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Posted by on Oct 23, 2007 in Science & Technology | 13 comments

Prize for Al Gore Greatly Discredits Nobel Committee

In awarding Al Gore with the Nobel Prize, has the Norwegian Parliament betrayed its pro-NATO, pro-war bias? According to this op-ed article from Mexico’s La Jornada, it’s time for the developed world to begin awarding “alternate peace prizes to compete creatively for world public opinion, rather than depend exclusively on the politically contaminated Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize.”

“This isn’t the first time that warmongering people have received the highest ‘NATO-centric’ prize for pacifism.”

By Alfredo Jalife-Rahme

Translated By Douglas Myles Rasmussen

October 14, 2007

Mexico – La Jornada – Original Article (Spanish)

The immeasurably sage Confucius used to say that one of a characteristics of decay is semantic confusion. The Norwegian Committee has reached such a semantic impasse (truly a conceptual aporia) by jointly awarding the Nobel Price for “Peace” (sic!) to the exalted Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a pleasantly laudable act – and the hyper-bellicose and super-polluting Albert Arnold Gore Jr., which is highly disturbing and calls into question the awarding nation (Norway, a member of NATO) its awards (not infrequently denied to developing nations and concealing a hidden agenda), and the controversial laureates that they pull from their sleeves.

This isn’t the first time that warmongering people have received the highest “NATO-centric” prize for pacifism. It was also awarded to the genocidal Henry Kissinger, former [Israeli] terrorist Menachem Begin, the father of Israel’s atomic bomb Shimon Peres and even Palestinian Yasser Arafat, who the misleading “Western” media insulted as a “terrorist,” etc.

The issue of “climate change” is transcendental, but the person selected in this case has not – as he should be – as pristine in his soul as is the agenda that he seeks to defend on behalf of the human race. It would have been better to have chosen the U.N. Panel on Climate Change exclusively and not to have contaminated the prize with Al Gore.

Not counting his blessing of the 1991 war against Iraq, and beyond his disturbing dark side that deserves special treatment – he’s the instigator of the nefarious NAFTA, which has done nothing to improve the Mexican borderlands; His links to the “Russian Mafia” and former Soviet Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin [see below]; his racist dispute with Islamic Asian countries to the benefit of speculator George Soros against Mahathir Mohamed, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, etc. It’s worth remembering that as the 45th Vice President of the United States, the pompous and fundamentalist “born again Christian” Al Gore participated in several wars that were hardly free of pollution, first among them NATO’s war against Serbia, where his army scattered several tons of depleted uranium generously, according to the BBC (May 7, 1999) and the excellent Web site Common Dreams (January 31, 2001 ).

[Editor’s Note: In June 1995, Gore reached a confidential deal with Russian prime minister Viktor S. Chernomyrdin to exempt Russia from sanctions for selling weapons to Iran in exchange, for Moscow’s pledge that it would end all deliveries of sophisticated conventional arms to Tehran by Dec. 31, 1999].

Perhaps the Norwegian Committee has ignored this, but nothing is more deliberately polluting than war, to say nothing of “depleted uranium.” This simple act disqualifies both the awarding Committee and the recipient of the prize, who collaborated at the highest levels on the environmental and medical calamities that will confront the Balkans for hundreds of years to come. What a serious contradiction and hypocrisy on the part of the Norwegian Parliament!


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