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Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in Politics | 8 comments

Obama 1, Black Democratic Establishment 0

obamarama.jpgI’m a disgusted with the Big 2 parties type. Been that way since I cast my first vote in a local election when I was 18 years old. But I’m not politically stupid and I love history. And I realize political history when I see it. Barack Obama wins the Democratic Iowa Caucus and the Black Democratic Establishment (BDE) loses.

And this black man (with a healthy dose of France poured in) is so happy.

Usually in Black America, black politicians have to have the blessing of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, black liberal radio hosts, black liberal talking heads, and just “black leadership” in general. Not Barack Obama. Iowa, which is 94.3% white, said that Obama is their guy on the Democratic side. Do you see what I am saying? A state that is 94.3% WHITE gave Obama their support. Take that BDE and don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out.

The BDE say they support Hillary Clinton, with alot of unnecessary flourish, because she’s a winner and she’s proven. Bull! The BDE doesn’t want to be seen as just supporting Obama because he’s black. They think they will be seen as more credible by the overall political establishment by supporting Clinton. Quite hilarious since they vote in a bloc for black candidates in local elections. But they seem to miss this obvious point:

White folks vote for white folks without hesitation!

And there’s nothing sinister about it. Yet the BDE feels the need to seem relevant and “in the game” with their support of Hillary “Miss Proven” Clinton. Well blah to that. The BDE is full of misplaced self-importance. Obama won without your support. He won it in a state where you have little to no power. He won it by appealing to all people; not just black people. You are not the player that you think you are. You are irrelevant with a tired message. I raise my drink to your continued irrelevancy.

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  • T-Steel! How ya doing, Sweetheart?

  • Denny

    Thanks, Barry! On to NH.

  • I share your glee this morning…so much so I cannot sleep.

    But one thing must be added on.

    The BDE is in bed with the Clinton campaign because they were either a: Afraid that they would be on the outside looking in if/when Hillary won or (and this should NOT be overlooked)

    b: they OWE the Clintons.

    The Clintons are notorious for rewarding loyalty. There may be worse places to be in the democratic party than on the bad side of the Clintons, but I am not aware of them. There are FEW Black Politicians with any experience that dont owe the Clintons SOMETHING.

    Almost all of them support Obama.

  • Robert Bell

    The interesting thing is that there are at least four dichotomies at play –

    establishment vs anti-establishment
    black vs white
    baby boom vs younger
    right vs left

    To me the most telling story is the latter – I never thought I’d read something like
    this on NRO or this

  • submandave

    White folks vote for white folks without hesitation!

    Oh, but I thought the point was that “white folks” voted for the black fella. You are correct that generally the BDE does vote en masse for whatever candidate is fielded with the most pigment, a practice I find almost as repugnant as if there were a white establishment voting oppositely for the same reason. It frustrates me to be deluged with assuptions of racism and sexism whenever a minority or female candidate fails to muster support and have these same folks treat it as an unquestioned given that there is nothing untoward about minorities and women supporting a candidate almost solely based upon racial or gender lines.

    The real significance I see in Obama’s win is that it should, once and for all, put away the idea that “white folks” won’t vote for the black candidate, when the real point all along has been that “white folks” laregly won’t vote for a black candidate that seems to be partisan toward just their black constituency. Unfortunately, there are too many too heavily invested in victimology for this point to be highlighted.

  • T-Steel

    Hi Baldilocks! I’m doing well and as you can see, Joe has let a vagabond like me post on his great blog. 🙂


    I should have been a little more clear. My point about “white folks voting for white folks” has to do with the BDE’s fear of being labeled as “lock step black supporters”. YET that’s what they do anyways as I said. Obama is what the BDE said they wanted: a clean cut, intelligent black candidate. And some of the comments from prominent BDE leaders concerning Obama has been downright disgusting (heck Obama worked for the NAACP at one time). So disgusting I think inkognegro’s point of them owing the Clintons is probably true.

  • nmjardine

    Um…Jesse Jackson endorsed Obama.,2933,262581,00.html

    Al Sharpton has yet to endorse anyone.

  • submandave

    T, I think we’re probably in violent agreement on this. I was mainly using your “white folk” statement as a counterpoint to what you have characterized as the BDE’s lock step support of any and all black candidates. I don’t expect it of Sen. Obama, but should he fail to make it all the way to PA Ave. there will eventually be someone (most likely in the BDE) crying “racism” and claiming that “America’s just not ready for a Black President” while ignoring the points that really matter to the vast majority of voters. But hey, you gotta eat an elephant one bite at a time, eh?

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