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Posted by on May 4, 2012 in At TMV | 3 comments

Stop The Dumb Campaign Ads

It’s not surprising that we are all burned out on political ads and as a prior post notes, the rhetoric in the 1800’s was even worse. But still I can’t believe some of the commercials out there

“Democrat Elmer Fudd wants to give Viagra to child molesters and then put them in charge of day care centers”

“Republican Bugs Bunny wants to take your grandma’s social security away so Donald Trump can buy gold plated toilet seats”

Obviously the above is a tad of a stretch, but if you look at some of the commercials out there it’s not too far off. I’ve heard ads that pretty much claimed the above, just not as directly.

Sure we have differences of opinion and I’m sure for a liberal that many GOP policies are terrible just as for a conservative the Democratic agenda is dangerous.

But do we really need to go this far ?

Can’t they trust voters to have SOME intelligence ?

Or maybe I’m living in a fantasy world.

Feel free to comment or offer examples of your own awful ads (real or imagined)

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