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Posted by on Feb 23, 2007 in Politics | 3 comments

Quote Of The Day: On An Underlying Issue Confronting Hillary Clinton

A Los Angeles Times editorial brings up this point on an underlying, usually unspoken issue raised by Hollywood bigwig and Barack Obama supporter David Geffen in his controversial comments about Hillary Clinton:

Geffen was on to something with his passing mention of the fact that Obama is not from “the Bush royal family” or the “Clinton royal family.” Regardless of what you think of Bill Clinton’s presidency, or his wife’s talent, the dynastic aspect of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is an issue that will increasingly come to occupy center stage in this campaign. Is the country prepared to be governed, potentially, for 28 years by two families who alternate turns in the White House?

The Clinton campaign appears unwilling to acknowledge this concern. The candidate likes talking to audiences about whether the nation is ready for a female president. But the question of whether the country is ready to perpetuate the dueling-family reign by voting in the former president’s spouse is disingenuously left off the table. Maybe Hillary Clinton can make the case that she is the most qualified candidate, but she is going to have to find a way to address the dynastic issue directly. She can’t have it both ways — trading on her husband’s popularity but not acknowledging people’s unease at turning the White House into a family business.

UPDATE: Read Dick Polman’s analysis of the Clinton/Geffen/Obama skirmis.

And also read former magazine editor Robert Stein’s take on it — and thoughts on politicians’ and Hollywood types.

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  • AustinRoth

    Well, one can make the ‘Royal Family’ characterization for the Bush family, obviously, given the multi-generational stretch of their political involvement, but Bill and Hillory don’t really fit that description.

    They are, in the end, two highly ambitious and bright people who hitched their wagons together years ago in the pursuit of political success, but come from relatively humble, non-political families, especially Bill. They are also very different political animals as well, despite the false patina of a relationship and mutual goals the project for the public.

    Now, if Chelsea mounts a campaign in 2016…

  • Laura

    Geffen was on to something with his passing mention of the fact that Obama is not from “the Bush royal family� or the “Clinton royal family.�

    As opposed to Hollywood royalty? It’s funny how Hollywood likes to pretend they are just ordinary folks, rather than the elitists they are.

    Hillary is far and away better than that worthless obama.

    Hollywood is out-of-touch with what is going on in the world and doesn’t understand the threats we are faced with.

  • This is interesting on many levels. For one, count on Hollywood to be enamored with the Clintons, but not so enamored that they cannot also spar — and get away (so far) with saying things nobody else could.

    In regard to political dynasties, after eight years of Hillary perhaps Jeb Bush would still be active. After eight years of Jeb, why not Chelsea?

    The two term Presidential limit, is that consecutive or for life? If allowed, why not another run of Bubba later on down the road (look at his continuing popularity ratings).

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