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Posted by on Jan 23, 2007 in Politics | 3 comments

Take action on Darfur

I’m putting up this post by Heraclitus at The Reaction in full. Because it’s important. It’s too late to influence the SOTU, if that were even possible, but the effort is still worth it. And perhaps policymakers will listen if there’s enough grassroots effort. And perhaps something will eventually get done.


Via The Quaker Agitator, please sign this letter urging Bush to highlight Darfur in his State of the Union address and, above all, to prevent Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir from becoming head of the African Union. The AU is currently doing the lion’s share of what little policing there is in Darfur, and it would be disastrous if Bashir ascended to the presidency. It should only take about twenty seconds to sign the letter; please do so.And, in case you needed any more motivation, there are reports that Sudanese government airplanes have begun bombing villages in Darfur.

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  • superdestroyer

    I am still waiting for someone to explain how the entire left side of the poltical spectrum is arguing for getting the U.S. out of a civil war in Iraq but getting the U.S. involved in a civil war in the Sudan.

    What interest does the United States have in the Sudan? What the the current proposals for action in Sudan? How would victory/success be defined in Darfur? What would be the worst scenerio that would warrant the United States not being involved? What hearings are schedule in Congress about Darfur and what is the Pelosi policy on Darfur? Why should the U.S. be involved in a landlocked area of Africa? Why should be U.S. be involved in peacemaking and nation building in Africa while realizing that its attempt to do the same thing in Iraq is a failure?

    It would be nice if something other than kneejerk emotionalism was involved in all of the appeals about Darfur.

  • Sam

    Well, Sudan is something we could do as part of an actual coalition. Of course we would provide the bulk of the muscle as always, but amount of force necessary to bring order there is less because there exists another framework for order. In Iraq we removed the gov’t that existed and failed to replace it with another institution to preserve order because we thought it would take care of itself.

    The Sudan is us interfering with an ongoing genocide. Iraq was us creating one.

  • Upinsmoke

    See here you go again. Super Ive asked the same thing. The left has the attention span of a gnat. We would no more hit the ground in Darfur then the left would be screaming for the presidents head on a platter because people were dieing and that here America goes again strong arming themselves all over the planet.

    Screw Darfur. Let the LEFT WING EUROPEANS do something for a GD change. WHY does it HAVE to be the USA? Why are we elected to be the worlds whipping boy.

    NO Im all for helping Darfur. How about we send 100,000,000 dollars and let the EUROPEANS take care of it instead of sitting back in their smug little world and criticising the USA for everything we attempt to do.

    No the left needs to get a grip on this and start screaming NOT for the USA but for EUROPE to start bellying up to the bar. How about it FRANCE? What do ya say? Up for a little world shaping?

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