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Posted by on May 12, 2006 in At TMV | 11 comments

Rush Limbaugh Veers Towards No-No Territory

So Rush Limbaugh reportedly said Iran’s President’s letter to President George Bush had “the Democratic talking points, other than Israel, and even there… even some liberal Hollywood Jewish people talking point.”

Now, aside from Rush deciding to use a letter from Iran’s President to demonize an entire political party (read that meaning “stir up hatred of”), this is veering into new terroritory that has to be called for it was: intentional or otherwise, anti-semitic rhetoric, the kind that has gone on for ages.

You mean, Rush, that no Catholics in Hollywood might share these “talking points” you attribute to the Democratic party? You mean, no Protestants would? No Scientologists would? If so, why didn’t you mention them as well? Why just “Jewish people?”

But, you see, once you begin to demonize an entire people, or a entire party (unless we’re wrong, didn’t you get upset at quotes by Howard Dean some time back suggesting all Republicans were basically wealthy white men?) it’s truly hard to know when to stop.

So if people who aren’t dittoheads who have a “J” in front of the name of their religion tune into Rush will they one day hear about “hamburgers that even some Jewish people eat,” or stores that “even some Jewish people shop at?” Or Chinese restaurants “that even some Jewish people eat at” (well, THAT one is a given..)?

Rush: Those of us who aren’t the same religion as you flattered are greatly flattered that you’re thinking of us so much.

But for your future information: many of us do enjoy being part of the melting pot so you can spare singling us out when you decide to demonize a political party — or a group.

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  • BrianOfAtlanta

    Take it easy on him, Joe. The man is obviously in the throes of withdrawal. Or suffering permanent brain damage. Or something.

  • kreiz

    Brian: Rush Limbaugh playing the Victim card. Who woulda thought? If you live long enough, you see some strange stuff.

  • flaime

    Rush has already proved he is a racist. Why not an anti-semite too?

  • Robert Bell

    Rush has always played the victim card. Christmas is under threat, “conservatives” are under threat, the border is under threat, your property (via Kelo) is under threat, etc, etc.

  • Tim in WI

    Whoa. The president of Iran, who wants to “wipe Israel off the map,” who doesn’t necessarily believe that the Holocaust even happened, is using Jewish talking points?

  • WZ6C

    Joe, you obviously missed the point Limbaugh was making. It is noteworthy when “Jewish Hollywood people” support those calling for the anhilation of Isreal (i.e. Palistinians, Hamas, Ahmadinejad, Howard Dean ((just kidding about Dean)). It is not particularly noteworthy when Catholics, Protestants and Scientologists are anti-Zionist. There is enough real anti-semitism in the world that you don’t have to imagine it where none exists.

  • K. Gregory

    The fact is that not everyone who is Jewish thinks the same. There are people who don’t want the U.S. to go to war against Iran who are Jewish, for their own political reasons, based on their own values. So people do differ.
    Limbaugh still went over the line. WZ6C: are you Rush’s defense lawyer? I don’t think most people reading his comments are going to take it that way or all of his listeners will take it that way. Does each listener have to have to hire someone to interpret his show to find all the fine print? Limbaugh has been in this business long enough. Hollywood Jewish people is a phrase that has various meanings and he shouldn’t have gone there. PERIOD>

  • Kim Ritter

    What’s scary about this is the demonizing of the Democratic party, I listen to Rush’s radio program, and don’t believe he’s antisemitic. He is rabidly anti-Democrat, anti-liberal and terrified of a Hillary Clinton victory in ’08, or of having Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House in ’06. So, he has to make it look like Democrats are on the side of the terrorists and are siding with America’s enemies. What is a little frightening, is that there are 20 milliion “dittoheads”, listening to him and taking his word as the gospel.

    As I posted elsewhere, Sean Hannity is using similar tactics on “Hannity and Colmes”, telling viewers that key priorities of the Democratic agenda are impeaching GWB, and taxing white Americans to pay for slavery reparations! These right wing radio hosts did make a difference in the past three elections, so the Democrats need to project a clear, competent alternative to what we’ve got now, or we’ll be stuck with more of the same.

  • JP

    Rush is a blabbering hypocrite, as his run-ins with substance abuse attest to. He’s proof that substance abuse is not always a matter of illicit drugs, but you’d never hear him admit such.

  • grognard

    Kim is right, Limbaugh and his cohorts are a danger. It is their job to whip up the dittoheads and turn out the vote. They remind me of the radio demagogs of 1930’s Spain, just before the civil war.

  • Kim Ritter

    Thanks, grognard.
    I live in the DC area, and the reason I’ve ended up listening to right-wing radio in the first place, is that there are literally no alternative on the air waves. So there’s nothing to counteract this dissinformation.
    I thought he was a harmless, paranoid, nutcase myself, until I really listened to his show and the morons who call in. Those who believe that the MSM has a liberal bias tune in, and get their daily dose of bucket-carrying for the Bush administration. It is like 1930’s radio propaganda. Ever hear of Father Coughlin who was virulently antisemitic in pre WW11 America? He sided with the Nazi’s, and had a huge following, making it more difficult for us to enter the war.

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