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Posted by on Jan 7, 2008 in At TMV | 5 comments

Romney Stops The Bleeding?

Looks like McCain is pretty much neck and neck with Romney. He pulls 34%, while Romney takes 29%. That’s pretty much right where the numbers were at before the caucuses. If Romney can tie McCain it will really help him make a “comeback” story.

From Zogby:

“Among Republicans, McCain leads Romney among Independents 43% to 26%, voters over 50, Moderates (50% to 20%), women (36% to 25%), and in the North (45% to 21%, effectively knocking out Paul). It is tied between Romney and McCain with Republicans and men. Romney leads among Conservatives and Very Conservative voters.”

Rasmussen has it neck and neck too.

John McCain is facing an unusual two-front challenge as he seeks to hang on to a narrow lead in New Hampshire’s Republican Presidential Primary. He is competing with Mitt Romney for votes in the Republican Primary. At the same time, he is competing with Barack Obama for Independent voters who can choose to vote in either the Republican or the Democratic Primary on Tuesday.

At the moment, he is losing ground to Obama which is causing him problems with Romney. On Friday, the Rasmussen Reports survey found that Independent voters were likely to make up 32% of the Republican Primary electorate. That dropped to 27% of Sunday. As a result, McCain’s lead over Romney has dipped to a statistically insignificant one-point advantage.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows John McCain earning 32% of the vote while Mitt Romney attracts 31%.

Also, I wonder what that gang-up on Romney in Saturday’s debate will do to the polls by tomorrow morning? Even though it was a rough night for Mitt, I thought he handled himself well and came out of it looking like he could hold his own in a fight.

Last, but certainly not least, check out this video where New Hampshire voters laud praise on Mitt after Fox’s “forum” last night.

Unstoppable Mittmentum or just a mere blip on the Romdar?

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(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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  • DLS

    Romney (like McCain) is being hyped prior to New Hampshire.

    This is dumb; let’s wait until February 15 to see how these two gents do overall.

    Incidentally, is any of this hype by the GOP establishment in an attempt to get someone other than Huckabee into first place, or make Huck third, in New Hampshire and beyond?

    * * *

    “[Romney] is competing with Barack Obama for Independent voters”

    Hahahahahaha. A Dem Lite from Massachusetts who even smiles at you (cannot look serious because cannot be serious?) when trying to tell you solemnly, “I — AM A CON-SER-VA-TIVE” thinks he can get the swing vote from Obama? (Or is he just banking on Clinton’s eventually becoming the Dem nominee?)

  • DLS

    Mitt “Heparin” Romney, may you cut yourself badly by making a stupid remark between now and the end of the primary tomorrow.

  • kritt11

    Just curious, DLS- You don’t like Romney and can’t stand Huckabee or Giuliani. Are you backing Thompson? You can tell me to MYOB if you like, LOL.

  • DLS

    Actually, I like Hucklebee — his Religious Right stuff doesn’t threaten me, and his as-much-Dem-as-GOP record isn’t as Demmie as the record of Clinton or Obama. However, I don’t think Hucklebee is that strong (and in particular, the recent gaffes he made probably would disqualify him for Pres in the general election). I think Thompson’s okay but too weak and too lackluster as a candidate, and he’s going nowhere (not even emerging, at least not yet, as the leaders are rejected). I’m not a McCain fan but I wonder about having Hucklebee put into the VP slot and running with McCain.

    No, I don’t like Romney and if anything I dislike Giuliani even more.

    Bottom line is, I think they’re all weak on the GOP side and we’re going to get a Dem in the White House next year, for as a non-liberal who will look at GOP candidates I’m not an impressed shopper so far other than I find Huckabee’s manner pleasant.

    And if Obama is elected, I’m willing to give the guy a chance.

  • kritt11

    Wow, we actually agree on most of what you wrote. I Would never consider voting for Giuliani or Romney, but I actually personally like McCain and Huckabee. Thompson seems like a weaker, tired version of Reagan, with the charm but without the motivation for running.

    I really preferred Joe Biden, and would probably go for Clinton as my second choice on the Dem side. But, like you, I will give Obama the benefit of the doubt, since he seems to be trying to douse the partisan atmosphere in Washington, and is attracting so many Independents and even some in the GOP who are disgusted with their party.

    Its a strange election season, with many Democrats going over to Ron Paul. He even has some black support, which is strange, considering his past writings calling them animals.

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