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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Politics | 9 comments

Quote of the Day: Barbra Bush Says: “People Spoke. Move On.”

Our political Quote of the Day comes from former First Lady Barbara Bush on the elections and working with President Barack Obama:

“I’m tired now of the elections,” the wife of former President George H.W. Bush said at an event at Lyndon Johnson’s presidential library, according to Reuters. “People spoke. Move on, get on with it. I want to do other things and not to be ugly.”

Barbara Bush also weighed in firmly on the side of working with President Barack Obama: “They are going to have to compromise. It’s not a dirty word.”

May I use the word I don’t always use?


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  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    When Mrs Bush and I were on the same stage at a literacy fundraiser in NY, I found her dear and funny, bold and commonsensical, and kind. Like many a first lady, far smarter and savvy and gracious than media very often will provide threshold for…

    oh, and I join you: DITTO. Wouldnt that be good, to have a whole NEW and DIFFERENT tribe of “ditto” folk that is far more, well… bold and commonsensical, gracious and stalwart…

  • Go Barbara.

  • Momzworld

    Ditto. 🙂

  • Wise woman. And yes, “compromise” is NOT a dirty word. What a ridiculous idea, and what a ridiculous Tea Party who came up with it.

  • dduck

    BB, you got me agreeing, sorry you had to witness such I piss poor Rep party and campaign.

  • dduck

    M, you got that wrong.

  • landofmany

    Few 1st ladies left me with such positive, lasting impressions. Barbara Bush was one. Her remarks, clearly aimed at the GOP, are direct, not sugar coated and spot on. She’s a reminder of the GOP I knew at one time. Losing, like winning, was done with grace. She used the “C” word and I can seeing her smiling on the inside, knowing not one would dare oppose her. She’s right.

  • Another moderate Republican they probably would like to shut away in a closet someplace!

  • bluebelle

    Thank you for your common sense, Mrs. Bush, especially on the need to compromise. It is a commodity sorely lacking in the nation’s capital.

    I think that any politician who wants a future should have to appeal to our common sense and skip the ideological lectures.

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