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Posted by on Oct 3, 2008 in At TMV | 12 comments

Palin Did OK Last Night, Except for…

I think that Sarah Palin did OK last night, except for:

Her misrepresentations and flat-out lies (taxes, votes on funding the Iraq war, etc.)

Her lack of humanity and compassion (She did not miss a beat getting back to idolizing John McCain’s “maverickness” after Joe Biden choked recalling the loss of his wife and child in a horrible car accident).

Baring her admiration for Cheney (Where is he, by the way?), and her ambitions and intentions to expand the powers of that office even more than Cheney has already done, or tried to do.

Her ultimate and unforgivable insult to all Americans who oppose the war in Iraq—“waving the white flag of surrender.” She might as well have called us “traitors.”

Her endless regurgitation of tired, canned, disputed and refuted Republican talking points.

Her gushy, grating, corny, goofy, fake folksiness (wink, wink), and her inimitable “doggone’s“ and “you betcha‘s.”

Other than that, I really think she did OK.

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