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Posted by on Oct 27, 2008 in At TMV | 0 comments

Stressed Moms Losing Sleep


A report released today by ComPsych Corporation, a provider of corporate employee assistance programs, found that 92 percent of the 1,137 workers polled between Oct. 6 and Oct. 17 are losing sleep because they are worrying about their finances.

Specifically, Compsych found, the worries break down like this:

Cost of living: 30 percent

Credit-card debt: 29 percent

Mortgage payment: 14 percent

Retirement account: 13 percent

Kids’ tuition: 3 percent

Healthcare costs: 3 percent

The other 8 percent said they were not worried. I would love tips from that 8 percent.

All this jives with a report released earlier this month titled “The State of the American Mom Report.” Funded by the Marketing to Moms Coalition, the report found that 40 percent of the 1,033 mothers polled said that they felt stressed about their current family life, compared with 33 percent who felt things are good the way they are.

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