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Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in At TMV | 6 comments

Tea Party Congressman Endorses Destruction of Israel

It’s Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), taking the Hamas line of a one state solution with a single sovereign governing from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This, of course, would almost certainly result in the demise of Israel as a Jewish democratic homeland and, with it, the end of the Zionist dream. Since this eventuality is part of the reason why a two-state solution is the overwhelming consensus amongst American Jews, we must assume that Walsh is acting with open eyes in snubbing the Jewish community writ large and paving the way for the eventual dissolution of Israel.

I’d previously flagged Rep. Walsh as no friend to Israel or the Jews, and with this reckless gambit he’s cemented himself as among the most overtly anti-Israel politicians operating in Washington, D.C. today. For Jewish groups with a political bent, he should be #1 on any target list come 2012. Send him packing, McKinney-style.

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  • jdledell

    David – Joe Walsh is certainly talking to ultra Zionists. Their plan for annexation does NOT include the Palestinians as Israeli citizens. The most common idea is to annex Area C and parts of Area B, leaving the Palestinian cities.

    As I’m sure you are aware the Bedouins in Area C are being moved to Area B and if this conflict drags on, I would not be surprised at a full fledged ethnic cleansing of Area C within the next 5 years. At the current rate of ethnic cleansing in the Jordan Valley will be complete by the end of 2012.

    I fear the direction Israel is headed. The society is getting uglier and uglier and I am full of sorrow at what is happening to my beloved Israel.

  • slamfu

    Title is misleading. It should read “Tea Party Congressman is too dumb to realize the resulting effects of his stance to the long term position of Israel.”

  • Allen

    Ah, I see. So it would end Israel if the Palestinians had an equal vote with the Israelis. However Palestine would be eliminated as a state, being absorbed into Israel. This is a catch-22 if I ever heard one. I’m not sure what the population numbers are, but the United States tends to error on the side of Democracy, and, that “cold shoulder” Israel gave the President after his trips to Arab countries may come home to roost. Especially since congress and the president are sore for something to agree on.

    One thing we must be clear of. Israel does not take it’s marching orders from the United States. Whatever may be “endorsed” within our congress does not mean it will become the policy of Israel.

    However It strikes me as kind of weird, that after all the conservative anti-Arab pro Israeli rhetoric over the years, that such an “endorsement” would come from a Republican. What the hell is driving this party anyway? It seems confused.

  • Title is misleading. It should read “Tea Party Congressman is too dumb to realize the resulting effects of his stance to the long term position of Israel.”

    I vote for this. Tea Partiers aren’t exactly known for their intellect or ability to analyze a problem in depth.

  • Anna

    Perhaps a positive note…I live in Illinois and I believe I read that this nutjob is getting re-districted or re-mapped out of his district. Hopefully just a one-term blip.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Abbas Says Palestinians Will Demand Full U.N. Membership at Security Council

    The Palestinian president announced Friday that he will seek statehood through the Security Council at the United Nations next week, a move strongly opposed by Israel and the United States and likely to provoke a major conflict over how to resolve one of the most intractable issues in the Middle East.

    The announcement by the president, Mahmoud Abbas, in a speech delivered at his headquarters in Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, was the first time he has so explicitly and publicly endorsed such a strategy, which Palestinian officials have been moving toward for months as their frustration over stalled peace talks with Israel has intensified. American and Israeli diplomats had struggled to dissuade Mr. Abbas and his aides from such a step.

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