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  • slamfu

    A very nice article about the joys Mr. Gandolfini’s talent brought to our lives. I’m surprised there was no mention of his role in True Romance, one of my favorite movies.

    While I was only fan of the first 2 seasons of Sopranao’s, the thing I love most about that show was it de-glamorized the mafia. In turn each and every one of them was shown to be self serving and petty, paying lip service to the credo of “Cosa Nostra” but when push came to shove, willing to eat their own young to survive. Soprano’s was the Unforgiven of the American Mafia genre. It was a complicated role pulled off as near to perfection as you can ask from a talented man.

    Thank you for bringing a good story into our lives Mr. Gandolfini, and may you rest in peace.

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