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Posted by on Jan 2, 2008 in Media, Politics | 13 comments

“Revelation” (Charge) To Be Made Against New Hampshire Primary Candidate Monday?

For the second time we’ve gotten an email that says it comes from a spokesman for Revelation Press about a major announcement that’ll be made in Washington on MONDAY about a candidate running in the New Hampshire DAY before the vote there — seemingly a CLASSIC case of leveling an eleventh-hour charge so a candidate doesn’t fully have time to answer it.

(See UPDATE at bottom of this post. A respected blogger believes it is aimed at MCCAIN.)

And if there is a charge (and this is legitimate) the media will NOT have time to fully explore the charge — just report it and then get a “they’re full of baloney” comment from the target of the charge. So if there is a charge, it’ll linger there on Election Day.

Here’s most of what the email says:

Major Leading U.S. Presidential Candidate to be exposed prior to NH Hampshire Primary — Will Moderate Voice cover it?

We’re sure this is being sent to many blogs and newspapers with their names on it.

One of this year’s leading candidates will be “Swift-Boated” in a new book to be announced next Monday, January 7th at 1:30 p.m. in the Murrow Room at the National Press Club in Washington.

That’s about as honest description as you can get…

One candidate is about to be challenged – with hard and cold facts, presented cogently by an author, former TV business news editor, decorated military hero and college political science instructor who shares this candidate’s party affiliation – and who has known the candidate personally since their college days.

Next Monday, the truth will be revealed when a book that literally gives “chapter and verse” about this candidate’s less-than-candid candor with the American people.

This book is supported by 10 pages of meticulously-researched end-notes supporting every factual assertion about the candidate’s failure to shoot straight with the American people, and this breach-of-faith’s implications for the Presidency.

If you’re serious about covering the 2008 Presidential campaign, you won’t want to miss this news announcement – and you will want to meet the author.

It has a link to confirm whether the recipient can be there (we’re on the West Coast and would pass on something like this) and it’s signed by Daryl Toor, CEO/Chief Awareness Officer, Attention Group (apparently a PR firm) for Revelation Press. Mr. Toor does have a presence on the Internet.

Unlike a lot of sites, The Moderate Voice has been AGAINST “swift-boating” no matter who does it.

This site took a lot of criticism when it did not do posts on it in 2004. Nor did we do endless posts on George W. Bush’s military service. The argument can be made — and we will make it again — that (a) our campaigns need to be focused on the many critical issues facing our country (b) voters should make a point of voting against candidates who indulge in the politics of bilge and try to eliminate their competition by personally destroying them. Most “swift boating” is done with plausible deniability but in most cases the fingerprints of who benefits are VERY clear. Our politics is too personality driven as it is.

If the “swift boating” is in terms of actual POLICY (what the candidate did versus what he or she asserts on the stump) that is fair game.

This may be a nothing story or there may be something to it.

OUR GUESS: There have been several news stories over the pasts few weeks about attempts to stop McCain’s momentum. We’d guess it’s something aimed at McCain. Because the people who “swift-boat” try to find a quality something about someone that most people admire and then raise the negatives.

OR Rudy Giuliani. There have been stories about firefighters who believe his pre-911 decisions contributed to deaths wanting to ‘swift-boat” him.

OR Obama? Went to college with him? Is this going back to the old youthful drug use stuff again?

But this is all uninformed guess-work. Legitimate? Stay tuned. But no matter what it is, if it was totally legitimate — if the intent was truly to bring new information to the electorate — the announcement would be made way before the day before the election.


Rick Moran believes it’s aimed at McCain and his reasoning is logical. A tiny taste 4 U:

The candidate isn’t mentioned but the military angle would seem to suggest an attack on John McCain.

The same fellow who mounted the Viet Nam Veterans Against John Kerry now has a group called Viet Nam Veterans Against John McCain. Gerard “Jerry” Kiley is claiming that McCain betrayed the United States as a POW and hints that he is being blackmailed even today by the Vietnamese.

I will not sully this site with details of the charges. I will only say that any legitimate news outlet that attends that press conference or runs with any story connected with these folks should be sued by the McCain campaign.

We say: BRAVO…Read it in FULL for more details.
–James Joyner got it, too. He tried to find out more about it.

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  • Hmm. The National Press Club doesn’t show anything as scheduled at that time in that place.

  • casualobserver

    TCO’s guess……..and so ends the Mike Gravel juggernaut.

  • It could be a hoax but unless there was some identify theft in this email it was sent out by someone who is on the internet quite extensively doing PR. I think during election year if you feel as I do about these kinds of tactics it’s nice to lift the rock. At worst it’s a bogus email but there is a link you go to — unless that was a virus delivery system.

    Note I stressed IF it was legitimate.

    I covered various local races when I was on newspapers and that last minute charge that comes a day or so before the election is truly sleazy.

    We’ll see!

  • That would be a scream wouldn’t it? I was going to delete it but I did feel that if this is something that possibly could happen, it’s best to share it with readers. If someone came out with major charges a day before voting, it could influence the race and the way stories break and work through the news cycle there would never be the needed “vetting” in time. If someone gave 500 pages of footnotes, it doesn’t mean the footnotes are accurate. Would I be upset if it was bogus? Not really. We do NOT need this kind of thing in our politics.

  • Mule Face

    The use of the term “swift-boating” is curious, considering there was nothing 11th hour about that issue. It came up long before the election.

    Now, the reporting of Dubya’s 30-year old drunk driving arrest on the weekend before the 2000 election – I believe that one qualifies…..

  • Elrod

    Some disgruntled Vietnam vets have opposed McCain for years. Remember that McCain immediately distanced himself from SBVT because he’s been targeted by them before too. I’m not sure what their beef is with McCain, but they think he’s much less heroic than he leads on. That, off course, was the same charge they leveled at Kerry – even more than Kerry’s anti-war statements.

  • Idiosyncrat

    If it’s cr** and the media goes into a feeding frenzy on it anyway, then it’s a lesson for the media and little more… You can’t stop someone from choosing the time and place to attempt to achieve a certain effect. It’s done all the time, with all sorts of things. But you sure can choose how — or if — you publicize it.

    That said, I bet we get 500 pages of footnotes proving that yes, Alan Keyes is indeed insane 🙂

  • Idiosyncrat

    Okay, just saw Joe’s response about not having enough time to vet the material. Yeah, I hear that… And personally think that if the charges were truly legit, this person would have released it today — after the public’s post-holidays haze has lifted and close enough to Iowa for the intended frenzy yet still enough of a window to sift through the evidence.

    But then let the media be careful with it.

  • jason b.

    This “revelation” email just isn’t believable and desperately needed proofreading (NH Hampshire Primary?).

    Whomever is sending this around may or may not possess some juicy gossip, but he/she certainly has a firm grasp on how the blogosphere works. We gab. We gab all day and night — rereading, rewriting, rephrasing and retorting. Revelation Press doesn’t expect us to sit on our hands waiting for the scoop, they expect us to talk about it ad nauseum.

    Look at the great lengths they went to describe the informant – indeed his reputation shall now preceed him. However, the timing of the bomb drop erodes all credibility – if it is legit it should’ve been released earlier; if not, well, it’s not – thank you, come again.

    The specter of “revelation” aims to make us think twice about the candidates. They used all the right words (Revelation, decorated military, college days, author, etc) and achieved. The Moderate Voice and its school of guppies have collectively taken the bait.

  • StockBoySF

    So… which candidate is most widely viewed as benefiting more from a NH win than an Iowa win?

    The charge is meant to knock the candidate out of an early win so I assume that it will be someone who, at the moment, needs NH more than Iowa. I think if it were Obama, who is a strong contender in Iowa, the charges (if any) would be leveled before he could start gaining momentum in Iowa.

    If the targeted candidate weren’t expected to win in Iowa then there would be no reason to go after them right now, so, again, it’s a candidate who is expected to start rolling with a NH win.

    Maybe the charges are against Guiliani- no telling what skeletons are in that closet from his college days….

    Whatever the charges (and whomever they attack), I hope the press pays minimal attention to them until there is time to do a more thorough investigation. But the press likes sensationalism and selling stories, so that’s unlikely.

  • kritt

    My guess is that its McCain- who has been gaining ground in NH, just as Giuliani is losing it. He’s a big primary threat to Romney, Giuliani and Thompson, just as he would be in the general to Obama or Hillary.

  • pacatrue

    This sounds like a press release to sell books or lectures through odd political, viral marketing, not news. If the news were all that important and the person to reveal it genuinely cared about truth, the press release would include the charge with evidence. Looks like either a simple attack or marketing spam. Either way, gets the delete button here.

  • Lynx

    This book is supported by 10 pages of meticulously-researched end-notes supporting every factual assertion about the candidate’s failure to shoot straight with the American people, and this breach-of-faith’s implications for the Presidency.

    “Straight shooter” makes me think of McCain. Hasn’t his campaign made reference to their candidate being just that? I think this use of words could be a hint to the identity of he-who-is-about-to-be-smeared.

    What seems totally clear to me is that this is a smear tactic, one that probably has little merit. If it were a true charge then they would have released it sooner, releasing it now shows they don’t want people to have time to fact check.

    If it stays on the blogosphere (I hold no illusions about most blogs being ethical enough not to run the story) then it won’t hurt him too much, but if FOX and MSNBC and the like pick up on it, it could really hurt him. This is “McCain has a black baby” all over again.

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