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Posted by on Mar 23, 2010 in Health, Politics | 17 comments

Obama’s Moderate Health Care Plan

Jonathan Chait at TNR argues that the health care reform legislation turned out moderate in substance (a point that I tried to make in yesterday’s post here):

Obama’s plan closely mirrors three proposals that have attracted the support of Republicans who reside within their party’s mainstream: The first is the 1993 Senate Republican health plan, which is compared with Obama’s plan here, with the similarity endorsed by former Republican Senator Dave Durenberger here. The second is the Bipartisan Policy Center plan, endorsed by Bob Dole, Howard baker, George Mitchell and Tom Daschle, which is compared to Obama’s plan here. And the third, of course, is Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan, which was crafted by the same economist who helped create Obama’s plan, and which is rhetorically indistinguishable from Obama’s.

Again, the key is to look at the resulting policy, and not just the politics of health care reform.

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