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  • slamfu

    Why are so many ME leaders such unbelievable idiots? We smashed afghanistan, we smashed Iraq who didn’t even realy do anything, and now Supreme Moron Khamenei is stirring the pot. Keep up the tough talk, see where it gets you. Here’s a hint, pulled out of a hole after 6 months on the run, only to face a firing squad or the noose. Despite what believe it or not is the West’s best effort to come to a peaceful solution with you.

  • jdledell

    slamfu – I believe you are letting your emotions run away with your better judgement. I don’t see any words in his speech that are the similar to the “bring it on” talk Bush spoke of. The US can smash things as you rightly pointed out – however it remains to be seen whether that is in any way an effective solution to the mideast problems.

    Iran is 5 times as large as Iraq with 3 times the population and a geography similar to Afghanistan’s mountains. We can smash things from the air but a ground invasion would be bloody and brutal with long term occupation casualties more in the Vietnam range than Iraq. It would take an occupation to make sure the WMD program was not restarted. The US would be broken economically by such a war.

    We do NOT need to make every country on Earth kneel to our mighty military.

  • slamfu

    That is correct we do not.

    But if we get a GOP president that is more than likely just what will happen. And when Khamenei starts saying things like “Thanks Obama!” in an election year we get closer to that. And their continued insistence on getting nukes while lying to the world about it sets the stage perfectly for the start of a war.

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