly.

  • DeenaLarsen

    We should just drop the issue of the pregnancy as it involves a minor.

    However, here is something from Palin’s own voice that she can not deny.

    I was appalled to hear this clip where Sara Palin laughs when a talk radio announcer calls one of her political rivals “a b**** and a cancer”. The woman referred to is a cancer survivor.

    The Anchorage Daily news reported this on January 25th, 2008

  • capricorn1

    Jackie M and Chico… There is a stark differance between admitted mistakes, embellishments etc that Biden made some more than 20 years old and what Palin has brought down on herself and her family since the announcement on Friday.
    What she has done is calculated, knowing full well she would be properly vetted by the Dems and all would come to light.There are no less than 6 scandals that have come to light in the last 48 hrs. alone involving Palin that have not even hit the press yet because of the hurricane. It was, shamefully, a decision that McCain made in great haste.
    Palin is no more qualified to be VP than I am. Party affiliation has nothing to do with it. The truly sad part is that she accepted the job of nominee while all the while knowing that just because she wasn’t vetted properly by her own party, the Dem’s would do it for them. So she drags her children into the national spotlight knowing full well what the consequences will be. NOT my kind of woman, NOT my kind of Mom and certainly Not my Kind of VP.

  • ORockwell

    Wait a minute, all you naysayers now:

    Consider this:

    Don’t you think it’s wierd– and incredibly coincidental– that Palin’s rebuttal to the claim that she shielded her own daughter from pregnancy, is that her own daughter is now…..PREGNANT?

    What are the odds of this?

    It’s ridiculous– it looks more like a cover of a cover, a lie designed to hide a lie. The best rebuttal to the rumor would be reliable pictures of her truly pregnant, not just denials and the claim that the daughter is NOW pregnant!

    What you wanna bet that– a month from now– the daughter suddenly “loses” the baby. If that happened, would you believe her even more?

    None of this is credible– it sounds like a cover story. Maybe there’s nothing to it, but this “rebuttal” raises even more questions. Don’t some of you see this?

    • tsw22

      I totally agree with ORockwell. I can’t believe people are buying this! “Bristol is pregnant” is the response to “Who gave birth to Trig?” Come on, this needs to be investigated! This woman did not fly 8 hours to Alaska and then drive to some remote location WHILE IN LABOR. She went to some small town where the “mono-infected for ? months” Bristol was able to quietly give birth to Trig and hand him over to his grandmother.

  • SpecialKRJ

    Regarding the question of whether this is a personal matter that should be left alone…

    Is it a personal matter or a matter of national significance whether or not a man had oral sex with an intern? If we go by Republican precedent, this, and anything else that we might consider ‘personal’, is fair game.

    I believe that it is perfectly alright to wonder and be curious and look into this further. To voice skepticism over the mother of the child is -not- attacking Palin.

    Yes, I realize that this is an incredibly late reply. Sorry!

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