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Political junkie, Vietnam vet, neurologist- three books on aging and dementia. Book on health care reform in 2009- Shock Therapy for the American Health Care System. Book on the need for a centrist third party- Resurrecting Democracy- A Citizen's Call for a Centrist Third Party published in 2011. Most recent book, Aging Wisely, published in August 2014 by Rowman and Littlefield.

America’s Stable Genius Leader
Party Over Country
Trickle-Up Economics- A New Theory
Russian Stealth and American Acquiesence
The New GOP
Trump Repudiation
Suppression of Science
Government by Gut Feelings
The Gun Lobby Blues
The Year of Living Dangerously
Buried Under the Flood Waters
DACA- Displaced American Children’s ACT (as per Donald Trump)
The Art of the Ordeal
Another Dumb Trump Move
He Just Doesn’t Get It!!
Two Peas in a Pod- Trump and Kim
When Does the Trump Merry-Go-Round Stop?
It’s All About Russia
Nothing to Hide, Nothing Wrong
A Chip Off The Old Block, Or Just A Blockhead?
A Frat Boy In The White House
America Needs A Macron-Like Figure To Restructure Its Politics
Do We Have A Government of Laws, Or Of Men?
Is He Just Stoopid, Or What?
He’s Baaack!!!!
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