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Posted by on Oct 23, 2007 in Science & Technology | 13 comments

Prize for Al Gore Greatly Discredits Nobel Committee

In awarding Al Gore with the Nobel Prize, has the Norwegian Parliament betrayed its pro-NATO, pro-war bias? According to this op-ed article from Mexico’s La Jornada, it’s time for the developed world to begin awarding “alternate peace prizes to compete creatively for world public opinion, rather than depend exclusively on the politically contaminated Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize.”

“This isn’t the first time that warmongering people have received the highest ‘NATO-centric’ prize for pacifism.”

By Alfredo Jalife-Rahme

Translated By Douglas Myles Rasmussen

October 14, 2007

Mexico – La Jornada – Original Article (Spanish)

The immeasurably sage Confucius used to say that one of a characteristics of decay is semantic confusion. The Norwegian Committee has reached such a semantic impasse (truly a conceptual aporia) by jointly awarding the Nobel Price for “Peace” (sic!) to the exalted Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a pleasantly laudable act – and the hyper-bellicose and super-polluting Albert Arnold Gore Jr., which is highly disturbing and calls into question the awarding nation (Norway, a member of NATO) its awards (not infrequently denied to developing nations and concealing a hidden agenda), and the controversial laureates that they pull from their sleeves.

This isn’t the first time that warmongering people have received the highest “NATO-centric” prize for pacifism. It was also awarded to the genocidal Henry Kissinger, former [Israeli] terrorist Menachem Begin, the father of Israel’s atomic bomb Shimon Peres and even Palestinian Yasser Arafat, who the misleading “Western” media insulted as a “terrorist,” etc.

The issue of “climate change” is transcendental, but the person selected in this case has not – as he should be – as pristine in his soul as is the agenda that he seeks to defend on behalf of the human race. It would have been better to have chosen the U.N. Panel on Climate Change exclusively and not to have contaminated the prize with Al Gore.

Not counting his blessing of the 1991 war against Iraq, and beyond his disturbing dark side that deserves special treatment – he’s the instigator of the nefarious NAFTA, which has done nothing to improve the Mexican borderlands; His links to the “Russian Mafia” and former Soviet Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin [see below]; his racist dispute with Islamic Asian countries to the benefit of speculator George Soros against Mahathir Mohamed, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, etc. It’s worth remembering that as the 45th Vice President of the United States, the pompous and fundamentalist “born again Christian” Al Gore participated in several wars that were hardly free of pollution, first among them NATO’s war against Serbia, where his army scattered several tons of depleted uranium generously, according to the BBC (May 7, 1999) and the excellent Web site Common Dreams (January 31, 2001 ).

[Editor’s Note: In June 1995, Gore reached a confidential deal with Russian prime minister Viktor S. Chernomyrdin to exempt Russia from sanctions for selling weapons to Iran in exchange, for Moscow’s pledge that it would end all deliveries of sophisticated conventional arms to Tehran by Dec. 31, 1999].

Perhaps the Norwegian Committee has ignored this, but nothing is more deliberately polluting than war, to say nothing of “depleted uranium.” This simple act disqualifies both the awarding Committee and the recipient of the prize, who collaborated at the highest levels on the environmental and medical calamities that will confront the Balkans for hundreds of years to come. What a serious contradiction and hypocrisy on the part of the Norwegian Parliament!


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  • Lit3Bolt

    Wow, I wish I was a Mexican journalist, inhaling the rich syrupy scent of Mexican sewage in Mexico City, and had an easy cushy job railing against any and all gringos. If this petulant, envious goat bleated any harder he’d pass out.

    This is more educational in how any/all Anti-westernism sells in the developing world than any serious condmenation of Al Gore or the Nobel Committee. While the points he raised may have been fair had he made them alone, they are drowned out in the sea of angry whining.

    A short rebuttal: The Nobel Committee knows what its doing, in bestowing symbolism upon people who will serve it in the years to come. They could have easily given the prize to the Burmese monks, although most if not all of them are dead/hiding, so there’s no one to accept the prize and keep the money, or even if they did, possibly survive with it for long. Al Gore, Nobel Winner, with 30-odd years of his life left ready and willing to write books and promote his cause, helps the Nobel cause and it helps his cause in a form of symbyosis.

    Again, less virulent anti american/western screeching from this site please. If you’re going to add articles like that, might as well add articles about “the Great Satan” and whatnot. Just as enlightening.

  • lgrf4evr

    I think that the Nobel Prize should have gone to Dick Cheney, the American Enterprise Institute, the oil industries and Saudi Arabia. Cheney, the AEI, the oil industries, and Saudi Arabia had done more to advance peace than any foreign country or person or Al Gore. Look, if it hasn’t been for Dick Cheney, than the peace profiteer like Blackwater and Halliburton wouldn’t be able to make money off of the peace in Iraq. The longer the peace in Iraq continue, and the more profit increase for the peace profiteer, the better the world is.

    All those Iraqi that had die due to peace talk and the American soldiers that was killed by a peace bomb prove that Dick Cheney is an agent of peace. His ability to promote peace to the innocent Iraqi by means of peace talk such as bombing the living hell out of them is evidence that he is a peaceful man who deserves the Nobel Prize. The fact that million of Iraqi is either dead or in refugee camps is perfect example of a peaceful lifestyle that was promoted by Dick Cheney.

    Now, the AEI, they too shall receive the Noble prize award because they encourage the peaceful through military force. There largest contributor is the oil industries and because the oil industries are lover of peace, the AEI were a vocal supporter of peace with Iraq. The AEI and the oil companies love peace so much in Iraq, that they supported Bush “shock and awe” in Iraq by peacefully killing the Iraqis who had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attack. Now, the oil industries will be able to get 2/3 of the Iraqis oils without reinvesting in Iraq because they use peace (by bombing them) talk to get the oil.

    The last person to get the peace prize is the Saudi Arabian government. 15 of the 19 hijacker was Saudi Arabian and Saudi Arabian made up 45 percent of the insurgent in Iraq, so the Saudi Arabian should receive the Nobel prize. The Saudi peace lover that kill Americans on 9/11 love peace so much that they were willing die for peace, the same can be said of the 45% Saudi Arabian in Iraq that are killing Americans through peace, like a bomb. The Saudi Arabian should be awarded with the prize because they had done such a fantastic jobs of moving peace forward, like killing Americans on our soil (9/11) and in Iraq.

  • krit

    Or Donald Rumsfeld. His website says he freed 50 million people from tyranny. Who cares about the environment, when you have a man who brought joy and freedom to so many who were formerly oppressed by madmen?

  • Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    Jalife-Rahme, a man connected to the Lebanese community in Mexico and a political analyst who teaches at University appears to have written decrying lack of environmental measures… see below…

    Viz: “…..according to Alfredo Jalife-Rahme, a specialist on globalization and geo-economics at UNAM, “the environment is not a priority on the agenda.” Most Mexico policymakers still consider it something “unconnected” to other issues, he says.

    And according to a recent telephone poll by the daily La Reforma newspaper, 68% of Mexicans believe that international trade is good, because it has brought Mexico “development, jobs, and prosperity.” Only 18% of the middle-class sample group voiced concerns related to economic inequality, environmental damage, or loss of sovereignty.

    Where That Leaves Mexico

    Although trade negotiators say their stance will protect Mexico from trade wars, other observers say it is leaving Mexico in dire straits. Julia Carabias, who headed up Mexico’s Secretariat for Environment, Natural Resources, and Fisheries (SEMARNAP) under President Zedillo, frequently argued that Mexico’s lack of understanding regarding the relationship between foreign trade and environmental impacts could open the door for foreign interests to overexploit Mexico’s vast biodiversity. Even NAFTA has fallen short of expectations for environmental protection, she noted.

    Citing “the deplorable state of the environment along the border,” Jalife-Rahme agrees. “We need to have a cross-boundary vision,” he says.”

  • Entropy

    Or Donald Rumsfeld. His website says he freed 50 million people from tyranny. Who cares about the environment, when you have a man who brought joy and freedom to so many who were formerly oppressed by madmen?

    Lol, that’s priceless. Does his website really say that? If so, what a tool.

  • domajot

    This is really frightening.

    Nothing, but nothing, can happen that doesn’t bring the worst out in other people.
    You don’t like how a prize was awarded, or movie was made, or book witten, and it’s time to spew venom
    No occasion is passed up to put someone down, to begrudge, to belittle

    Maybe it’s the only way some people have to aggrandize themselves. but why such a need to aggrandize oneself at someone else’s expnese?

    How is life made better for anyone by this?
    It’s sick. The world is sick.

  • domajot

    DR E

    What does the Nobel Peace prize have to do with trade deals?

    If anything, this should encourage the inclusion of environmental issues as part of trade agreements.

    Would the environment in Mesico improve if the Nobel prize had been given to the president of Mexico, or another non-American? Would Meiico’s economy improve?

    This piling all one’s gripes on any news story is totally without logic, and it degrades the discussion on serous matters.

    I only hope Gore uses his infuence to encourage world leaders to treat global warming and the envorionment as a global issue, including Mecixo.

    The consequences of trade agreements is a separte issue, and one which neitherGore nor the Nobel prize committee control.

    Instead of putting others down, Mexico should look for ways to benefit from the new knowledge made available.I just read that some villages in India are lighting their lamps from solar panels instead of hooking up to an electroc grid.

    Trade agreements do present a lot of problems.
    The agreement with Panama, for example, which the adminstration is pushing is ignoring the fact that Panama is the best country in the world for corporate tax evaion. But that has to with trade, not the Nobel prize,

  • How does hosting an infomercial film ob Global Warming have anything to do w Peace? Do not yuo have to broker a peace, end a war, stand up against tyranny?

  • Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

    Domajot, “DR E…What does the Nobel Peace prize have to do with trade deals? If anything, this should encourage the inclusion of environmental issues as part of trade agreements”

    Yes, I think that would be a useful partnership of ideas. In our times, most fit thinking nowadays says you can no longer divorce the way we work and live from its effects on others and evirons. I’ve heard some argue, well, the Indians weren’t ecologically sound.

    That makes me laugh. We live in the 21st century, not the 16th… each time has its own ideas. It may be that as more nations and corps find ways to diversify into another kind of ‘green,’ in addition to green money, they will see new profits. The marriage about environ and trade and business is a marriage already made. Some of the in-laws don’t like the mate chosen. Ok. But, perhaps when the ‘grandchildren’ come along, a sense of treasure will replace opprobrium. We’ll see.


  • domajot


    What does any peace prize have to do with ATTAINED peace.?
    What does any prize have to do with the ultimate in anything?

    It’s about hope, a recognition of a possible step forward.
    When looking at a flower in the bud, one can either appreciate its beauty and promise, or one can go off into laments that he weed problem in the garden hasn’t been solved, or that there are not enough yellow buds around, or..or.. or.

    Some people can’t see the hope in the forest because they’re obsessed with the bugs on trees in the forest.

    I really don’t care what these people do to their own minds and sould. I just wiish they wouldn’t try to ruin it for everyone else.
    It’s petty and mean-spirited, IMO.

  • domajot

    BTW, one of the MANY ways global warming is related to peace is that soon we may be dealing with wars over water supplies, just like we’ve been having wars over land.

    The potential for wars can only reduced by addressing the causes of wars.

  • DLS

    Gore didn’t end any war or hostilities. He was given the award by a leftist outfit for being a PC-celebrity alarmist info-tainer.

    As far as the lunatic ravings of the author who was quoted: a) I’ve seen such laughable extremism before (“Jimmy Carter, warmonger“); b) His inferiority complex may be affecting him; c) The USA is Mexico’s safety valve and he shouldn’t forget that.

  • Doma: I don’t buy it. That’s like giving someone a peace prize for forestalling a possible war with the Borg in 300 years.

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