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Posted by on May 2, 2009 in Health | 4 comments

That Which Dare Not Be Spoken Aloud: Swine Flu

Picture 4_2.png

CODA: To TMV Readers. I appreciate your bearing with me on the size of my editorial cartoons that are sometimes apparently cut off left or right side on some monitors. I am just learning to wrassle with Image Manager and sizing of images on WordPress. Generally, I post images big-size so people with out-of-date reading glasses like me, can actually read the font size without going more blind. I finally after a few hours of beating my forehead on the monitor, figured out how to re-ink this editorial cartoon in a larger font (without moving, destroying anything else in it– for every action, there is not only a reaction, but also, as you know ‘unintended consequences’ sometimes–in life– and in pixelated life too). I wanted the font to hopefully hold up and be readable by you, whilst making the image itself smaller so you can see all of the cartoon. Does this work for you? Can you see the words ok? And the entire headline, “secret life of pigs”? Thank you so much for your patience. And thank you my Ed. in Chief and co-bloggers for helping me.

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