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Posted by on Jan 7, 2008 in At TMV | 5 comments

Romney Stops The Bleeding?

Looks like McCain is pretty much neck and neck with Romney. He pulls 34%, while Romney takes 29%. That’s pretty much right where the numbers were at before the caucuses. If Romney can tie McCain it will really help him make a “comeback” story.

From Zogby:

“Among Republicans, McCain leads Romney among Independents 43% to 26%, voters over 50, Moderates (50% to 20%), women (36% to 25%), and in the North (45% to 21%, effectively knocking out Paul). It is tied between Romney and McCain with Republicans and men. Romney leads among Conservatives and Very Conservative voters.”

Rasmussen has it neck and neck too.

John McCain is facing an unusual two-front challenge as he seeks to hang on to a narrow lead in New Hampshire’s Republican Presidential Primary. He is competing with Mitt Romney for votes in the Republican Primary. At the same time, he is competing with Barack Obama for Independent voters who can choose to vote in either the Republican or the Democratic Primary on Tuesday.

At the moment, he is losing ground to Obama which is causing him problems with Romney. On Friday, the Rasmussen Reports survey found that Independent voters were likely to make up 32% of the Republican Primary electorate. That dropped to 27% of Sunday. As a result, McCain’s lead over Romney has dipped to a statistically insignificant one-point advantage.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows John McCain earning 32% of the vote while Mitt Romney attracts 31%.

Also, I wonder what that gang-up on Romney in Saturday’s debate will do to the polls by tomorrow morning? Even though it was a rough night for Mitt, I thought he handled himself well and came out of it looking like he could hold his own in a fight.

Last, but certainly not least, check out this video where New Hampshire voters laud praise on Mitt after Fox’s “forum” last night.

Unstoppable Mittmentum or just a mere blip on the Romdar?

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(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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