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    Actually, I’m disappointed this site remains foot-dragging-ly fixated on the Nobel Peace Prize stunt this year and not preoccupied like other lefties and lefty sites with its customary hatred of Limbaugh and the desire to see him politically prevented from buying all or part of the Rams, on the basis that (ironically, coming from the hateful Left) Limbaugh is said to represent or constitute “hatred” (criticism of and dissent from PC, which merit hate and suppression).

    Not a single critic of Limbaugh has demonstrated an IQ above maybe 20, so far. I have yet to see anybody ask the real questions, such as would the team stay or be moved, if moved, to where (Orlando is due for a team at any time, for example; Los Angeles is the perennial powerhouse of future promise and the prized enormous television market), and at what cost (bribe) demanded by the NFL to move it?

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