There were fireworks at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence today when Democrat and gun control advocate Illinois Sen. Dick Durban decided to puncture one of the key talking points delivered by NRA bigwig Wayne LaPierre. The bottom line on LaPierre and the NRA’s position on gun regulation is: Just Say No To Any New Laws or Regulation. And that includes what many had (incorrectly) assumed would be one of the most basic changes both sides could agree on, the need for more extensive background checks.

Here’s the segment:

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • yoopermoose

    I have started to hear the same refrain from people opposed to any gun regulation: Proposal X will not save one life. Background checks, smaller magazines, regulations on assault rifles, the response is the same. It is disheartening to hear this repeated and repeated as a fact with no further questioning from the interviewers. How do we know this is a fact? Gun studies by the CDC have been shut down due to defunding by congress. We don’t know and if the NRA and gun proliferation groups have their way, we will never know.

  • dduck

    LaP, said the criminals will not register. That is correct, but the straw men buying guns down south and sending them up to NYC could be traced and squeezed. Likewise for the guns going from Miss. to Chicago (500 murders last year in a city with the toughest gun control laws), etc.

  • Yoopermoose, that’s not to mention that the ATF has essentially been castrated in its ability to enforce as well.

  • zephyr

    What dd said.


    Sorry for the repost, but here is an idea: institute Tombstone, AZ’s gun laws during Earp’s time. You can’t be packing. You can purchase a firearm and carry it to your home, otherwise you are fined ($100 then, probably like $5k today).

  • slamfu

    One of the best arguments for gun control is anytime LaP speaks.

  • Haha, Slamfu!!