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Posted by on Dec 18, 2014 in Featured, International | 1 comment

Obama opens relations with Cuba, easing half-century standoff


WASHINGTON — The United States will restore diplomatic relations with Cuba in the most sweeping changes to U.S.-Cuba policy since President Dwight Eisenhower severed ties with its communist rulers and the two countries faced each other in the most dangerous flashpoint of the Cold War. President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he’s scrapping an “outdated approach”…

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  • Slamfu

    Can’t wait to hear the GOP rationalize this as a bad idea. Let’s see, first they will totally yell about how the thing we’ve been doing for 50 years that isn’t working is something we should still be doing. Because they are dumb and love to show that off. Second, they will say categorically that whatever plan Obama has is a bad one, and that we need to not lead from behind or some other BS, while they have absolutely no alternative plan in mind. Because America. Third, they will say it will allow Castro’s regime to further hold onto power, despite the fact that Castro has been using the embargo for 50 years to deflect blame on the US for all of Cuba’s ills, and now they won’t be able to do that.

    Long story short, this is a really good idea and the GOP will once again remind me why I don’t vote for them by once again taking a clearly good idea and doing everything in their power to kill it in lieu of continuing a policy that clearly doesn’t work but makes us feel tough. It is kind of their MO.

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