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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Featured, Guest Contributor, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 30 comments

Republicans Freaking Out Over Gloria Allred’s Rumored “October Surprise” Though She Won’t Confirm Or Deny

Gee, I never thought Gloria Allred would interject herself in the presidential election, but she is rumored to have an “October Surprise” that will probably call a press conference to slam Mitt Romney with some “epic” revelation. A disgruntled maid or handyman? Or a mistress? Allred is rumored to be preparing to reveal some secret or scandal to torpedo Mitt Romney’s chances at winning the election. You will recall Gloria Allred torpedoed Meg Whitman’s chances for winning the gubernatorial election in California when she represented a disgruntled former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, who was an illegal immigrant. Needless to say, Whitman lost the election to Jerry Brown, a Democrat. Ms. Allred won’t confirm or deny the rumors involving Mitt Romney, nonetheless, some Republicans are scared. LOL.

The Republicans are going nuts over this rumor, starting with Matt Drudge, who tweeted on Thursday that this was coming:

Conservative blog, The Red Side of Life, is freaking out, saying Gloria Allred took down Herman Cain and could do the same thing with Mitt Romney. But wait, has Gloria Allred even said she has evidence against Mitt Romney? No. Why don’t we wait to hear from her on that first? If ever on this subject. Gloria Allred has them quaking in their boots because she usually wins at the PR game, doesn’t she? This will be interesting to watch. Why are they freaking out? It’s interesting to watch the Republicans scramble over a rumor.

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  • Something tells me this is going to be like’s “revelation” on President Obama: much ado about nothing.

  • petew

    Although I am definitely not a Romney supporter, I think its is a shame that political campaigns rely so heavily on scandalous revelations about their foes in order to win. There may be something to hide, but personal skeletons in the closet are undoubtedly present in the pasts of every candidate. Ms. Allred is really delivering a low blow—but then again, at least she is not insisting that voters trust her on this, because she will reveal all, but only after the Nov.6th elections!

  • The_Ohioan

    Who said the surprise is about Romney? It could be about Obama, or Ryan, or who knows? I agree with petew that it’s a shame that personal follies affect our politics so much, on the other hand, I felt mightily betrayed by John Edwards peccadillos and would never have voted for him had I known his breath-taking lack of integrity. If we make assumptions that all politicians lack integrity, we become self-defeatingly cynical.

  • julie_mack

    ” A Question of Character” ~ An Attempt to Hide the True Character of Romney; Dangerous! … …

  • ordinarysparrow

    “If we make assumptions that all politicians lack integrity, we become self-defeatingly cynical”

    ‘TO’ this election may of pushed many over that cliff…perhaps if we advocated for ‘intelligent cynicism for all’ in politics we might be moving in a better direction…?

    When a politician believes the Tea Party was formed to rid himself of the Yacht Tax…. and the Tea Party puts him in office to run for president…some folks might do better to get more cynical…

    I agree with T Steel, whom i have a tendency to agree with even when i don’t agree… much ado about nothing… or it would of already been out there….bet she is just playing with the Republicans like a fat cat with a mouse.

  • The_Ohioan


    I think skepticism is helpful but cynicism is harmful because it tends to cause people to remove themselves from the process. Which is why I labeled it self-destructing.

    I, too, agree with TSteel but unfortunately it’s the way she makes a living. Just like Rush, Sean, and so many others. All hat and no cattle. Or maybe that’s too many cattle. 🙂

  • petew


    Is intelligence ever cynical, or is cynicism just the refuge of the frustrated?

  • ordinarysparrow

    baby steps…find it best to meet people where they are then hopefully take one step forward… intelligent cynicism this year is one step forward and maybe that could make its way from cynical to intelligent cynical to skepticism… and who knows perhaps someday we can make it to hope….:) i am an optimist..

  • I’m imminently agreeable even when I’m disagreeable. 🙂

    The entire creation of a “task force” to combat “the [INSERT MONTH HERE] surprise” is just as crazy and overblown. So much emotion and slobber to combat what is most likely: nothing. Unless Mitt Romney has child laborers in his basement making chemical weapons, this race stays 50/50.

  • ordinarysparrow

    One of my favorite stories from India… is about a ‘simpleton’ that everyone in the village made fun of and called him an idiot….he goes to the Old Sage and asks how he can get everyone to stop making fun of him and calling him stupid..

    Old Sage tells him, ” Oh that is very easy. ” All you need to do is anytime anyone brings something up disagree with them…. tell them they are wrong then they will believe you to be highly intelligent.”

    So for six months the simpleton disagreed with everyone that spoke to him.. sure enough after six months the village elected the simpleton as the village major because they viewed him as so intelligent….

    Alas all to often cynical is viewed as intelligent… i agree it is not an intelligent intelligence..:)

  • SteveK

    seeker of truth

    follow no path
    all paths lead where

    truth is here

    – e.e. cummings

  • ordinarysparrow

    T Steel — i would say that anytime you comment even if i disagree, what you say opens up a valid view worth considering…:)

  • The_Ohioan

    lol TS and OS.

    TS have you ever considered a career in political dirty tricks? I think you show real talent. 🙂

  • CStanley

    Unless Mitt Romney has child laborers in his basement making chemical weapons, this race stays 50/50.

    The hyperpartisanship is so bad that I think if EITHER candidate were caught doing that, the race would still stay 50:50.

  • ordinarysparrow

    Perhaps there is some relationship with this…Rick Rolled?…..guess that would be Gloria Rolled…. with a link to a video of Romney dirty dancing with Lohan and Kim Kardashian while Ryan washing pots and pans…

  • Rambie

    I agree with TSteel as well, this sounds like nothing.

    What she going to do, represent the kid’s parents that he harassed in Prep School?

    Sue Romney on behalf of some women who were refused promotion at Baine?

    If it was real, it’d already be out there.

  • SteveK

    If it was real, it’d already be out there.

    You mean “out there” like his tax returns and/or specifics regarding his plan to get the economy rolling?

    Now that would be something to make the Republicans blood run colder… The last 10 years of Romney’s Tax Returns.

  • ShannonLeee

    She probably has his tax returns… and no one will care.
    If it is SUCH a bombshell, she would be smart to release the info right before the debate.

    Maybe she found out that Mitt was really born in France? We could have a whole new set of birthers!

  • ProWife

    She is going to reveal the binder full of proof that Romney plans to take our beer and wine away if elected. He and his religious cult do not believe that jesus turned water into wine. I do not trust him with mine.

  • ShannonLeee

    At least he ain’t Muslim

  • The biggest October Surprise about Romney would be coming up with one. He’s been running for President for 6 years against some real hardball players, I can’t imagine anything that hasn’t already been shaken loose.

    Maybe against Paul Ryan, a newcomer, but not Romney.

  • ShannonLeee

    I hope she can do this better than The Donald.

  • CStanley

    I’m still trying to figure out who is freaking out, other than the one obscure blog that the author cited. The Drudge thing pretty clearly looks like he’s mocking this.

  • sometimes

    It would not shock me if she did in fact have something…I thought the revelation that W had a DUI in the ’70s in Texas (kind of impressive in its own right) was a shocker, but evidently not…

  • EEllis

    He and his religious cult do not believe that jesus turned water into wine.

    While it nice to know religious bigotry is still alive and well and considered acceptable to some progressives but that statement is just not true. The Mormons ban on alcohol has nothing to do with, and in no way questions, the miracle at the Marriage at Cana. Mormons used wine for many years as sacrament but their church taught that it made no difference what the sacrament was just the taking of it was the important part. Wine and bread, milk and cookies it made no difference. That being the case when the church adopted the no alcohol thing as a commandment most LDS churches started to change to water for sacrament but it happened slowly over something like 30 years.

  • ShannonLeee

    …along with most Protestant churches EE. Most churches use juice as a substitute for wine and crackers for bread.

    The protestant bans on alcohol have nothing to do with the destructiveness of alcohol and everything to do with personal self-control.

    somewhat equivalent to making a woman wear a burqa in order to keep her from having affairs.

    People cannot be trusted to drink alcohol responsibly…so it is not allowed.

  • EEllis

    People cannot be trusted to drink alcohol responsibly…so it is not allowed

    In this case it has more similarities to dietary restrictions than to Burqas. For long periods of time it was just plain safer to drink wine or beer than to drink water. As the world changes so does peoples beliefs. For Mormons it was a health issue, basically it’s healthier not to drink. That doesn’t change the fact that at the time of Jesus refusing to drink wine would of vastly increased ones chance of dying due to illness. Not to mention at the time any drink stored for any length of time had to be alcoholic of it would go bad and most automaticly would turn into alcohol. So the substitution of juice for “wine” isn’t as far off as it sounds because all that wine was was most likely stored grape juice and not necessary the refined product that’s made today. Think apple juice and apple cider. Heck wine is what we translate it as but the word wouldn’t mean same to those in that time as it does to us. Wine meant grape juice and unless it was “new” it was at least slightly alcoholic but word yayin (hebrew) didn’t of and in itself distinguish between fermented and unfermented “wine”.

  • Rambie

    When is this supposed new information supposed to come out? Yeah, it’s but fear mongering by a few. I’m sure Allred would love to have a October Surprise against Mitt, but I doubt she does.

    It’d take one huge revelation to make people really think twice now. That is, if the new is correct, that most have already made up their minds.

  • hugh_beaumont

    Dang. I thought she was going to reveal something about herself. Like she and Grandpa Munster were separated at birth.

  • petew

    The most shocking revelation about Romney would be that his 5 point plan for growing the economy is based on impossible math, and, that nearly all of his plans for the economy involve open ended generalities that really have no meaning. But that secret is already out. However, being the salesman that Romney is, everyone is willing to elect him anyway–just because he isn’t Obama! Truth really is stranger than fiction!

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