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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Breaking News, Featured, Law, Politics | 1 comment

Obama Backs Bill to Ban Assault Weapons: White House

Obama backs bill to ban assault weapons: White House (via AFP)

US President Barack Obama backs a new bill to revive an assault weapons ban and other new gun laws, the White House said Tuesday, fleshing out his nascent response to a shocking school massacre. Obama also called an ardently pro-gun senator who has shifted his position on firearms laws since Friday…

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  • I’ve never been up on the assault weapons ban, but the Wikipedia entry contains this little gem:

    The National Rifle Association has referred to the features affected by the ban as cosmetic, as has the Violence Policy Center

    So will any new bill be corrected to make it actually effective? Without that, it’s another smoke-and-mirrors provision.

    I’d also like them to close the grandfather clause allowing old weapons by banning their sale outright. Folks can keep the ones they have, assuming it was legally obtained, but never sell it to another.

    Unless this is a real bill with real impact, Obama/Feinstein will have failed.

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