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Posted by on May 10, 2014 in Featured, International | 3 comments

Six numbers that explain why Europe can’t get its act together on Russia

Six numbers that explain why Europe can’t get its act together on Russia (via GlobalPost)

LISBON, Portugal — Western sanctions against Russia appear to have done little to influence the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine. But while the United States has targeted some of President Vladimir Putin’s close allies, the European Union has largely…

  • slamfu

    These numbers help show why there’s so little appetite to confront Putin.

    Well I think that is a bit naive. I think these numbers who why the EU is taking its sweet time before cutting ties with Russia as much as it can. What those numbers show is that the EU is going to have to plan very smartly in order to do so, and that is going to take time. If the EU were to simply do so right now, they’d be screwed. However I believe Russia has given Europe enough motivation to do so, but a coherent plan that doesn’t derail the EU is going to take at least 6 months to a year to implement, and unfold over several years. I think its silly that people expect Europe to do something just to be dramatic. That is a very American way of thinking, short sighted.

    As far as military expenditures and Russia growing by 108 percent in 10 years, that is laughable. The “only 12%” growth in the US defense budget exceeds the entire current Russian military budget. We could slash ours by $300 billion and still have more than enough to easily deal with Russia. I hate simple unqualified statements like that. They are very misleading as I am sure the author is well aware the vast majority of people are ignorant of the total US Defense spending.

  • sheknows

    The other side of the coin is, if GB does impose sanctions, that leaves many of the wealthy, elite Russians out in the cold. Those people don’t want to change their lifestyles and will have plenty to say to Putin.
    This is just a game of chicken, and as T_O says, the author may be a bit naïve.
    Real problem, Putin has shown he will not be stopped from doing whatever he wants. If the EU wants to be intimidated forever by the likes of a man who has finally shown his true colors, they will just keep their mouths shut. Somehow, I feel they may call his bluff. Putin needs them as much as they need him.

  • sheknows

    Ooops, make that ” as slamfu says”, not T_O.

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