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Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, At TMV, Media, Satire, Society | 21 comments

Readers’ Comments: ‘The Nasty Effect’

I just praised a couple of our readers for the enjoyable, civil thread of comments on an article here at TMV.

Ergo, a column this morning at the New York Times does not apply here, but it is nevertheless interesting and something our readers may want to browse.

It is about how the internet at last provided “a public sphere with unlimited potential for reasoned debate and the thoughtful exchange of ideas, an enlightening conversational bridge across the many geographic, social, cultural, ideological and economic boundaries that ordinarily separate us in life, a way to pay bills without a stamp.”

But then “someone invented ‘reader comments’ and paradise was lost.”

Before I get myself further into trouble by quoting about ad hominem attacks, etc., the better part of valor is to stop right here and let the readers “decide.”

And please keep those comments coming.

But, most important, keep in mind: (some of) what I have said is satire. (Where are those smiley faces when you need them?)


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