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  • Entropy

    That’s ridiculous. There’s a tremendous difference between foreign fighters like AQI and the various Sunni and Shia insurgents.

  • kritter

    Well, I say whatever can be done to end the violence and bring the country together should be done. The Bush Administration put themselves in an untenable position with their good/evil rhetoric and are having to back away from it. Even though they haven’t come out and said that the policy of isolating their enemies and rewarding their friends hasn’t worked, I don’t care, as long as they are trying whatever does work. We can’t stay there forever, and Maliki’s government is a flop, so get the Iraqis to pull their country together themselves.

  • C Stanley

    What is also always missed in the snarky discussions about whether or not we ought to ‘negotiate’ with anyone (be it Iran, Syria, or in the current discussion, these insurgents) is timing. The whole policy of isolating an enemy isn’t isolation for its own sake, it’s isolation in order to force the opponent to a position of capitulation. When there are signs that the tipping point has been reached, then you have leverage to negotiate. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on here or if the administration really is just in salvage mode, but it still irritates me to no end when people miss the whole point of hardline negotiation.

  • SteveK

    What is also always missed in the snarky discussions…

    Talk about coming out swinging! FWIW – Your comment is the first snark in this thread.

    The ‘whole policy of isolating an enemy’ only works when a majority of nations, not just one that’s becoming more and more politically isolated itself, work together with common goals.

    Leave the hard line negotiations to those good-hearted people who really know how to wrap troublemakers around their finger… Bankers. (International Monetary Fund and the World Bank)

  • kritter

    CS- But that’s not what’s happening here, since neither Syria or Iran has capitulated. What makes you think that isolation has worked? From what I’ve read, Bush is realizing that the surge may not work and is reverting to Baker-Hamilton. It hasn’t worked due to the inability of the Iraqi govt to make any progress. The US is now trying to get dissident groups to accept the govt’s authority and join in the fight against al queda.

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