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Posted by on Mar 2, 2010 in Politics, Society | 26 comments

Tea Party Not for You?

You might consider the “Coffee Party”

The slogan is “Wake Up and Stand Up.” The mission statement declares that the federal government is “not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges we face as Americans.”

But don’t assume the Coffee-ites are the antithesis of the Tea-ites …

“We’re not the opposite of the Tea Party,” Ms. Park [founder of the Coffee Party] said. “We’re a different model of civic participation, but in the end we may want some of the same things.”

For more information, visit the Coffee Party Web site.

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  • shannonlee

    Their lack of creativity demonstrates their lack of longevity.

    I am going to start a Water Party. We believe that democracy should be clear as water and water will help clean our government.

    My friend started a Mud Party….he’s a dirty commie.

    • dduck12

      I am going to start a Water Party”

      You would be better to start a “Save Water Party”, since it is the biggest worldwide problem on the horizon.

      • shannonlee

        The Water Party is isolationistic. We don’t care about the world. We do care our own water supply and wish to increase green house gases in order to enhance global warming. The warming will melt the polar ice caps and release pure clean water into the ocean that we can gather for our country. We aren’t sure how the gathering part works yet, but we will figure it out before the serious melting begins.

        Now my commie friend in the Mud Party probably agrees with you.

        • dduck12

          Okie, dowkey.

          • shannonlee

            lol…wife is out of town so I have time to ramble on about make believe things….keeps me out of trouble

          • dduck12

            I have time”

            Reread Dune for a laugh.

    • merkin

      I am not sure it is a question of creativity that dooms them. I detect a definite lack of righteous anger in their approach to subjects. Without the element of emotion that seems to be the entire rational for the existence of the Tea Partiers I don’t see them getting very far.

      • shannonlee

        I think we are both right. Their name seems petty at best, childish at worst.

        “Oh yeah, well I am going to start a Coffee Party…so there!”

        Quick edit…
        “Coffee-ites are the antithesis of the Tea-ites ”

        Maybe, but they are a response to the Tea Party. Their website isn’t even a week old.

        • merkin

          “Their name seems petty at best, childish at worst.”

          I think this was intentional since the Tea Party name is pretty childish too. It originally came from their slogan, No taxation without representation. They felt that since their guys lost the election they shouldn’t be taxed? Anyway, after the hundredth time that it was pointed out to them that the two biggest groups being taxed with no representation are the residents of Washington DC and resident aliens, and they certainly would welcome the help, ii turned out that the partiers weren’t actually so concerned about taxation without representation. In fact they approved of it. This means that they have a name lacking any historical context.

          • shannonlee

            Agreed…I think “Tea Party” silly too. I just think Coffee Party is worse because it is a response to the silly Tea Party.

            Maybe I am wrong and this is just to mock the Tea Party…but I get the impression that these people are serious.

          • merkin

            I think we crossed posts. I am sure the Tea Partiers are serious and that they should be taken that way.

          • shannonlee

            I do that every now and then.

            I am sure they are serious too, but in the end, most of them will flock to the Rep party once the enter the voting booth. Which is too bad…I’d love to see a third, forth, fifth party

  • Irish Rose

    Political civility is not dead.
    And I for one am glad to see a moderate, grassroots organization on the rise that

    1. rejects violent rhetoric and in-your-face extremism, and
    2. encourages problem-solving through respect, civility and hysteria-free dialogue

    It’s long overdue.

    • Rambie

      I agree with Wildirishrose. There are some ideals that I can agree with the Tea Party, however their hysteria turns me away.

      Besides, I like coffee better than tea. 😉

  • jchem

    Funny that a new group has to take on the tea party. Here I thought the tea partiers were all a bunch of crazy anti-Dem racist redneck know-nothing teabaggers. How is it that the Dem party has to splinter off to take them on?

  • Tom_Maguire

    The founder, Annabel Park, previously founded “Real Virginians for Webb” and produced videos for the Obama campaign; she also has Tweets describing the Tea Party as “paranoid” and “tea baggers”.

    Guess the Times sleuths missed all that. Maybe they could buy themselves a subscription to Google.

    • shannonlee

      So are you saying that the Coffee Party is really the “Real Virginians for Webb”? Or are they a new party?

      or maybe a rebranding?

      Google doesn’t have anything on the party before Feb 14th 2010.

    • Rambie

      Just because she leans left doesn’t mean she couldn’t find common ground with some of the “tea party” ideals.

      This false dichotomy in our political structure really needs to stop.

  • DLS


    I believe you’ll find that this is just a feeble reaction similiar to the misnamed “Mainstream Caucus” that was formed after the Republicans came into power after the 1994 elections.

    To the extent this is not only a driven (if not neurotic) reaction against the Tea Party only (similar to the way people viewed the Perot phenomenon, combined with stronger leftist dislike of Pat Buchanan voters), but is actually hinting ahead of time that this November might be like 1994, remains an open question. (I don’t want to say it is another 1994, and just say that these Coffee kids fear another 1994.)

  • merkin

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t discount the partiers’ anger. In fact I believe the left is making a serious mistake by belittling the Tea Partiers and ignoring them and their concerns. The Tea Partiers are afraid of the changes promised by the Democrats and Obama. It is the Democrats responsibility to explain the changes and more importantly explain what the changes would mean to the Tea Partiers personally. This is something that should have been an on going discussion, not an eleventh hour scramble to save a bill.

  • DLS

    Shows how desperate the Left is. Apparently the Tea Party faces no competition from Latte Liberals.

  • New Cat

    I am all for more political involvement whether it be from the Tea Party the Coffee Party or whoever. It means that Americans are no longer apathetic. Government and the political parties must learn to be responsive to the people because of this new participation. Its really a very exciting time to be involved in politics, even in the minor way that people like me are involved.

    The Coffee Party has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with the Tea Party. It kinds of reminds me of a group of Pessimists who wanted to form a club like the Optimists. When the Pessimists had their first meeting they all decided it wouldn’t work so they gave up on the idea. In order for the Coffee people to succeed they will need some sort of cause to bind them together. I don’t think that government is “not the enemy of the people will work.

  • casualobserver

    Well, I just clinked on the link and the site is down……so sounds like a fundraiser is the first order of business at the next meeting.

    Legal Insurrection has some screen prints of some fairly contradictory tweets from Ms. Park in context of a serendipitous relationship with the Tea Party.

    Seems to me to be a group that will have appeal to “process” people out there as opposed to goal-oriented. The Betas vs. the Alphas, so to speak.

  • redfish

    I think it just misunderstands the anger in the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement itself was a response to all the hate and anger directed towards conservatives during the Bush presidency. They feel that they were unfairly attacked and vilified as a strategy for Democrats to get back the Congress and the Presidency. Its conservatives way of saying ‘we can protest, too’.

    The proper response would be — hey people maybe went too far in vilifying Bush—but you’re doing the same thing to Obama now. We get it, lets work together. Instead this response just seems snobbish, it directs the problem back at conservatives, saying “you’re the only ones who are uncivil, we just want to discuss things. We’re perfect angels.”

    • shannonlee

      I think that would be great except for the fact that my, and probably many people, general impression of the Tea Party is that their anger is directly pointed at Obama….and not always for sane reasons.

      • redfish

        Yea, a lot of conservatives are angry at Obama, like liberals were angry at Bush. In both crowds, there have been a lot of nutcases; people who said Bush didn’t care about blacks hurt in Katrina or compared Bush to Hitler, for instance. There’s also been a lot of inaccuracy from partisans in both crowds. The claim that Bush’s tax cuts were only for the wealth is inaccurate.

        But, the level and intensity of the emotion now is from the feeling that Obama ran on the anger towards Bush, and tried to use it marginalize the conservative movement in entirety. For instance, when running his campaign, Obama blamed the economy on “a failed conservative economic philosophy”, when conservatives don’t even think Bush was very conservative, and they blame what they see as liberal policies.

        At some point, each side needs to see each other’s side of things.

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