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GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: No deal=Trump shutdown? (UPDATE 4)
Poll: Americans more likely to blame Trump, Republicans if government shuts down
Fox News axed story on Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels before election
We now know Trump: Do we know ourselves?
Don Lemon Cuts Off Mic of Panelist (MUST watch videos)
New York Daily News’ Trump “Shithole” cover
Republican Issa is retiring: another prominent GOPer calls it quits
Bannon Banned: “Resignation” from
Trump advisor Stephen Miller cut off the air after Von Hindenburg scale disastrous interview
NY Times: Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Attempt to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation
Urgent Fundraiser: $2000 Goal Reached (Final Update)
Bannon A-Bombshell: Calls Trump Tower Russian Meeting “Treasonous” — “Certain” Trump Jr Took Russians to Dad
Iran protests rage: Fox News fasely says media is “hesitant” about covering it
Poland edges away from Democracy
Gallup Poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Retain Most Admired Titles
Merry Christmas 2 all of U!
It’s as good as done: Senate passes controversial GOP tax cut plan
Trump is the most unpopular first year President in history of Presidential polling
TMV fundraising update
So are some of Kayla Moore’s best friends (Plus extensive Twitter reaction)
Fox News Poll Says Democrats give Jones lead over Moore in Alabama
TMV REALLY Needs Donations (and many of you know why)
New York Daily News Front Page on Trump’s Moore Endorsement
A “Radio-Active” Life In The Ether (Guest Voice)
Trump’s Approval Rating Drops to Lowest Level Yet in New NBC News/WSJ Poll
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