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Posted by on Jan 18, 2007 in At TMV | 39 comments

O’Reilly Out of Line … Again (UPDATE)

One commenter on the earlier version of this post, see text below, suggested it wouldn’t do any good to contact FOX and protest O’Reilly’s out-of-line remarks. But I’m a big believer in the power of grassroots protest, and remember: This network cancelled the OJ debacle after public outcry. I’m not suggesting they’ll cancel O’Reilly, but maybe he’ll learn a little discretion, if enough people speak up.

Another commenter reported that Bill has already hedged his bets and said he’d be willing to apologize if “proven wrong.” Well, it’s innocent until proven guilty, Bill, not the other way around, and you don’t start questioning the victim without evidence, not the other way around. So maybe, if we use old-fashioned democracy and “vote” with our emails and calls, we might hasten an apology.

Here are three ways to make the contact, and I’ll share more as I find them. If others identify contacts for News Corp., Fox’s parent company, those might be helpful, as well — so please share!

[email protected]

[email protected]


The Crux of the Matter

I’m not going to even pretend to be moderate on this subject, brought to my attention by The Angry Independent. (I don’t believe anyone else at TMV has posted on this matter; if they have, I apologize for the duplication.)

If you weren’t already aware of this situation, you MUST click over and read the post at Mirror on America, plus watch the video to which TAI links.

And then … most importantly of all … I hope you’ll get as mad and disgusted as The Angry Independent and I … and flood FOX News, both the cable network and your local FOX affiliate, just to make a point … with emails and letters and calls and howls of protest.

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  • Lynx

    Just when you think he can disgust you no more… Yeah, I just bet that an 11 year-old stays with a 40 year old kidnapper with child porn on his computer because “it’s more fun” not because of psychological (and possibly physical) abuse. Very like O’Rielly to say that Stockholm’s syndrome just doesn’t exist, with what I can only assume is his professional training as an Psychologist. Oh, I’m sorry, he’s just a Psycho. Ugh.

  • Davebo

    Don’t bother calling Fox or it’s affiliates. Remember, for Fox, O’Reilly isn’t a defect but a feature.

  • joec

    Numerous viewers of his show were also dismayed by his comments–at least according to O’Reilly. He says he’s “raising questions” about why the child didn’t leave, and that he’s prepared to “apologize” if he’s “wrong.”

  • Kim Ritter

    That teenager is going to have enough trouble readjusting to normal life without concerned citizens like Mr. O’Reilly wondering why he didn’t leave when he had numerous opportunities to do so. The psychological and physical threats were probably overwhelming for an 11-year-old, who felt powerless to change the situation- its similar to “battered wife syndrome”. Mr. O’ Reilly would be better off giving the boy the benefit of the doubt and giving him the chance to heal and rejoin society that he so richly deserves after 4 years of Mr. Devlin’s abuse. How do fans of the highly-rated Fox show reconcile this type of outrageous commentary?????

  • Rudi

    The Gasbag cannot accept Stockholm syndrome because it originates from a European socialist country. Now if we name this the Pinochet Chilean symdrome all would be well. I hope TMV isn’t going pinko like MSNBC and NBC. Komrade Franken says that Santa doesn’t exist…..

  • Mike P.

    Hmmm. And tonight is the night O’Reilly is on The Colbert Report. Just might get interesting.

  • Kim Ritter

    Mike P. Also,tonight Colbert will be appearing on The O’Reilly Factor! I love one of them, and abhor the other. I’d hate for my viewership to improve Fox’s ratings. What to do, what to do…….At least on The Colbert Report, Bill-O might get entertainingly roasted.

  • I didn’t watch the clip, but assuming that it’s being reported accurately, O’Reilly’s comments are completely appalling.

    (and I’m a Conservative Republican)

  • BeYourGuest

    Kim Ritter–

    I feel your pain. Hopefully You Tube will have the highlights!

  • SteveK


    I feel your pain BUT I plan to watch Colbert TOAST O’R** in front of O’R** audience! It has to be more entertaining, and less embarassing than O’R** trying to be funny in front of Colberts people… Just this once I’m going to turn off the Parental Control Lock that’s on FOX News in my house… but just for this ONE occasion. [g]

  • Before everybody completely leaps onto the anti-Fox bandwagon, I’d just point out that Greta Van Susteren is every bit as big a Fox “personality” as O’Reilly is. In April 2006, Susteren had an average of 1.43 million viewers every weeknight, compared to 2.1 million viewers for O’Reilly. So O’Reilly’s a bigger star, but not by that much.

    I certainly agree that O’Reilly was far too quick to blame the boy. But can we say anything for certain, one way or the other, until more information comes out? Most likely, the kidnapper held the boy a close captive for a few weeks, long enough to functionally brainwash him, after which there was no need to keep him locked up. But other scenarios are possible, too.

    Personally, I think Fox and all the other cable news channels devote FAR too much time and money to covering the kidnappings and disappearances of middle class white people. There’s a lot of news, bad and good, out there which is far more important to the public as a whole than individual cases of tragedy like this one.

  • I meant to mention in the last post, for those who haven’t looked at the clip, that Greta came right back at O’Reilly over what he said and challenged him at every point, disagreeing completely with him.

  • Rudi

    Maybe Billo will make Hannitty’s “Enemy of the State”(Children) on this one. I’m waiting for Nancy Grace to shed some crocidile tears on this situation. Maybe Billo will go to Aruba for an appology.

  • Martin

    O’Reilly’s job is to stir up controversy. That is why he has such high ratings.

  • Lynx

    I just sent an email to fox more civil than I ever thought I would. I actually said “I’m writing regarding a recent segment on the O’Reilly Factor in which Bill O’Reilly made what, in my view, are cruel presumptuous comments not backed in any way by facts.” and actually managed not to continue that phrase with “like everything he says”. I really wanted to go at it, calling him pretty much everything under the sun, and saying that I think the Daily Show has more honest content than their entire 24 hour broadcast, but I thought that maybe the email would be less effective if they thought it came from a non-viewer.

  • Fox and egO’Reilly thank you for the added publicity, which will help the ratings.

    I thik you can take both O’Reilly and Colbert equally seriously. They’re doing the same job (generating ad revenues and ratings) just with different approaches.

  • jjc

    Tully, I thik you can take both O’Reilly and Colbert equally seriously. They’re doing the same job (generating ad revenues and ratings) just with different approaches.

    As media commentary, I think this is on the mark.

    But I think O’Reilly’s viewers take him seriously, as O’Reilly obviously does himself. I don’t know if there’s anything to be done about that, but it’s disturbing to think about.

    Rush Limbaugh used to see himself more as an entertainer than anything else. His performance was more artifice than argument, as Colbert’s is. O’Reilly’s is artifice only insofar as he fools himself, and apparently a lot of people along with him.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    lufa boy serves the right wing agenda by alledging that he is a moderate.

    it is part of the right wing agenda to treat juvenile offenders as adults and to try them in adult courts and send them to adult prisons….inspite of overwhelming evidence regarding the lack of maturity of the child brain and mind

    lufa boy’s prior stances regarding increasing penalties on child molestors and attacking judges for not handing out stiff penalties to some perps have been more about attacking what he percieves as the liberal bias in the courts and less about protecting children

    and the hornbeck case proves my point.

    and now, inspite of the fact that he has been pillaried from all sides, this morning he was attacking “liberal” blogs for coming after him on this issue.

    lufa boy is an evil man

  • Between all the moralizing, has it occurred to y’all that Fox & Co. want people like you to react this way so that you huff and puff up the ratings?

    Pavlov snickers.

  • SurgeJack

    Leave O’Reilly alone. He’s a news commentator. Isn’t there a more important thing you can put up as a headline than a hypothetical push for career assassination? First, his career ain’t going to be over. Second, it might be worth re-assessing the ability of folks to find an incident like this from someone they despise, and blow it up in an effort to derail them.

    Why do it? It undermines the integrity of the thing you actually despise them for. This is an incident with a child and a kidnapping victim and to play it up in an effort to make it seem possible that you can get O’Reilly off his program is ridiculous. All you’re doing is giving him some added publicity while bolstering a sense of self-importance.

    If you want to fight O’Reilly, there’s plenty of things you can fight him on. He’s a celebrity, whose existence spurs on idolatry, desired or otherwise. There’s a great resevoir of things you could find issue with him on. However, to pull this, which won’t amount to anything, is to detract things that might actually be worth giving a darn about if you were thusly inclined.

    But, I guess there’s more important things, like Fox News Commentators or Rosie fighting with Donald Trump. At least if you’re going to pretend to have an influence in something, pretend to have an influence in something that matters in the least.

  • SurgeJack

    Honestly, for all your moral convictions folks, it seems that Rush Limbaugh getting stopped over Viagra or some’at like this seems to overwhelm all of it. It seems anything like this suddenly spurs a moral conviction you never thought you had. I just don’t know how folks can keep a straight face when saying ‘this is appalling’, while looking at the things they’ve posted ‘reasonably’ about. It’s appalling if you’ve never seen it, but to up the moral ante just to trick yourself into making this novel or a cause for moral warfare greater than you’ve encountered to say that you matter in some small way is ridiculous.

  • Jason

    Unfortunately, the blog author being quoted does himself no favors:

    This guy is the face of the Republican Party

    O’Reilly has not been nominated or elected into ANY Republican Party office. The attempt to hold the entire Republican Party responsible for everything O’Reilly chooses to do is irresponsible at best and is almost certainly an indicator of extreme partisanship and lack of credibility.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    last year, lufa boy purposefully mistated facts from ww2 on not one but two occasions, making him look like a nazi sympathizer

    he never apologized, nor was he sanctioned

    and there was a coordinated email effort at that time too.

    you want to get at lufa boy? fire off emails with the clip to his radio and tv advertisers….same as spocko did with ksfo

    do not threaten a boycott….just do it to inform the advertisers as to what their products are now associated with…an individual who believes that a child would prefer being raped over years than to be in a loving home

    and as to those in this thread who feel that lufa boy is simply a commentator/celebrity….bull hockeys

    he is an evil perv who likes to sexually harrass women, “cuz they like it”

  • Sam

    O’Reilly like to talk with authority on matters he doesn’t have a clue about. I’m really looking forward to watching Colbert bitchslap him on primetime and late night.

  • AustinRoth

    This is not a Republican/Democratic or liberal/conservative, beyond the obvious of Mr. O’Reilly’s known political leanings.

    It is one of the following – an uneducated statement by a person that should know better; a blatant attempt to get attention (ratings) via a insidiously disingenuous statement at the expense of the victim; or a unbelievably spiteful statement that indicates the perhaps Mr. O’Reilly has some unresolved issues of his own. Or some combination of all three.

    Given the known reactions of adults in hostage/captive situations, to believe that a young child (and he was only 11 when kidnapped) somehow should be expected to react differently is patently absurd.

    The worst part is that this only gives voice to other ignorant people, and is emblematic of the issues that will face this now young man as he strives to re-establish a normal life.

    Meanwhile, ultimately, basically nothing happens to O’Reilly.


  • SurgeJack: Bingo! It seems you’re one of the few who will not pant on demand!

  • Jeff

    Who’s looking out for the kids? Pedophiles, kidnappers and and their apologists?

    For shame.

  • SurgeJack

    It just tickles me in an unfashionable sense when fellows suddenly up the ante of their moral convictions. They can post reasonably for months, and then suddenly, they care about this more than anything else. They’re ‘apalled.’ Yeah, it’s fair to be apalled if you’re never seen this sort of thing, but to find it apalling considering all that you’ve managed to talk reasonably about is just tricking yourself into heightening the function and worthiness of your existence. You’re not going to get O’Reilly sacked.

    So, just stop the whole business of feigning this supposedly novel outrage when something happens that seems to have a populist appeal in its scorn. It was the same thing with Rush Limbaugh and the Viagra. I don’t give a darn about Rush having Viagra, even if it wasn’t his. That’s not what the folks that were hollerin’ about it had actually had issue with him for. That’s not what I’d have issue with him over.

    Honestly, it’s like looking at a crook, and yelling at him because you found nudie pictures in his car. Yes, people might find him disgusting for the nudie pictures, but if your issue with him is the whole bit about being a crook, perhaps you should prosecute that instead of something sensationalists can get behind.

    When you feign or try to muster up moral outrage over something like this, it undermines the convictions you actually hold with regard to more importan things. You’re not going to get O’Reilly sacked, so just find something that actually matters, and post about that. At least this way, you won’t be making a difference in something that’s might merit making a difference in, whereas currently, you’re not making a difference in something that’s utterly pointless.

    It’s nonsense. Thanks for giving O’Reilly some ratings boost as he can now claim he’s being attacked by ingenuine moonbat types and get on with his life. Thanks for giving yourselves a sense of presence, importance, or moral indignation, by taking the clear side in a sensationalist attraction. Most of all, thanks for showing that whenever it is you decide to do things that won’t matter or affect anything, you intend to direct those things toward matters as insignificant as your ineffective courses of action.

  • If we didn’t know it already, this is a sure sign that FOX has gone to far in mixing entertainment with “news”. I sent my email.

  • Kim Ritter

    Why do Shawn and his family owe us any explanation at all? Does the public’s need to know really outweigh the boy’s need for privacy? To be honest, I think the family should be shielding him more from the press, instead of granting interviews, but this should be a joyful moment for all concerned (except Devlin). The odds of his family getting him back after all this time are so slim, that we should be celebrating it as a minor miracle, and giving kudos to law enforcement, instead of making slimy insinuations to stay a ratings winner in our time slot.

  • Rudi

    Watching the Gasbag right at this moment. He is accusing TMV of being a ‘Left wing smear website'(LOL). Bernie Goldberg is sucking up to Luffaman, Jane Hall is giving him hell. What a brave man, over 6’4″ tall, attacking and using a 15 year old kidnap victim for sensationalism. Brave Brave Billo……..

  • vwcat

    this is beyond him being his usual stupid self. It’s disgusting and unforgivable. As Keith O. says, he is reprehensible and should not be on tv anymore.
    It’s okay to go after the opposition but, since when did that become abused kids??? He is slime. pure slime and I hope he gets so much grief this ruins him. I usually ignore the creep but, this is beyond all that is decent and I’d bet even the repukes think it is beyond bounds.
    O’Rielly is slithering slime.

  • derrick cho

    O’relly has alwas been odd on the general subject of male/male. Those who knew him on the way up recount him as an insecure guy who always said he was not ok, even thouugh no one asked. In one of his books he announces with the great wisdom that has so impressed the elderly women who loved him (with the same passion they felt for Liberace” that men want sex, women want to get married. He thin goes on to say how in his glory days he had sex every night with people he met in disco clubs.

    The odd phone cal so hurriedly covered up is another strange thing, while doing something odd with a vibrator he calls up a woman and somehow gets around to manipulating “falafels.”

    O’elly may simply be projecting how he *thinks* he would respond if he was molested as a reenager by a guy with video games. He obviously had issiues with his father.

  • BeYourGuest

    Crook and Liars has the video of Colbert on the Factor HERE.

    It’s funny cuz it’s truthy.

  • Kim Ritter

    Billo is really strange. He actually did not understand the outrage over his remarks. He considers them legitemate questions which meet high journalistic standards. Now I get why he always supports the President- they’re both totally delusional!

    I got the distinct impression that as much as he trashes the liberal elite media outlets, it really gets under his skin that they don’t accept them. He wants to be a part of mainstream America, and not just appeal to a limited audience of wingers. The man’s ego is the size of Texas.

  • Colbert is a clever man. I watched last night and it was hilarious!!!

  • gal

    I watched O’R last night to see Colbert on there, and it’s the first time I’ve managed to watch more than 5 minutes of his show without stomach pains and double-vision.

    O’R brings to mind that thing my mom used to say about a kid that picked on me in kindergarden: If we ignore him, he’ll go away.

  • Kim Ritter

    I watched both shows. I thought O’Reilly appeared uncomfortable and combative on both. On The Colbert Report, (which was deliciously hilarious last night) Colbert made mincemeat out of O’Reilly with his typical brilliantly subtle satire.

    Why did Bill go willingly into the enemy camp? I honestly think its because he wants most to be what he cannot be —cool and funny like the satirist who has made a prosperous career out of mocking him. Message to Stephen- the copy (which he gleefully stated he has not read) of “The Culture Warrior” with the 30% off sticker over Bill-O’s face was a brilliant touch.

  • chris-moderate -democrat

    How can this show still get high ratings? Even viewers of O’Reilly must draw the line somewhere! I’ve never hated O’Reilly before, yes I disagreed and didn’t like him but this is truelly something despicable. Maybe he sympasizes with a pervert since he himself is one.

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