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Posted by on Sep 28, 2008 in Politics | 1 comment

Republicans Reacting To Obama And The Debate

One of the more tedious political tasks for pundits who MUST follow the big political stories is having to listen to professional Democratic and Republican spinmasters who permeate television right after a debate. But sometimes the robot-like recitations predictably supporting their candidates, blasting the others, and seeming confident and chipper can go awry.

Here are two videos that show some fascinating reactions on the GOP side to Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s performance in his debate with Republican Sen. John McCain.

(1) Dick Morris doesn’t stay on message and says he thinks Obama on balance won the debate.
Host Sean Hannity — the most predicatable talk show host on cable or radio — is not happy. Go here. FOOTNOTE: Morris’ columns are all over the place this political season and not lockstep.

(2) Senator Lindsey Graham, a major McCain surrogate and close friend, is unhappy about talking about polls showing Obama won. It’s a major change in Graham’s often bouncy television persona. GO HERE. (Bad link has been fixed..)

Meanwhile, a new Rasmusssen reports poll reveals that the real winner of the debate was…moderator Jim Lehrer:

The winner of the first Presidential debate was moderator and PBS television personality Jim Lehrer. After earlier polls showing that most voters expect the moderators to be biased, 76% say Lehrer was neutral. Seven percent (7%) thought he tried to help Obama, 3% thought he tried to help McCain and 14% were not sure.

Among those who watched the entire debate, 85% thought Lehrer maintained his neutrality.

As for the candidates, 36% thought Obama won, 33% gave the advantage to McCain, and 31% were not sure. Partisans in the electorate lined up behind their candidate in a way that would make spin room handlers proud. By a 67% to 3% margin, Obama supporters thought he won the debate. By a 73% to 2% margin, McCain voters thought their man came out ahead.

This is one reason for the popularity of right and — to a far lesser extent — left talk radio. Partisans seemingly look for anything that confirms their world view, and filter out things that don’t. That precisely why in this election the real victory will go to the candidate who wins over the most independent voters, even those who may already have loose political leanings. Partisans have their heels dug and cemented in; independens’ heels can still be undug.

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  • mlhradio

    My favorite ridiculous reaction to the debate was this morning – one of the spokemen for the McCain campaign was asked about McCain’s appearance during the debate – y’know, the anger, bitterness, refusing to look at Obama, all that. The McCain spokesman basically said something along the lines of “I don’t know what you’re talking about, McCain looked great. Obama, on the other hand, reminded me of Gore with his dismissive sighing, belittling snide comments, and repeatedly interrupting McCain, just as you (the cable news interviewer) are attempting to do now.” (Not his exact words, but paraphrasing) Yeah, he really tried to reverse-spin that piece of hogwash.

    Everyone on the news networks and online has been talking about McCain’s bad behavior during the debate. McCain campaign’s solution to that? Claim it’s not McCain who was acting like an ass, it was Obama instead. I haven’t checked the right blogosphere for reactions, but I wonder if that’s a new meme tumbling through the right-wing spin cycle right now.

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