JebAndGeorge.jpgIs it tacky to start ruminating over the potential presidential run of someone whose name has only really just come up before the person who just got elected has even taken office? I don’t know, but it’s starting to happen.

While Katheryn Jean Lopez might be right that Jeb Bush for President isn’t the craziest idea out there, she also points out why flying the idea already is binding it to a doomed fate: it’s way too early and gives the anti-Bush campaign lots of time to rev up its engine and get going.

I can already hear the slogans, “Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me three times… We won’t get fooled again” or, “Third time’s not the charm” etc.

With a disastrously unpopular Bush not yet out of office, floating Jeb’s name at this point just associates him with everything everyone dislikes about his brother. If people like Lopez and Bush Sr. are serious about backing a Jeb run in 2016, then they need to be far more cognizant of the strategic requirements and let dogs get to sleep before refusing to let them lie.

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